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Telegram launches advertising – expensive and cheap at the same time

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Telegram introduces an advertising platform. Ads will appear in all channels of more than 1,000 subscribers, and the minimum cost of launching an advertisement is 2 million euros, said the founder of the social network Pavel Durov.

source: https://promote.telegram.org

What happened?
Pavel Durov announced the launch of an advertising platform in Telegram. Now, on channels with more than 1000 subscribers, users will see an ad at the bottom of the feed. He will have a button with a link only to other Telegram channels and bots. The length of the advertising message is up to 160 characters.

Why is it expensive?
It seems that Telegram wants to lure into the advertising platform, first of all, large players like marketing agencies, since the minimum budget for replenishing an account is 2 million euros, and the minimum expenses per year are 10 million euros. Obviously, such amounts will not be pulled by small advertisers, so they will have to contact agencies.

Why is it cheap?
The minimum cost of 1000 impressions is 2 euros. At the same time, channel owners charge an average of 30 euros per 1000 impressions, and some copyright channels even more. This can significantly reduce their income. In addition, Telegram will begin to share the profit from advertising with the channel authors a little later, when it covers its main expenses.

What are the other conditions for launching advertising in Telegram?
The advertiser can choose in which channels his messages will be shown. Telegram assures that personal data of users will not be collected, and everyone will see the same ads in the same channels.

All ads will undergo detailed moderation, so it is prohibited to:

  • transfer via a button to external sites, applications and channels created exclusively for displaying other ads
  • misinformation – the message must match what is advertised
  • clickbait, personality and preference references, tragedy exploitation and advertising
  • financial products, gambling, alcohol, weapons, etc. will not be advertised

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