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Touch Screen Everywhere

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Glamos is a small device that uses the LIDAR technique to display something like a virtual touch screen on the surfaces of electronic displays, turning televisions or projectors images into gesture-controlled interfaces, similar to Microsoft’s Kinect.

Glamos itself is small – it measures only 37 x 27 x 34 mm and weighs only 17.7 g. Using a rotary module with a mirror, it scans motion detection space. Thanks to the registration refreshed forty times per second, the device is able to sense even very fast movements and transfer them to any device to which it is connected.

Device can record the movement of your fingers and hands in the air in front of a large screen and translate them into taps and stalls, similar to those known on the touch screen. So you can, for example, play games on the TV, navigate the menu without a remote control or scroll through websites without touching the screen.

The device connects with those of TV sets or other equipment in two ways – via Micro USB, and in the Pro version it can also connect wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Systems like Leap Motion, Bixi and AirBar do more or less the same thing, but the difference is that Glamos is meant to be universal and work with many different devices. Authors claim it scales to any device we use.

If you would like to find out more I recommend this video:

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