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Toyota is about to introduce an electric car being charged in 10 mins!

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There is a trend in the modern car industry to aim at the production of electric automobiles, which are of people’s interest and demand nowadays. Toyota, being one of the most significant Japanese car producers, is not an exception! The company has been experimenting with solid-state batteries since 2017 and is planning to present its newest technology on the mass market. All in all, their work is likely to be done in the shortest terms, as the car presentation with the new technology applied was planned for the middle of the next year.

According to Nikkei Asia, one of the largest financial newspapers, the car of Toyota will be possible to go 500 km with the battery fully charged. What is more compelling – only 10 minutes are needed to charge the battery from 5% to 90%. However, the information was given on the prototype, so the situation may be quite different as well as captivating than it was before.

Usually, it takes around 2 years to make a realization of a car prototype, but no one knows how much time is needed to create a totally new project of an electric car operated with an unknown type of tracking batteries, which are planned to be used in Toyota electric models of a new type.

There are lots of electric car advantages in comparison with the regular ones, though they are much more expensive in production. The batteries of this kind are predicted to be of use in automobiles in 2025, but if Toyota manages to start such a car production, it will make a giant step in electro car market promotion.

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