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Polish Universities about to utilize blockchain technology

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In a partnership with OPTeam, which delivers software for academic entities, Billon Digital Solutions is introducing blockchain into polish universities. The company wants to completely replace the current way of storing students’ data by creating a blockchain ledger for polish universities. This ledger will consist of every document that relates to a particular student and aims to reduce the risk of forging them. It is easy to use because to save a paper in such a form, a member of the academic staff needs only several seconds, and any person can validate it in no time from any place in the world. A crucial factor that is worth paying attention to is that the system will store documents in their entirety. So not like so far, only cryptographic references to them. It is a significant step forward because it may allow storing, for example, the whole books, on blockchain in the future. The software already has its first user, the University of Technology in Kielce. The entity uses the technology to issue students’ diplomas, and so far, both students and academic staff are satisfied with its features.

Who would have imagined several years ago, when blockchain took its first step, it would be introduced even in such fossilized structures as the polish education system. It shows us how the future is unpredictable and orders us to pay close attention to new emerging technologies. Maybe in a few years, we will use blockchain on all levels of the education system.




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