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Just a short note about user interface and user experience of KOZMINSKI TECHBLOG.

Initially I wanted to continue my posts about major KPIs in e-commerce business. When I came to KOZMINSKI TECHBLOG where I had to place the article, I started to search for “login” page. However there is nothing in the header of the blog (I expected it to be on the top right corner). I started to scroll down, but there were only posts… posts… posts… So I decided to go through my email inbox to find the email of our lecturer with the link to login page. Could not find it. But later I have still managed to find it (see below).

So, I took a look at 15 most famous techblogs (Huffington PostTMZMashableGizmodo etc) . All of them had login page link on the top right corner.


A bit later I found an article on KOZMINSKI TECHBLOG named OCULUS. Since it was short and I did not have to scroll down a lot I was able to find a “login” link ON THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. Oh miracle! What a wonderful user interface! That’s right what people are expecting when they come to any website – a small login button on the bottom. I would suggest to make it even more invisible – make it white on white.

Now the question: what was the reason to place “login” on the bottom of the page?

While you thinking about it, listen to the song that I like.