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L’Oreal UV sense

My Skin Track UV Sensor is the new kid of L’Oreal Tech Incubator which is technology research and development lab of the biggest cosmetic company in the world – L’Oreal Group (generating nearly $30 bilion in sales a year). Guive Balooch, who started the incubator nearly seven years ago, now manages the team of over 35 members. He explains his work simply:

“Everything is just under the umbrella of technology, design, and how beauty can be at the center of that.”

This sensor is offered under L’Oreal’s skincare brand La Roche-Posay. The sensor is NFC-enabled which means that two electronic devices can establish communication by bringing them within 4 cm (same system is used by contactless payments, hotel room key cards and sharing photos for example). In practice this small gadget collects data of the time spend in sun exposure and sends it to mobile application (compatible with both Android and iOS) which provides you with detailed information whether your skin is safe or not.

Let’s remind ourselves that spending too much time in sunlight can cause sunspots, sunburn, wrinkles, and other skin damages as well as skin cancer. It is estimated that one in five Americans have DNA damages inflicted by UV radiation which can contribute to skin cancer. The amount of sun recommended depends on the skin tone and many other factors, so L’Oreal asks user initial questions about the skin before preparing a raport.

The height of this device is 1.35 cm and the length is 3.3 cm (with clip). You can use it wherever you want – on your nail, glasses, watch, clothing or any other place exposed to daylight. It is battery-free and waterproof.

My Skin Track UV Sensor is available exclusively at Apple.com. It costs $59.95. L’Oreal’s strategy is to become more than just cosmetic company. Their aim is to incorporate technology into beauty industry. Dr. Sanjukta Pookulangara, who teaches digital retail technology and consumer behaviour at the University of North Texas is convinced that:

“Consumers, especially those who might not have considered themselves customers of L’Oréal, would be able to decide to buy the product based on their trust of Apple’s”.


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It’s a huge step for beauty industry. I personally think that nowadays consumers seek personalisation in every product, regardless the industry. I guess L’Oreal did a good, well-conceived move. I see bright future for the tech-beauty products. Do you agree?







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