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How India will rule the world?

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With the second largest population and the youngest youth in the world, India is taking the lead in providing new startups and technologies. Right now, the country is entering the fourth industrial revolution, which means that the current period will be the most demanded new technological innovations. The massive influence of youth and teenagers makes the need for new apps bigger by the day.

India broke the record in raising funds for aspirant startups. In 2019, they managed to raise around $14.5B, mostly from investors from Asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore but also from companies located in Mumbai or New Delhi. The positive phenomenon which we may observe is that most young people who already sold their startups to big companies are not afraid of investing in their younger colleagues’ ideas.

According to the World Economic Forum, over half of India’s workers will need reskilling by 2022. To the progression of the informatization of the country, lots of people hold jobs that will no longer be needed. Most of us associate India with crowded streets filled with regular workers performing not complicated actions. That point of view may drastically change in a few coming years. For the needs of IT employees, many companies will provide more accessible techniques of teaching skills needed for the job in the technology sector.

From the investors’ point of view, the future of India is very optimistic, taking into consideration that the potential target of users is still growing. The current view of India probably will be much different in the future.


Indian tech startups raised a record $14.5B in 2019


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