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How will we become transhuman?

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Transhumanism has undergone a remarkable transformation, from having a few of intellectual pioneers to becoming an increasingly important part of understanding the prospects for a technological transformation of the human condition. The idea that technological progress will help us overcome many of our current human limitations is no longer confined to a handful of tech-savvy visionaries. Understanding these opportunities is crucial to understand the ethical choices we face and the potential consequences of this progress is a key component of what humanity will face in the decades ahead.

For centuries, there have been thinkers who argue that we can overcome illness and death. The need for eternity inspires human to create a new kind of man who is able to satisfy himself in all aspects of life, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. This small philosophical and cultural movement was one of the most influential movements in the history of science and technology. It represents a significant step in our understanding of human nature and the human condition. Transhumanism made a number of important contributions to the understanding and development of our still evolving bodies, which have highlighted complex issues that are with us from the day of birth.

Several organizations were created to “perfect” the race, such as the Transhumanist Society of America, the Transhumanists of the United States, and the Society for the Advancement of Science and Technology. 

They are often isolated from each other, but they all share a common, coherent view of the world, sharing similar views and values. It is clear that transhumanist experiments with new technologies carry a high risk in humans. Some of these technologies already exist, but the nature of the transhumanist projects in which the technology is developing to fuse the human brain with software and AI is a mystery. There were made not enough studies to illustrate this problem at its full scale.

From my point of view, we already became transhuman. The constant use of smartphones, PC’s and other devices that are connected to the internet makes us not a self-living human being anymore. We often need to google something when telling a story, show a photo on our phone or even check some important information in our notes. The smartphones often influence our decisions or mood. They often play the role of a personal database. The method of uploading our questions to the computer is just very slow and primitive. We only use only our thumbs, which can transfer only 38 words per minute on average.

As our race progresses, those methods will upgrade and in the future we will be able to transfer data from our brain to our smartphone or PC within miliseconds. People always feared the unknown, but I think that upgrading the “connection” with our personal computers is the key for becoming fully transhuman. Hopefully companies such as Neuralink will successfully develop technologies, that all human will use in the future.

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Is AI a threat for journalists?

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There are a number of tools that use machine learning to guide content creators through the writing process. Many of them are WordPress plug-in’s that have a wide range of features, such as text generation, image generation or mistake correction. In the content written by the AI, you will find images, as well as links to other sources. You almost can not spot, that an article was written by a AI writing tool. Some of these softwares are more comprehensive and more expensive than others, but there are some that you can get at an affordable price. This technology has evolved on a grand scale and many major brands have taken advantage of this. The “AI-writers” are much cheaper than human and can work without ever stopping. On the other hand, replacing humans here is not a good idea, because the content generated by the bot is mechanical and has no substance. It lacks the “human touch”, the algorithm cannot feel the emotions, so it will not share it with the reader.

Journalists, writers, and bloggers can get help from AI technology to generate content. AI reporters are also often used by companies to reduce pressure on editorial offices. Despite its ability to tell stories and correct mistakes, AI is unlikely to replace quality authors, according to a recent study by the University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Digital Media. The use of AI in journalism is not a completely new phenomenon and is regularly used to automate monotonous tasks and save reporters time. As researchers and companies increase their efforts to create AI authors, they will eventually become part of the writing industry.

Although the process is not yet fully automated, the technology is already capable of performing many of the same tasks that a human analyst would do. The algorithm is required to understand the source document and then distill the meaning and important details into a “liquid” summary. There are several automated journalism applications that are used to speed up research, fact-check and rationalize, eliminate fake news, and even write content. After a narrative design, the software can scan the data and determine which insights in the text are important for the reader and then suggest changes to the editor.

It may seem unlikely, but computers can attain diverse creativity to produce complex, coherent pieces of text that no human has ever created. Natural language generation is now being used to create almost award-winning novels such as “A Computer – Written Novel in a Day” and Jack Kerouac – inspired narratives. While there are still some small errors in what is written by machine, these developments make us wonder, not if the Ai will compete with the best writers, but when will it do so.

So a team of writing experts from EssayZoo decided to highlight some of the fundamental tasks that artificial intelligence can perform in the writing industry. Experts believe AI systems can write novels, poems and news reports that adapt to current writing requirements. Tools like Turnitin and Grammarly have had a huge impact on writing and it will even increase in the future. Whether it’s an essay, an article or a message, there are a number of tasks that AI tools can do for us.

Even if you get a little anxious at the thought of an AI author, it is not all negative: studies have been conducted to generate natural language that could eventually sound more and more human, on the other hand some have found that people have difficulty recognizing reports by AI authors and journalists. The scientists believe that an AI author will be able to create a writing that is pretty much identical to that of a human writer. In reality, it may take more than a decade before we get to the point where AI writing is taking over the world of writing. 


Free money? Universal Basic Income

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What is UBI?

Universal Basic Income

For the US general public, a policy that guarantees every American adult a basic income of $1,000 a month.

But, so far, the concept of giving every member of society an unconditional, guaranteed cash payment has received limited attention from not only US policymakers but from the whole world’s. The UBI, is a type of social security that guarantees a certain amount of money to every citizen of a society, the social status or wealth does not matter. So, a top level manager and a homeless person get the same amount and vice versa.

The results of Brazil’s Bolsa Familia programme show that a basic income can significantly reduce poverty. As lawmakers look for ways to soften the economic blow of the outbreak, one idea is to give small sums of money to all qualified Americans. In its purest form, a basic income is an unconditional, periodic cash payment that the state makes to all for all.

It is designed to combat poverty by putting money directly into the hands of those who need it most. It’s an idea where every citizen in society can do whatever they want to meet basic needs, regardless of income. The UBI, would create millions of jobs and help people face upcoming economic changes, while technology and the rise of artificial intelligence are transforming the workforce. The decrease in the need for human employees is a huge problem. The transformation requires unusual means to keep the society stable and the Universal Basic Income can help leaders to create a better, futuristic society. Society which focuses more on the problems of the whole race, not just the individual ones.

The idea of a basic income has been something of a political fantasy for decades, but in recent years politics has become less perverse, to the point where we may have many limited basic income programs around the world today, and many more in the years to come. A large proportion of people in many countries work for less than the minimum wage or no wage at all.

There still are a lot of studies, that need to be done to implement this in the real world. Questions remain about the affordability of basic income and whether the citizens who receive it would continue or seek work. This idea has been around since the 16th century, and is still popular till today. We will see if it will be crucial for the development of the race and if we will get money, just because we are human.