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If you had a chance to UPGRADE your BRAIN, would you do it?

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Cyberpunk is just around the corner…

We live in a cutting-edge. Technologies are developing pretty fast. Today, probably, it would be hard to surprise someone with robots, self-driving cars, 3D-printers, and their abilities. Even now people are developing bionic hands, legs, exoskeletons to make the lives of people with debilities easier. They are implementing a software inside, trying to do their best, only that people to feel like a full-fledged cell of society.


Thanks to a BCI developed at the University of Pittsburgh that stimulates the sensory region of the brain, the man, whose name is Nathan Copeland, is the first one who managed to feel a sense of touch through a mind-controlled robotic arm.

Upgrade your brain like hardware for PC…

But if there is a technology that can help not only people with limited opportunities but also healthy people to increase their productivity?

If you had a chance to upgrade yourself, would you let other people to implant a chip in the brain?

It sounds like a creepy fiction, however, nowadays scientists are actively developing such chips, brain computers, that are able to increase your productivity, working in a global company, and also expand your memory, allowing you never to forget a name or a face of a certain person, to remember everything detailed.

There are various ways of connecting brain signals with brain computers, or BCIs – but the Elon Mask’s company called “Neuralink” has developed this technology, even more, using tiny, super-thin, flexible micro-electrodes, which allow special small device to be implanted inside the brain, in order to read and record the neural signals activity.  This technology has already been tested on animals, and they are preparing for the next step, testing on humans.


Elon Musk told about Neuralink’s plans for its progressive BCI technology, which involves using a specially built surgical robot, machine to implement thousands of thread-like electrodes into the brain.


The technology isn’t there yet, however, a separate, removable device would be a better option for healthy people, because it could be kept and used outside the body and switched off easily anytime.

Although this technology may be extremely beneficial, and mind-controlled devices can be invented, people will be facing some ethical problems. For example, their life would be even less private than now, their memories and thoughts would be monitored all the time. In addition, people’s devices can be easily hacked, controlled and probably their future behavior will not be the same. They can totally lose their freedom.

So before improving your brain with implants, you should ask yourself…

Is it worth living in a world in which there is no freedom?



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$50 Trillion To Stop Global Warming and how you can prevent it today

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by Egor Fiodarau

We live in turbulent times; the rushes, the tempo, the rhythm; the grand pivot of the 21st century. While chasing our dreams and goals, we set up new aims for us to hit. In this head-spinning sprint to the profits, we often forget the most important factor: our habitat. The Earth. It raised humanity, mankind. It is the only mother of ours. She nurtured us and gave us all the means to become a civilization in the first place. Unfortunately, as she gets sicker and sicker, she stays quiet, while the storms of nature wipe her children from existence. As the Earth dies, the mother will bring her children with her. She will not judge us for killing her. She just would get slightly disappointed that whole this time we were killing ourselves.

Global warming is a rampant problem in this century. It is depressingly bad and here is why. Global warming occurs as more and more carbon dioxide, pollutants, and other gases enter the Earth’s atmosphere. They absorb sunlight and radiation emitted from the Sun instead of letting the atmosphere disperse it. Therefore, as it absorbs more and more “power,” it traps the heat which causes the planet to get hotter. It is known as a greenhouse effect. Do not underestimate it. Throughout history, there has been a balance between CO2 production and its absorption. Unfortunately, as mankind progresses and utilizes its time of being here on this planet to maximize pleasures and profit it created an uneven playing ground for this balance.

The battle is going strong and we as humanity are trying to do our best to eliminate global warming. Do we, though? According to several sources including Forbes and Bloomberg, such companies as Panasonic Corp., Rohm Co., Bloom Energy Corp., Neste Corp., and 29 more, might very well make huge profits from the upcoming apocalypse. While activists and NGOs fight for the cause, there are a bunch of players on the board who think that it is not that bad. Yet, it is terrifically bad. A simple tragedy of the commons is leading us to doomsday. Moreover, you can’t accuse someone of doing something, if he/she does nothing, right?

Let’s elaborate on the cost that is in the header of this article. Maybe, you are a big business boy whose only interest is in numbers and you do not really care about the gist of it. Therefore, let’s dive in and see a breakdown presented by Morgan Stanley:

  • Renewable power generation will require $14 trillion by 2050, including investments in energy storage.
  • With passenger cars currently pumping out about 7 % of greenhouse gas emissions, some $11 trillion will be needed to build factories, expand power capacity and develop the batteries and infrastructure needed to switch to electric vehicles.
  • Almost $2.5 trillion would be needed for technologies that capture carbon and store it.
  • About $5.4 trillion is needed for electrolyzers to make the gas, which can help provide clean fuel for power generation, industrial processes, vehicles, and heating. Besides, $14 trillion would be required to increase renewable energy capacity to power plants, transportation, and storage.
  • Almost $2.7 trillion should go into biofuels like ethanol, which are currently mixed with petroleum products but will spread eventually to areas such as aviation.

And it seems like it is only the tip of the iceberg. Sadly, unlike actual icebergs, this one won’t melt that easily. It is discussed by the experts that it can get exponentially worse with every upcoming year. Therefore, organizations like NRDC and UNEP are trying their hardest to prevent tragedy. Yet, it will not be enough, especially with corporations doing the Devil’s work. I wish there would be a way to help fight global warming right now…

Truly speaking, there is one! As of now, there is a campaign running by Mr. Beast‘s #TeamTrees in association with Arbor Day Foundation and U.S. Forest Service. Its goal is to raise global warming awareness and to actually stand up and do something about us killing the planet. According to the study published by #TeamTrees, there indeed are natural climate solutions as long as we take action. Therefore, they are gathering a whopping $20 million to plant 20 million trees by 2022.


All in all, climate change is terrifying, abysmal, alarming, grim, and… unstoppable? We will not make our mother Earth cry. We will save it. We will save ourselves.

If you enjoyed this article and willing to do your part in saving the planet, you can donate here.


Fair Use conditions apply. All sources are hyperlinked. The material and information presented in this article are for general information purposes only. You should not rely upon the material or information in the article for making any business, legal or any other decisions. 


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Stalkerware – what is this?

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Stalkerware „is a monitoring software or spyware that is used for stalking”.

What does it mean?
That means that everyone can have this kind of app and see what someone else is doing. You can have access to someone’s back and front camera, localization, voice records, and screen.

How does it work? 
The only thing you have to do to have access to someone else’s life is to download the special app from a special website on a victim’s phone. 

As we can see from the graph, the number of stalkerware apps detected by Kaspersky Security has increased by almost half in 7 months.

The biggest number of users of this application was in Russia. In the second place is India and in the third – Brazil. 

According to Kaspersky’s research, the most often detected Stalkerware apps were MobileTool, iSpyoo, and Talklog.

What can show us that we are being spied on?
If you see any unusual activity on your device there might be something going on. Don’t click on any links in order not to be hacked or spied on.

How can we protect ourselves from an unwanted app?
1) Don’t leave your phone without supervision.
In this case, no one could download a spyware app on your device.
2) Don’t use your thumbprints to open your phone or laptop.
The less the technology knows about you, the safer you are.
3) Download security software.
It may help detect unwanted activities and delete it.





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Digital nutrition – so how many Insta-macros should I consume today?

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We are drowning with information that we simply refuse to ignore. We consume three times as much information daily as people in 1960s. According to a research conducted by University of California, Kelton research and meQuilibrium, 61% of people can’t ignore their electronics devices and check them within the hour after getting a notification. 81% admit to interrupting conversations, mealtime or playtime with family, friends to check their social media, text messages or emails. 61% have felt jealous, sad or annoyed after checking updates on their social feeds and 73% believe their use of electronic devices has contributed to stress in their life. Our constant online presence starts to influence our real life in a harmful way. It is high time to become aware and not let the digital world fully consume us. There is a short line between a habit and unhealthy addiction.


So dear reader, how many times have you checked your Instagram today? 


But the real question is:  what we can do to create a healthy habits in a digital world, with technology?  Jocelyn Brewer, an Australian psychologist and cyberpsychologist educator has introduced to the world a very interesting concept called ‘digital nutrition’.


What is this ‘digital nutrition’ concept all about?

Digital nutrition is two things: 1) understanding the giant influence of digital world and digital consumption on our mental and physical wellbeing. 2) It is also building a sustainable, positive relationship with cyberspace that allows us to get the best of technology. 

So what if apps and games come with nutritional labels, so we would not have to guess its impact on our life?

As funny and ridiculous it may sound, it’s about being an aware digital consumer, who knows how much time he or she spends online, its purpose and that even the design of apps or colours used on websites are meant to hack our attention and make us stay or use it for a little longer.

For example, the dark background on YouTube aims to prolong the time we spend on searching for another funny video with cats and dogs. Multiple notifications, which fuel our FOMO (fear of missing out); endless scrolling – because we really want to get to the end and be updated or receiving all information at once because we  MUST know everything ASAP, right?

Technology should serve US as a supplement and enhanecemnt of our lives but not a substitution and a fundament for our real life. So how to get our control back? According to Jocelyn Brewer, we have to be:

  1. Mindful – present and aware of how we use technology and what for.  Ask yourself before opening Instagram or any other app: “How am I feeling right now?”, “What do I need to open this app for?” Constantly question the reasons for using it and monitor the time you spent on it.
  2. Meaningful – be practical and realistic – use it when you really need it and not when you just want it. Ask yourself: How is what I am viewing/reading relevant to or aligned to my goals?  How does this action/activity contribute in a positive way to my life and overall sense of wellness?
  3. Moderate – remember that you are able to moderate not only the time you spent in a digital world, but also what you say and how you react to things that show up in your feed. Ask yourself: How can I tell if I am overreacting to a situation online?  What would happen if I did not respond to that tweet/comment/post/message?How do I notice when it’s time to logoff/take a break?


It is not about a ‘digital detox’, which like many short-term ‘food diets’ doesn’t create a long-term positive effects. Let’s be honest, introducing new healthy habits that would serve you a lifetime, takes time and some small failures before reaching your dream goal. With short-term changes and its high possibility of failures, you only get frustrated when you make a mistake. So it is about starting questioning the digital world: what we see, read and HOW WE are using it. 

‘We are what we eat…in a digital world as well’.



How Your Device Is Controlling You

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Fast-forward to the future with Hyperloop

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Imagine travelling non-stop up to 1080 km per hour above land or underground. This is Hyperloop. The Hyperloop would consist of capsules transported at high speeds through the length of low-pressure tubes. To simplify the science, reports suggest the pods would work similarly to an air hockey table.

The idea could reduce journey times over long distances, but there are many challenges for the rival developers to overcome before any such project can become a reality.

Elon Musk first mentioned that he was thinking about a concept for a “fifth mode of transport”, calling it the Hyperloop, in July 2012 at a PandoDaily event in Santa Monica. This hypothetical high-speed mode of transportation would have the following characteristics: immunity to weather, collision free, twice the speed of a plane, low power consumption, and energy storage for 24-hour operations.

From late 2012 until August 2013, a group of engineers from both Tesla and SpaceX worked on the conceptual modeling of Hyperloop. An early system design was published in the Tesla and SpaceX blogs which describes one potential design, function, pathway, and cost of a hyperloop system.

What is the difference between a hyperloop and a high speed train?

  • Environmental impact

The hyperloop will be powered by solar panels placed along the outside of of the tube in comparison with bullet trains which are electrical.

  • Price

It is much cheaper to build Hyperloop transportation system. Below you are able to see the total amount of money needed to construct this innovative train whereas fast train requires about $10.6 billion

  • Availability

While Bullet Trains are already running in many developed countries,it is expected to start operations in India by 2023;Hyperloop One is still in testing phase and might be commercially available in the next 5 to 7 yrs

  • Speed

The top speed ever achieved by a bullet train was 500 km/hr by Shanghai Train in China.In terms of Hyperloop, it must be at least twice faster.

How long until Hyperloop is here?

We are finally getting to the point where the Hyperloop no longer seems like a pipe dream!An offshoot company wants to build a full line in Abu Dhabi in 2020,and one might connect Chicago and Cleveland.


Exciting,isn’t it?




Are we going to have a flying future?

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It may seem impossible, but the view of city full of flying drones, cars and other machines just like from Star Wars, is almost here.

Nowadays everyone is talking about electric or self-driving cars. However big companies are already planning flying ones. It is said that the revolution will start in five years, but we can see that it’s happening now.

From the beginning

Hermes by Spartaqs

It all starts with small steps and for this example with small flying objects. We all know drones and recognize stunning shots or movie clips, that were made by them. It wasn’t a way of transport, but still it was pretty fun to use. It’s already changed. Now drones are used in many different situations to deliver small things. You probably heard about Amazon’s Prime Air, but we have another example of project that is working here in Warsaw. Polish company Spartaqs created a drone called Hermes, which is especially designed to deliver blood for hospitals. It uses artificial intelligence to fly. Hospitals in Warsaw have already started using it and it works very efficient. It flies around 150 metres above the ground and easily gets to destination within minutes. Expanding this technology can lead to serious changes in transport. Small packages, medicines, clothes and many other may be delivered fast and without traffic jams. Possibly we will get rid of many cars and have delivery that is fast and eco-friendly.


Flying Uber

Almost all of us use Uber or other app for getting a ride. How about changing the rules of transport? Uber is planning to offer it’s customers a truly new experience. Not another more exclusive car, but flying machine. They suppose that the first “air rides” will start in few years. The machine, which will carry people, is called VTOL and is said to be electric and eco-friendly. There are numerous companies that are trying to come up with the best project, like Aurora or Embraer. It’s also a big challenge for infrastructure. They will have to prepare cities and suburbs for a small revolution. In this case there will be need for several small airports called “skyports” and other facilities. One of the biggest concerns will be law and agreements between company and governments. Uber claims that will overcome all problems and in maximum 4 years from now we will be flying around the cities. It can change the way we commute to work, school or come back from parties. Regarding how breathtaking such a flight can be, it will take only minutes to get anywhere.


How about your own “air-car”?

It would be great to have a flying Uber ride from time to time, but our own flying machine sounds really amazing. You might be surprised, but well known brands: Porsche and Boeing, are starting a new project. It seems that they not only want to create air-taxi’s, but also a special ones to buy for individuals. Undoubtably it will come with a really big price, but it is a big beginning of something completely new. Unfortunately they didn’t say any particular details so we probably need to wait a little longer. However if you are really motivated to fly around right know, you can check Pal-V company. They already created a machine that can be called flying car and you can buy it for your personal use.

Pre-design early idea of Porsche/Boeing car

It is hard to say exactly when, but our world of communication will change completely. This revolution is going on right now and it’s really fascinating. We are going to have drones delivering packages and our own flying machines. Hopefully it will mean a beginning of safe, eco-friendly and fast transport.


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What is 5G

5G is the next fifth-generation of cellular network which are develop from 2G,3G,4G (LTE), And

for the fifth-generation it obviously provide you the faster speed for upload and download.

How it work

So, basically the inner working for 5G is contain with 2 things. 1.Spectrum 2.Small cell. 

Low-Band spectrum

: It can also be called sub 1GHz

: It is the previous spectrum which is used for the LTE in U.S.

: It give a great coverage area and not easy to get block by physical object 

: But the weakness is the peak data speed will only give around 100 mbps.

Mid-Band spectrum

: 1GHz-2.6GHz

: Faster than the lower-band

: The expect peak speed is up to 1Gbps but it’s fail in penetrate the building 

High-Band spectrum

: 24GHz-40GHz refer to mmWave

: The peak speed is up to 10Gbps , very low latency 

: But the big drawback is low coverage area and building penetration is poor( easy to get block by 

the physical object).

Small cell

: Low power base station to cover a small geographical area

: It have all basic stuff that need for network 

: Using mmWave which can improve coverage area and handling high data rate , also it have low 


Benefit of 5G

  • Iot (Internet of things)
  • remote control
  • faster internet provide 
  • internet bandwidth 
  • health care 

When it will release 

Well, Some cities in U.S. are already have 5G access. And all off U.S data provider are working 

furiously to get 5G network. So, I think it’s depend on where you live in but people are assume 

that it will take a several year.


In my opinion, I think 5G is going to be useful and will allow people to access faster. But it take a long time to expand it worldwide and will take a lot of budget which mean it will cost more than our 4G. Also I don’t think the signal will be constant, I had so many experiences about Ping of network, even in some spot of room or even in the open space I have been received no signal already.



Privacy issues of Smart Speakers

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In the 21st century people really started to worry about their privecy, as with the development of IT sphere more and more malicious codes and eavesdropping systems are involved to track our lives.
Nowadays smart speakers like Amazon Echo,

Amazon Echo Dot,

Sonos One,

JBL Link 20,

Google Home

and so on are becoming rather popular, as it has many usfull functions, which make our lives easier: answer questions, cotrole smart home gadgets, play music, search information etc.
Lets look at the pie chart below. It reflects that 21 persent of customers use smart speaker less often than they did at the beggining.

And next diagram shows why.

We can conclude that these 21% now use smart speaker less frequantly because they worry about personal date. And as it turned out not in vain.
October 20, security researchers claimed that Amazon and Google speakers have several desein flows, which can be used in eavesdropping and voice phishing.
To prove it several reaserches were held at Security Research Labs, a hacking research collective and consulting think tank, situated in Berlin. They found out that developers could create malicious apps for the Amazon and Google platforms to turn the smart speakers into smart spies. It was estimated that even after finishing using smart speaker, it was still recording voice, and as a result collecting personal data from users, including passwords, and eavesdropping.
“Consumers need to be aware that they are sending data to third parties when using voice apps,” explained SRL researcher Karsten Nohl. “These apps do not need to be installed on the device, but instead are invoked through phrases that the app developer chooses.”
“Hence, users might not be aware they are using the services of a third party,” he told TechNewsWorld. “The smart spies hacks add urgency to this situation since they allow app developers to listen in on users after the app has supposedly stopped running.”
Amazon and Google always care about their customers privecy, so after Being alert about such a problem both companies blocked the particular one smart speaker platform and put changes in place to reject or block any skill exhibiting the nasty behavior of the researchers’ app.
“It’s important that we continue to work with the security community to protect our customers,” the Amazon spokesperson said.” We have a dedicated team focused on certifying skills and ensuring the safety and security of our customers.”
Amazon and Google also added a new function for the safety of their customers, which allows users to delete everything smart speaker has recorded, as well as ask it what it heard and why it responded in a certain way.
Do you think Amazon and Google managed to solve this privecy issue or personal dater of their customers is still not safe?

Can a car be hacked?

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Have you ever seen a futuristic movie with advanced technologies? I bet you can name at least one. When I was thinking about hacking, the movie that came to my mind was obviously Matrix. What I intend to say is that there were people, hackers, who wanted to control the machines ruling the world. This futuristic vision can be found today, technology becomes more and more advanced each day, it becomes more sophisticated, there are more programmers trained to create devices based on artificial intelligence. What comes with that is that apart from programmers, there are also hackers.

Everyday we use smartphones, laptops or small domestic robots. Cars can be programmed to use artificial intelligence. A great example is a vehicle created by Tesla company, that has an impressive design with large on-board screen and the possibility of autodrive. But is it safe to drive a car, which is connected to our phones, can be remotely driven and has a wide range of other innovative informatic options? Can it be hacked so that you lose control over it? What then?


There have been many cases in which Tesla model 3 was hacked. Once somebody controlled the autowipers,  but more attention was paid to the car suddenly switching the lane. How did the hackers manage to do that? According to MIT Technology review [1]. The answer is simple when you read it – as these cars are specifically programmed, the hackers needed to place the stickers on the road to trick the programme.

Here are some specifics:

,, This an example of an “adversarial attack,” a way of manipulating a machine-learning model by feeding in a specially crafted input. Adversarial attacks could become more common as machine learning is used more widely, especially in areas like network security.’’[1]

,, Tesla’s Autopilot is vulnerable because it recognizes lanes using computer vision. In other words, the system relies on camera data, analyzed by a neural network, to tell the vehicle how to keep centered within its lane.’’[2]

Another accident, more serious, was when somebody had a crash with a truck – ,, The driver, Jeremy Banner, activated the autopilot feature on his Tesla Model 3 about 10 seconds before he crashed into a semi truck on March 1 in Delray Beach, Florida.’’[2]

Although Tesla cars cannot be simply hacked by a thief opening a steering column and connecting special cables, it is possible with a computer.

,,Two researchers have found that they could plug their laptop into a network cable behind a Model S’ driver’s-side dashboard, start the car with a software command, and drive it. They also injected a remote-access Trojan on the Model S’ network while they had physical access, then later remotely cut its engine while someone else was driving.’’[3]

After successful hacking attempts Tesla makes their cars more advanced and upgraded, so that the same way of hacking cannot be used again. In order to prevent new hacking attacks, according to Forbes, Tesla company created a special contest for those who are into programming, especially legal hacking. What I mean by legal hacking is that they want such hacker to hack their cars in a new way, so that he obtains a money prize and the company can make their cars more hacking-proof.

To summarize, Tesla model 3 can be hacked, as well as other cars and devices that use advanced technology. We don’t know if we could ever create an ideal system, which hackers cannot break into. For now we have to be careful, like in Matrix, in order not to give the machines the control over us.








Reading Time: 2 minutes

The EcoGarden is a combination of a smart miniature greenhouse and a self-cleaning aquarium. This system helps you to grow up herbs or vegetables. What is the most exciting is that you can monitor and control your ecosystem remotely from your phone and it also gives you whole information about condition of your garden. Also, you can feed your fish or check temperature in aquarium.

So, how it works? 

‘Aquaponics’ – growing technique which uses the fish waste as the nutrient source for the plants, while the plants naturally filters the water which is recirculated back to the fish. A natural and effective way of cleaning your aquarium, creating the ultimate self-sustaining and resource efficient ecosystem where plants and fish live in symbiosis. It is absolutely eco-friendly, because it does not requires soil or chemical fertilizers.

Creators say that they want to grow smarter and more eco-friendly generation that will love nature and know how to behave with animals and plants.

Eco-garden has a plenty of benefits:

  • it is automated and very functional
  • has a nice design
  • fresh & organic produce
  • friendly with a nature

Today more and more people start to live in big city with busy lifestyle polluted environment. Therefore, people, who live in huge cities, can feel nature in their home. It is the best solution for all ages also, especially for children.

To conclude my words, I would say that our planet has enormous problem about over-population and air pollution. So, eco-garden can make your air fresh and atmosphere in your house greener.


and my own words))

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