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Nano Diamond Nuclear Batteries, better greener future.

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We have been using our daily electronic devices, depending on a device which was first invented in 1881. Of course, I am talking about a “battery”.

Batteries are a collection of one or more cells whose chemical reactions create a flow of electrons in a circuit. All batteries are made up of three basic components: an anode (the ‘-‘ side), a cathode (the ‘+’ side), and some kind of electrolyte (a substance that chemically reacts with the anode and cathode).

When the anode and cathode of a battery is connected to a circuit, a chemical reaction takes place between the anode and the electrolyte. This reaction causes electrons to flow through the circuit and back into the cathode where another chemical reaction takes place. When the material in the cathode or anode is consumed or no longer able to be used in the reaction, the battery is unable to produce electricity. At that point, your battery is “dead.”

As quoted above, and as we most probably have encountered it before, our batteries are not usable after a certain amount of time. The technological progress we’ve had throughout 100 years is astonishing and technological advancements have to occur as we head into a green and carbon-free future. That is why these advancements have to happen also in the battery business, the solution is Nano Diamond Nuclear Batteries.

Not only is this type of battery much more efficient and longer-lasting, but it does also get rid of toxic waste from nuclear power plants and use it as a green energy solution, as radiation will power them for up to 28 000 years, though we will see for ourselves in the future *wink wink*. Let’s compare these two:

This invention will make our mobile devices almost, or completely charge free and the usability possibilities rise only as fast as our imagination can allow. The electric cars business will be turned around in a fashion that only a fool would discredit as petrol cars soon will go extinct. I’m eager to see what the future will bring, but thanks to this invention, it won’t be as depressing and polluted as many may think. Let’s hope for the best and support innovators.




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Toyota is about to introduce an electric car being charged in 10 mins!

Reading Time: 2 minutesThere is a trend in the modern car industry to aim at the production of electric automobiles, which are of people’s interest and demand nowadays. Toyota, being one of the most significant Japanese car producers, is not an exception! The company has been experimenting with solid-state batteries since 2017 and is planning to present its newest technology on the mass market. All in all, their work is likely to be done in the shortest terms, as the car presentation with the new technology applied was planned for the middle of the next year.

According to Nikkei Asia, one of the largest financial newspapers, the car of Toyota will be possible to go 500 km with the battery fully charged. What is more compelling – only 10 minutes are needed to charge the battery from 5% to 90%. However, the information was given on the prototype, so the situation may be quite different as well as captivating than it was before.

Usually, it takes around 2 years to make a realization of a car prototype, but no one knows how much time is needed to create a totally new project of an electric car operated with an unknown type of tracking batteries, which are planned to be used in Toyota electric models of a new type.

There are lots of electric car advantages in comparison with the regular ones, though they are much more expensive in production. The batteries of this kind are predicted to be of use in automobiles in 2025, but if Toyota manages to start such a car production, it will make a giant step in electro car market promotion.

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Bugatti “Bolide” new petrol monster

Reading Time: 4 minutesBugatti entered the cards of history back in 1920s by producing one of the most successful racing car of all time : the Type 35. The car itself achieved astonishing number of over 2000 victories becoming the legend in racing history, but the company didn’t stop. In 2003 they announced new competitor in car industry Bugatti Veyron. It was the first street-legal fastest production car in the world with a top-speed of 431.072 km/h.

“Type 35”

“Bugatti Veyron”

Bugatti Automobiles decided that they can achieve even more, so they started working on another project. That being said in 2016 during Geneva Motor Show Bugatti presented their new toy “Chiron” faster and better than his brother “Veyron”. 2020 model “Chiron Super Sport 300 +” surprised every automaniac in the whole world. New model is able to exceed his older brother “Veyron” top-speed by 50 km/h ! Isn’t it amazing and scary at the same time ?

President of  Bugatti Stephan Winkelmann says “Bugatti never stands still” therefore he asked himself a question “What if ?”. “What if Bugatti could unleash the complete power of W16 engine ?”, “What if we could reduce the weight to minimum ?” the answer to those questions is only one


On 23rd of October Bugatti team presented the world their new monster “Bolide”. The new project is Bugatti’s fastest, most powerful, lightest and probably most expensive car yet. Huge W16 engine provides us with 1,850 horse power which is an enormous amount of horses. Weighs only 1,240 kg that’s slightly less than every compact car. Top-speed of this car is said to be 310mph + (500 km/h +). “Bolide” can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 2.17 seconds, 0 to 200km/h in only 4.36 seconds 0 to 300km/h in 7.37 and 0 to 400km/h in 12.08 it’s ridiculous how fast this masterpiece of engineering is. They truly stood up to a challenge, but we have to keep in mind that those statistics are only simulated performance numbers. As a race car Bugatti designed “Bolide” to not only beat the previous top-speed record holder SSC Tuatara but also break the records on worlds famous race tracks such as Le Mans or challenging Nürburgring. Engineers from Molsheim did simulations and the results are stunning. Our rocket should do the lap of Le Mans in 3 minutes and 7 seconds (faster than a purpose-built Le Mans racing car by 7 seconds) while Nürburgring lap in just 5 minutes 23 seconds (1 minute and 20 seconds faster than current record holder Lamborghini Aventador SVJ ).

Let’s move to reasons why does this car is so fast and such a masterpiece.

“We asked ourselves how we could realize the mighty W16 engine as a technical symbol of the brand in its purest form – with solely four wheels, engine, gearbox, steering wheel and, as the only luxury, two seats.” – Stephan Winkelmann, Bugatti President.

The company focused on 4 aspects :

Weight and Strength :

In order to build such a beast they had to use the lightest and therefore the most durable materials as possible. That’s why “Bolide” is made mainly from 2 materials carbon fiber and titanium which demonstrate high strength-to-weight ratios.

Speed and Dynamics :

Improved aerodynamics, reduced weight, upgraded W16 engine with 4 superchargers, specially designed cooling system with all these ingredients comes speed and capability of “Bolide”. For the first time Bugatti Automobiles stream the air through the internal parts of the car. Raw air travels to a roof scoop and hot air travels along the cabin and the cool air travel through the side to intercoolers etc. Bugatti says that new spoilers and wings are capable of producing a downforce up to 1800kg.

Combining all of these factors such as striped cabin, lightweight, aerodynamics, new engine, new durability provides us with incredible amount of power and amazing (simulated) achievements.

In addition Bugatti added some aviation lining to “Bolide” model such as X shaped rear, front lights and also side view of vehicle.

“It is indirectly reminiscent of the Bell X-1 jet aircraft which was flown by Captain Charles “Chuck” Yeager in 1947, the first person to break the sound barrier at Mach 1.06.”

Company didn’t provide us with a price tag or premier date of “Bolide”.

To conclude, Bugatti has shown the world that they are expanding their horizons with every year presenting us more and more technologically advanced machines. They keep amaze us but the real question is, Is it necessary ? Is it the right way they should go ? Will there be any customers interested to buy cars which they can’t test to the maximum ?



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Factory 56 — the future of cars manufacturing

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Even in a difficult economic situation Mercedes-Benz continues to improve its manufacturing process and tries to set a higher bar in the car industry. Another proof of that is the opening of a new Mercedes-Benz’s factory named Factory 56 in the German city Sindelfingen. The company itself calls this factory “Flexible, digital, efficient and sustainable.” Factory 56 was opened at the beginning of September on a ground area corresponding to 30 soccer pitches. It took 2.5 years to finish the project. According to the company’s web-site, Mercedes-Benz is planning to invest about 2.1 billion euros at Factory 56.

But what makes this plant the future of car manufacturing?

Flexibility. At one factory’s assembly line is possible to assemble cars with different body types. The production can adapt to current demand on the market and allows to easily restructure process of assembling to switch from sedan to SUV, for instance.
Digitalization. The plant has no conventional assembly line. A car is manufactured on a remote platform, which allows a car to stay in one place most of the time when all required parts are being transported by remote carts connected to one intellectual network. The digital ecosystem is built on a powerful WLAN and 5G network, which allows workers to supervise all systems automatically. From the monitoring of parts in stock to the system of electronic workflow, which would save 10 tons of paper every year.
Environmental friendliness. Factory 56 became fully carbon-neutral with zero CO2 emissions and significantly low energy consumption. The plant was built using recycled concrete. 40% of the factory’s roof is covered with plants and trees, the roof is also filled with solar panels, which is a sign that Mercedes-Benz does care about the environment. 
Working conditions. More than 1500 employees are working at the factory in two shifts. While organizing the working space, Mercedes-Benz took into account employees’ preferences. For example, via an online survey, they were asked about personal opinions, preferable shifts to work, suggestions, and even people they want to work together with. More than 85% of the suggestions were successfully granted.

At Factory 56 Mercedes-Benz is manufacturing the new S-class W223 and EQS as start models to launch the site. It’s extremely crucial that the company approached this project with responsibility, taking care of the environment.

I would say it should be an example for major companies that it’s possible to remain eco-friendly and efficient at the same time. And, of course, technologies. This is really astonishing to see real technological development, not the one Apple calls “revolution” each year. This is a huge step towards efficiency. For me, it’s really boldly for a company with a reputation and history to do this. It’s clear to see their struggles on this occasion, let alone the new S-class. Mercedes-Benz proved that even investing an enormous amount of money to implement modern technologies is worth it when it comes to technologies.





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The Vision of Tomorrow

Reading Time: 3 minutesImage result for mercedes avtr

From the myriad of new technologies and innovations presented at CES, the world’s largest electronics show in Las Vegas, there was one concept that stood out in the spotlight – Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR. This advanced vision transportation, inspired by James Cameron’s iconic movie, Avatar, is part of the Mercedes-Benz strategic agenda for the next years, which strives for a more sustainable future. The connection to the film results from its essential message: the Mercedes-Benz plan’s line of reasoning perfectly fits with Avatar’s environmental and spiritual themes. During the reveal, James Cameron, the director of Avatar, joint with Mercedes-Benz members, highlighted the importance of sustainability and coexistence of technology and humans not interrupting the development of nature.


This futuristic concept vehicle is said to be entirely eco-friendly. It is electric, carbon-neutral, and supposed to interact with the surrounding world. The exterior design of the car is supposed to blend in with nature. After opening, the doors are designed in a way to imitate the dragonfly, and at the back of the car are located 33 individual hatches that resemble breathing scales on a reptile.

Related image

The futuristic design even extends to the interior part of the vehicle, as there is no steering wheel, and it is driven using biometrics. You are one with the car. This concept of using a driver’s biometrics is adapted straight from the Avatar movie and should imitate the symbiotic relationship between the driver and the vehicle. The comfort and infotainment of electronics in this vehicle are based on the driver’s hand, as by waving gesture, we are able to drive the car.


After getting in, the system of control lights up on your right hand, and by gestures and waving, you can operate this eye-popping vehicle. By touching the element in the center of the car, it wakes up. The lights and element go up and down to imitate breathing and heartbeat. Not only does this car drive straight and backward as a regular car, but it also has an ability to drive sideways. Large odd flamboyant wheels enable this car to move, little resembling crab-walk, perpendicularly. The vehicle went through the real-life test on the roads of Las Vegas and proved itself to be ready to hit the streets to saturate them with the aspirational and eco-friendly idea of the future.



The presence of James Cameron and his collaboration with Mercedes-Benz is not only all about sustainability, but also the longly-awaited sequel of Avatar movie. Whether it is just a costly marketing or a real car that could be seen in some time on the market and roads, we cannot argue that it is a successful fulfillment of the statement “Vision of Tomorrow.”



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Are we going to have a flying future?

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It may seem impossible, but the view of city full of flying drones, cars and other machines just like from Star Wars, is almost here.

Nowadays everyone is talking about electric or self-driving cars. However big companies are already planning flying ones. It is said that the revolution will start in five years, but we can see that it’s happening now.

From the beginning

Hermes by Spartaqs

It all starts with small steps and for this example with small flying objects. We all know drones and recognize stunning shots or movie clips, that were made by them. It wasn’t a way of transport, but still it was pretty fun to use. It’s already changed. Now drones are used in many different situations to deliver small things. You probably heard about Amazon’s Prime Air, but we have another example of project that is working here in Warsaw. Polish company Spartaqs created a drone called Hermes, which is especially designed to deliver blood for hospitals. It uses artificial intelligence to fly. Hospitals in Warsaw have already started using it and it works very efficient. It flies around 150 metres above the ground and easily gets to destination within minutes. Expanding this technology can lead to serious changes in transport. Small packages, medicines, clothes and many other may be delivered fast and without traffic jams. Possibly we will get rid of many cars and have delivery that is fast and eco-friendly.


Flying Uber

Almost all of us use Uber or other app for getting a ride. How about changing the rules of transport? Uber is planning to offer it’s customers a truly new experience. Not another more exclusive car, but flying machine. They suppose that the first “air rides” will start in few years. The machine, which will carry people, is called VTOL and is said to be electric and eco-friendly. There are numerous companies that are trying to come up with the best project, like Aurora or Embraer. It’s also a big challenge for infrastructure. They will have to prepare cities and suburbs for a small revolution. In this case there will be need for several small airports called “skyports” and other facilities. One of the biggest concerns will be law and agreements between company and governments. Uber claims that will overcome all problems and in maximum 4 years from now we will be flying around the cities. It can change the way we commute to work, school or come back from parties. Regarding how breathtaking such a flight can be, it will take only minutes to get anywhere.


How about your own “air-car”?

It would be great to have a flying Uber ride from time to time, but our own flying machine sounds really amazing. You might be surprised, but well known brands: Porsche and Boeing, are starting a new project. It seems that they not only want to create air-taxi’s, but also a special ones to buy for individuals. Undoubtably it will come with a really big price, but it is a big beginning of something completely new. Unfortunately they didn’t say any particular details so we probably need to wait a little longer. However if you are really motivated to fly around right know, you can check Pal-V company. They already created a machine that can be called flying car and you can buy it for your personal use.

Pre-design early idea of Porsche/Boeing car

It is hard to say exactly when, but our world of communication will change completely. This revolution is going on right now and it’s really fascinating. We are going to have drones delivering packages and our own flying machines. Hopefully it will mean a beginning of safe, eco-friendly and fast transport.








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Bose introduces QuietComfort – a noise-canceling system for cars

Reading Time: 2 minutesBose is known for a good audio and for their noise-canceling technology used in their headphones, for example: Bose QuietComfort 35source: cnet.com

With the technology at hand they have decided to take it and implement it into cars. As cars are getting lighter and more electric cars are released they are also getting more prone to noise. The way it works is that the car would be equipped with 4 accelerometers, tiny microphones and an algorithm. The meters and microphones are supposed to take in the nice while the algorithm calculates and sends counter waves using the car’s sound system.

For a better explanation straight from the Bose’s press:

Accelerometers mounted on the vehicle body enable a Bose algorithm to continuously measure vibrations that create noise. This information is then used to calculate an acoustic cancellation signal, which is delivered through the vehicle’s speakers to reduce the targeted noise. Microphones placed inside the cabin monitor residual noise levels, allowing the system to adapt the control signal for optimized performance over different road surfaces, while automatically adjusting over time as the vehicle ages.

There’s no telling as to how good this will actually be since they’re not dealing with headphones anymore but with a car which is much bigger and harder to deal with. Bose aims to cooperate with car makers and aims to release their technology in 2021. Also they mentioned microphones, I imagine privacy-freaks might have a problem with that – people will be worried that they are being tapped, but then again cars might already be tapped as of today. All that could be a problem if these were normal microphones, but they might be microphones that only pick up the frequency without recording anything which is much more likely.

Here is Bose’s video and explanation on their new technology.



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Hussarya-33 Polish super car

Reading Time: 2 minutesunikalne-zegarki-dla-wlascicieli-arrinery-hussarya-33

Arrinera Automotive is a company that is expected to begin production of sports car, they want to be competitors of cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. The prototype was recently tested at the airport in Biala Podlaska and is a prelude to a future serial version.

Currently Arrinera Automotive rapidly working on the final version of its first model Hussarya. In October last year, there were test driving around the frame on the track Ułęż. A few days ago, they were carried out while in the białe Podlasie further attempts to have the vehicle dressed in body. The tests were designed to investigate aspects related to the aerodynamic body and the functioning of the chassis.

The first version, which goes into production will  be arrinera hussarya 33, which is the most expensive edition of the car, only 33 cars will be produce. Price of finished vehicle in its basic configuration will be around 160 thousand Euro (approx. 660 000 zł). Variety Limited Hussarya 33 it cost about 200 thousand. Euro (about 828 000 zł).


Frame designed by Lee Noble formed of high strength steel with a varying cross section including the appropriate torsional strength. It will be lightweight and resistant to deformation. The design of the car includes a centrally placed engine 8-cylinder with a capacity of 6.2-liters, dating from Chevrolet. Maximum power is 650 hp and 820 Nm of maximum torque. Hussarya will accelerate in 3.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, and 8.9 s to 200 km / h. Expected maximum speed of up to 340 km / h

The space for the brake system will take care of 19-inch alloy wheels.

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7OkBKFAjvk


What do you think about design and price?
Do you see it as competitors of ferrari

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