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In times of global pandemic, all governments all around the world said that is mandatory to wear a facemask. This creates a big problem with trash, also many people believe that a simple surgical mask doesn’t really work. UM System comes with the idea of building and producing facemask with changeable filters and UV-C technology that is purifying the air all day long. 

How does it work?

When you breathe air is sended thru a filter and two purifiers that are killing the bacteria and filtering the air. The company states that this technlology provides high protection from dust, tobacco, and other particles that might hurt our lungs. This device can work up to 6 hours and filter the air. What is the best that this avoids misting glasses and you don’t feel any discomfort while using. 

A great feature of this mask is that you can customize the design of this device. You can change the color of the front shells. Also, it can be very cheap to wear this mask, the company states that the average cost of using normal disposable surgical masks is over $500 per year. UVMask year use costs are only $100, for me it is a great deal.

What about health and protection certificates?

“UVMask has been tested by SGS to be completely safe according to UL1598 CRD (dated 2020-6-29), meaning the fully light sealed design guarantees UV light will not leak out from the Sterile-Vortex.”  

“The CE-FFP2 (EU Standards N95 equivalent) passive air filter has been tested according to the EN 149-2001+A1-2009 standards.”

Those tests prove that this relatively new technology works and performs great.

This idea at Kickstarter found 14,404 backers that pledged $3,019,833. It proves that people need this sort of idea. Many people working all day long in facemasks are struggling with a comfortable and efficient way to protect themselves. This company saw a demand and came up with this solution. I think that it’s a great project, in the future we will see how it will perform.


Neymar joins NFT community

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Neymar is by far the most famous person to own NFT. On Jan 20, he announced on Twitter his purchase by tweet as well as changing his profile picture. NFT he bought is the Bored Ape 6633. The price was 159.99 ETH which is $481.6k.

There is one more! In fact, he bought 2 NFTs. The second one is the Bored Ape 5269, bought for 189.69 ETH ($570k).

OpenSea Ape 5269

For now, NFTs are mostly art, and hugely speculative, but with the development of the metaverse, they might become more and more useful. We don’t know yet, how big the metaverse will be, but the future is highly promising for that space. More and more game development companies enter the market.

Twitter launched NFT verification, so users can no longer ‘screenshot’ images and claim them as their own. So the value will increase even more. Personally, I’m quite excited about the future of this market.

A journey between Asia and Europe on methanol – Maersk presented a concept of a new container ship

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Ships using alternative fuels are getting more and more popular. Maritime companies are racing against each other to create new, more efficient ships. One company – Maersk has shown the first such size dual-fuel container ship.

The ship will operate with an engine that can be powered by both standard fuels and methanol. With this solution, maritime transport will be possible without CO2 emissions. These container ships will be produced at the Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard. Firstly, they will produce 8 units. The first operations using these container ships will take place in 2024. Maersk’s container ships will primarily be more ecological, but there’s more to it than that. The company announced that they will be larger than the current largest container ship in their fleet.

Maersk states that the containers on the ships will be able to hold 16,000 m3 of methanol. This means that these ships will be able to travel between Asia and Europe. The ships will also be equipped with modern technologies to assist ship maneuvering.

Nowadays to reduce water resistance ships are using special lubricants. However Maersk’s ships will use new lubrication system. By using this system ships will be “lubricate” with air. The Silverstream Air Lubrification System is an innovative solution that has been in development for several years to improve ship performance while reducing fuel consumption. 

Silversteam create a brand new solution – pumping large amounts of compressed air under the flat bottom of ships.

The bubbles will stick to the hull, thus repelling the water and creating something like an airbag, or “air carpet”.

Such innovative solutions introduced in transport will significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment.


Women’s smartwatch safety app

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Every conventional products which are aimed at women’s safety have one big problem – they have to be physically activated. That’s why in some situations they cannot be used. But E-J a student from University’s School of Management, while jogging in badly lit park came up with a brilliant idea that will solve this problem. She thought that if with development of technology smartwatches can easily detect heart diseases they could be also used as women’s safety product. She told about this idea to her friend and they together Co-Founded Epowar. 

Epowar is a smartwatch app that by using AI can recognise distress in a user’s activity. Application in the event of attack sends an alert to the wearers contacts, sets off a loud alarm, records evidence and stores it immediately in a cloud system.

“After months of research and experiment, we were fascinated to find that people’s responses to distress were remarkably consistent and that this could be reliably captured and interpreted using AI. We have now reached the development stage where in-field testing can start and are confident we are close to creating a finished product,” E-J said.

The AI-powered system was built based on analysis of thousands of samples of physiological and motion data. This system is able to distinguish between physical and psychological stress.

Users of Epowar don’t have to worry about privacy issues wearing their smartwatches. Epowar’s software does not track or identify the wearer, up to the point where an alert is issued. A user can take on application during specific journeys or make it work all the time. 

“We are keen to find ways to make this as affordable and accessible to as many women as possible and could envisage a system where organisations, such as schools or universities, make available such software to groups for example. We hope people will recognise the ability to automatically alert contacts as a game-changer in a world where such software seems increasingly necessary,” E-J said.


$30 million stolen from

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On Thursday morning, cryptocurrency exchange website announced that the company had lost well over $30 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum after hackers attacked their servers on January 17th.

An illustration of bitcoin

The total value of the unauthorized withdrawals was 4,836.26 ETH and 443.93 BTC which corresponds to roughly $15.2 million and $18.6 million. The company also says that 483 user accounts were compromised as the result of the theft. Fortunately, all the sufferers have been fully reimbursed for their losses.

“On Monday, 17 January 2022 at approximately 12:46 AM UTC’s risk monitoring systems detected unauthorized activity on a small number of user accounts where transactions were being approved without the 2FA authentication control being inputted by the user, “This triggered an immediate response from multiple teams to assess the impact. All withdrawals on the platform were suspended for the duration of the investigation. Any accounts found to be impacted were fully restored.” – says

Because of the hack, the company has changed its two-factor authentication system to a new architecture, and receded all existing 2FA tokens, meaning that all customers will need to switch over to the new authentication system.

Cryptocurrency exchange websites are becoming high-value targets for hacker attacks. In 2021 there were more than 20 exchange hacks where the criminals escaped with more than $10 million, according to an analysis by NBC News, there were another six cases where the value of funds stolen exceeded $100 million.


The hamster-fueled shredder

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Don’t worry, It’s not what you might think. Hamsters in question are: a – alive; b – willing to do this. Its very simple mechanism is visible in the photo above. To make it short – it is powered by the hamster wheel. I wouldn’t say it’s a useful invention, nor would I call it ground-breaking. I would, however, call it (plainly) awesome. This short blog is dedicated to people who are already done with the year 2022 unfolding.


Solar panels in spray

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Renewable energy sources are definitely the future of the energy market. Maybe not alone because what would happen if there was no wind or plenty of cloudy days. Nevertheless, plenty of countries starts to build more and more solar panels or wind turbines. Parts of this technology are even available for causal bread eaters, such as solar panels. Recently people started building them on top of their roofs. Unfortunately, this solution is not perfect. It works quite well for small households but is not able to support the whole city. The solution to such a problem would be solar panels deployable at every surface.

          A team of scientists from the University of Alberta tried to develop new technology in the energy industry, spray-on solar panels. They are made from nanoparticles, consisting of two elements; zinc and phosphorous, that are able to absorb light and conduct electricity. Such a solution allows to dissolve it and form a liquid that is able to be sprayed-on or roll-to-roll printed.

          What can people get out of this? First of all, it is much more affordable, one of the most expensive components, silicone, can be replaced with much cheaper plastic. On top of that costs of installation are way smaller. Besides the more approachable price, this solution has a number of other benefits. It can be used more often than normal solar panels. For example, electric cars could be coated with such “paint” which would make them much more energy-efficient as they would charge more during the ride. The same thing goes with our smartphones, no more need for power banks, or at least not that often.

          In conclusion, renewable energy sources are the future of humanity to stop climate change. However, it is still very expensive and not that efficient. The solutions to this problem would be deployable on every surface solar panel that we could coat our cars, smartphones and plenty of other things. It is worth both for our wallets and nature.

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NFT, and does it make any sense

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Yes, yes, NFT’s and buying them has become somewhat of a trend lately: practically everybody’s heard of them. But what does the abbreviation “NFT” exactly mean and why are people so hyped up about it?

The insane Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection explained - CNET

Firstly, let’s make the terminology clear. NFT means non-fungible token. Or, in human words, a “one of the kind” token. It means that there is only one kind of every NFT and it can’t be traded for any other NFT. As an example, Bitcoin is a fungible token, because you can trade it for another Bitcoin and it will have the same value.

Theoretically, any digital piece of information can be NFT – articles, web pages, etc. But the most popular type of NFT is images, like the monkey above.

You might ask a pretty obvious question: why on Earth would I pay money for a picture (and, for reference, some of them are being sold for thousands of dollars) when I can just download it for free?? And that is a very good question. You see, a picture can, in fact, be copied as many times as you want, but there is one aspect that cannot be copied – the right of ownership. People pay huge money just to become the rightful owner of the image.

NFT is the future: Five most expensive digital artworks sold so far

Now, do I think this is crazy? Completely. But many people consider buying NFT’s an analogy of art collection and, to some extent, it is understandable. Maybe someday I will understand the whole meaning of this (or will have enough money to buy pictures from the Internet).

Fitness Tracker for cats?

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Between Janurary 5th and 7th this year, the Consumer Eletronics Show of 2022 has been held with over 180 thousand visitors showing up to take a look at the new and exciting technologies that were showed off. Many, exciting trends have been revealed and a lot of information was shared about upcoming projects.

Amongst all this excitement there was a single piece of tech that has stood out from the rest due to its… uniqueness. A brand called PurrSong has shown off its product called LavvieTAG. LavvieTag is a biometric device made to monitor the activity of your pets. This includes:
-How much they eat
-How much they move
-Their heart condition
as well as many more fitness-centered parameters.

Caudron, representative of the brand says ““The pet’s place in the family is changing, It’s no longer a dog-master relationship. We think of ourselves as parents and our dogs as a member of the family.”

The aim of the company to extend the life-expectancy of our feline friends by itroducing artifical intelligence and technology. It will be quite interesting what other, exciting ideas they can come up with


Blessings of modern 3D printing

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It is said that 3D printing is becoming easier, cheaper, faster, better”. These technologies are flourishing so prominently that business operators and developers start to achieve more and more with each and every year.

Only some time ago, 3D printing usage was only available for big companies with huge financial resources. However, today, even you can buy such technology for your personal needs. So, what are the advantages of modern 3D tools?

1. Affordability

By the current time, the costs of 3D printing have substantially dropped. Therefore, the golden doors for advanced technologies are open not only for large companies but also for common people who want to use them in everyday life. Sometimes, 3D equipment can be even cheaper than branded devices.

According to analysts, 10 years ago it was difficult to find 3D printers that cost less than 4000-5000 dollars, but today you can find similar models for about one hundred dollars on the market.

2. Quality

There is no doubt that the quality of 3D printing has improved: modern gadgets are quite efficient in printing with micro accuracy, which makes it possible to create high-quality models that are not secondary to those at the conventional serial production at large businesses.

For example, a new product by Anycubic — the Photon Ultra DLP 3D printer. Though this printer has a nominal resolution of 720p, the print quality exceeds even that of 2K/4K monochrome LCD 3D printers. The reason for it is that DLP printers use a different curing technology than LCD/MSLA gadgets. DLP 3D printers use a projector that reflects light onto a pixel through a micromirror, which erases light convergence and provides sharper blacks and whites. LCD 3D printers confine all the light to pixels, which can lead to bumps and shadows at the edges of models. DLP machines provide finer lines and clearer texts than MSLA 3D printers, with better color purity and greater layer saturation, which result in models with clear edges and smoother textures.

3D Printing - Keith R. Porter Imaging Facility - UMBC

3. Simplicity

3D printing technology is becoming easier and more accessible every year. In past, to make use of such a device, a person had to be competent in that area, but today even children may know how to use it. Simplification leads to the popularization of these technologies and their indirect influence on different spheres of human life.

According to official statistics, in 2014, 110 thousand 3D printers were shipped worldwide. More than 400 thousand home 3D printers were sold in 2018. In 2021, these indicators increased quite a lot.

4. Size

The first models used to be heavy, but now many printers are compact and smooth. As an example, one of the earliest 3D printers, the Actua 2100, covered an area of several square meters. A lot of modern machines can easily fit on the desktop, while their build volume allows users to print large objects.

5. Speed

One of the main reasons for becoming 3D printing so popular is its speed increase. Modern devices print at way higher speeds than models of the past years. It makes it possible to take out both serial bearer printing and expeditious single-piece production. For instance, the first FDM/FFF 3D printers were printed at speed of up to 35 mm/s. Today, the print speed of the Delta WASP 2040 Pro 3D printer can advance to 500 mm/s.

12 advantages of 3D printing in manufacturing | Talk Business

Experts say that this is just the beginning. Even though the 3D printing technologies market has already made huge progress, in the not-so-distant future, the equipment of these devices will be an integral part of every human’s home — for example, a laptop or refrigerator.