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Old but gold (?): “BOOM Supersonic, Concorde’s son!”

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We always say “I need more time” or “I’d like to get there in 5 minutes” and maybe we have a solution as regards flights…again. Again, because we are talking about an “old” idea which has already been developed and put into practice, the “Concorde”. Obviously, now we have better technologies than in the past and maybe it is a better time to put into practice this concept.
But as we all know, “Concorde” failed.

So, the first question is: “Can Boom Supersonic succeed where Concorde failed?

The largest challenge is the technical realization of a supersonic passenger aircraft which can achieve the specification that Boom outlines.
Then, Boom wants to make a faster aircraft than Concorde that will fly 4,500nm at Mach 2.2. But the most important thing is about one of the reason of Concorde’s failure: operating cost. The company wants to produce this aircraft and it wants to do it with an operating cost that will make the operation of the aircraft profitable.

Marty St. George, a JetBlue Airways Corp. executive and industry veteran says:“I have no problem seeing the demand for this airplane. […] The issue is can you do it and make the numbers work?”
But, as you can read on company’s website, vision is really clear:

We’re building the supersonic airliner anyone can afford to fly.”

So, company really believe that is possible to realize this project and that is economically sustainable.

So, “why can’t we fly faster?”

That’s the question driving the startup which says it’s time to bring supersonic jet travel into the mainstream – in a modern way. Boom will need to sell the airlines not just on a technically disruptive aircraft, but also on one that can accomplish such feats of velocity cost-effectively. It must earn a solid profit.

The startup’s signature city pairing is New York to London, which would take a little more than three hours to fly and give a corporate traveler the opportunity to make a day trip across the pond and back. “Leave New York at 6 a.m., make afternoon and dinner meetings in London, and be home to tuck your kids into bed.”
Indeed, on company’s website you can read:

“Offer passengers more of what they value most: TIME!
Everyone wants faster flights. Boom makes speed practical and affordable.”

The idea is: a 45-seat aircraft that cruises at Mach 2.2 (1,451 miles per hour) with fares no more expensive than a current business-class round trip. A typical business ticket between New York and London ranges between $5,000 and $10,000. By combining 45 seats and a high frequency (due to the short flight time), the problem of filling a 100-seat Concorde with the resulting lower departure frequency should be avoided.

Boom has got some points right in the business discussion. But it all depends on the per-seat costs of the flight. Flights to the US market can only be made over water as supersonic passenger transport flights are forbidden over US land territory.
The company is focused on over-water routes and doesn’t plan to market its aircraft for quick zips across America or places like the Middle East to Western Europe.

But there is an issue for this kind of flights: nowadays, being up in the air is fast becoming the same as being in the office, with robust internet communication a priority for carriers, thus reducing the biggest attraction of supersonic flight-speed. Mix that with the flat beds and premium dining, and the business-class cabin can become a comfortable den in which to be productive, rested, and well-fed on the kind of 15- to 20-hour flights that are quickly becoming routine.
In fact, Teal Group’s Aboulafia says:“You used to be stuck in a tube. […] Now it’s an office in the sky. Everything has gotten way more comfortable.”
Many people now flying for the better part of a day adopt a “Who cares?” attitude.

History is full of examples of ideas that didn’t work in the past but now they can or already work. Especially in the economic world, we all know that the market has to be ready for a product, the timing is fundamental. So, the question is: “Is the market ready again for this solution?”
Maybe yes or maybe not, but in my opinion it depends. It depends on how people perceive business flights, because for many people a long time travel is the perfect moment to work on a project or to treat the details of something they are working on. It’s a fifty-fifty situation.
In the end, company’s destiny depends on the choice of the target market, because in my opinion this idea could work in a segment of the business class and not the entire business class market.


3D printing, prosthetics and animatronic limbs or how the small goals boost the big world

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When ideas are limited with technology, we strive. Always looking forward, we create technology to match our dreams.’ – Easton LaChappelle, UNLIMITED TOMORROW

Selecting materials for this post I have come across, in my opinion, a very inspirational example and would like to share it with you. Although the scale of the enterprise I will talk about is incommensurable to the changes that big companies have been doing and difficult to put it on the same level with the famous brands, I believe such little kind of things truly change our world for the better. This is the case when human’s curiosity, different thinking, and good intentions make things possible turning daring technologies to the stuff that empowers people.

When Easton LaChappelle was a teenager, he was eager to do something outstanding and for a long time was cherishing this idea in his mind. Now he is a 20-year-old young man, he makes people talk about his inventions, has worked at NASA, President Obama shook his hand, has traveled around the world sharing his ideas about wide opportunities to learn outside of the general educational system, he considered the prosthetics pioneer and established his own company Unlimited Tomorrow.

At the age of 14, he has built his first robotic arm out of LEGOs, fishing wire, and electrical tubing. He didn’t have a lab, coworkers, and any university knowledge, obtaining all needed information from the Internet. The turning point was when he met with a 7-year-old girl at a science fair who had a prosthetic arm. It cost $80,000, could only open and close and would need to be replaced several times when she outgrew it. He decided that he can do the prosthesis in better quality and at an affordable cost. During the years, he has been working on his model and now advanced robotic limb has more functionality than a traditional prosthesis and is purely 3D-printed.

The full robotic arm has 9 degrees of freedom (DOF). Each DOF allows the robotic arm to move in a different direction. V 1.0 of the robotic arm features finger control, wrist and bicep rotation, elbow articulation, and shoulder flexion and extension movements. Each section of the arm is interchangeable so large amounts of DOF are possible. With interchangeable parts, you can make this project as big or small as you can handle.
Almost every component can be printed on a consumer FDM 3d printer. This includes fingers, palm, forearm, elbow, bicep, shoulder, and gears. An entire arm uses about 2kg of PLA plastic.’ – UNLIMITED TOMORROW
On the company website, everyone can access all instructions for how to create your own robotic arm for free (all is needed to agree to a Creative Commons License). All the tools, print settings, and steps are freely available as well. It was estimated that the appropriate cost of Easton’s artificial hand is $350. Besides this, the more prices for 3D printing are going down with the years, the less will be the producing cost of the robotic hand.
Currently, Easton LaChappelle with the Unlimited Tomorrow team is developing a new concept of an exoskeleton to help people with paraplegia walk again. Unlimited Tomorrow has a goal to make technology accessible to those who need it most and enable humans to perform otherwise impossible tasks. Also, through the opening and sharing all information free of charge Easton looks forward to others who willing to extend and improve his inventions what in its turn will enhance the lives of everyone.

Here is the link to the Easton LaChappelle speech on the TED Talks:


MicroPAD the tiny-home solution for homelessness

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Homelessness is still an increasing problem especially in big cities. One example is San Francisco, where the number of houseless people is growing all along. The local company Panoramic Interests has invented a kind of Tiny Apartments named MicroPad (Prefabricated Affordable Dwelling) which might be a solution to this problem as an alternative to expensive rents in traditional flats. The units are so constructed that they can be easily stacked onto each other. The Tiny Apartments are really small with about 14 square meters, but alt though they include a cooking area and a bathroom.

Up to 12 floors

The MicroPAD-units can be easily stacked on each other and can get up to 12 floors, depending on the area they are placed in. In the ideal concept they should be inserted into gap sites between huge buildings, which are usually very unattractive places for city-constructors or architects. Doing this, money from unused areas can be saved and the grounds will be used in a good manner. MicroPAD-units can also be fixed on existing buildings, car parks or similar.

The Tiny Apartments are 2,7 meters high and every centimeter is carefully measured and used clever. The bathroom includes a shower and a toilet. The bed can easily be transferred into a sofa and even a small desk is introduced. You will also find enough storage place for your stuff. If its necessary the apartment can also be adapted to the norms of disabled people.

Fight against homelessness

Panoramic Interest will introduce its test project soon in San Francisco. If it finds enough appreciation, the apartments will be manufactured locally and constructed by the same company. The finished MicroPADs are then going to be rented by the city. The rent is going to be 1000€ per month per unit. (It costs the city $30,000 a year for one bed in an alternative shelter.)

The inventors have also concerned the problem of the earthquakes that often appear in San Francisco and they secure, that the MicroPAD can be reconstructed by half the time as traditional buildings. Furthermore are the costs of the reconstruction 40% lower than in traditional buildings. Are these enough advantages for introducing MicroPAD apartments? Time will show what the government decides.




5 Ukrainian startups that are about to break through

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How many Ukrainian startups do you know?  At best – Looksery (purchased by Snapchat), Grammarly and Jooble.

Too bad. Theres far more to learn about.

Here are 5 hottest startups of 2016 that are about to break through. Whether you are a tech-lover, startuper, or an investor – have a look at the list and learn where the real deal is. online portal, devoted to startups and entrepreneurship, has conducted a study among business angels, investors, and entrepreneurs, who were asked to point out startups, which developed and achieved something in the past year.

1st place – Sixa

Sixa – a personal computer in the cloud

“Sixa is a full computer that operates right from the cloud via a client app. It supports various devices and is capable of running the most demanding applications. With Sixa users can easily deploy a cloud computer optimized for different tasks and access a powerful virtual computer without hardware upgrades” ( This app not only allows you to have a powerful computer without actually having it, but also save the costs of utility bills and free you from buying expensive hardware. In 2016 Sixa has received the investments from legendary Y Combinator, receive $300,000 from the venture fund TMT Investments, and finally received $3,5 mln from Californian fund Tandem Capital, abd Ukrainian Digital Future and Horizon capital.
Currently, they launched beta-version of the service, that everybody can try for free.

2nd place – Mobalytics

Mobalytics – Personal performance analytics for competitive gamers

The platform measures players’ performance, helps them define their strengths and weaknesses and provides personalized advice, based on Gamer Performance Index, on how to improve your skills. The app was first introduced during TechCruch Disrupt in San Francisco, where it victoriously took the 1st prize. Shortly after the big triumph the startup received $2,6 mln investments from Almaz Capital, Founders Fund, General Catalyst and GGV Capital.

3d place – – sales productivity platform powered by AI

The app analyzes sales managers’ performance and displays the statistics to the employer, helping to identify who works best and who underperforms. Startup received the investments from the Y Combinator, as well as many funds from business angels.

4th place – Hideez Technologies Inc.

Hideez – hardware cybersecurity project

In 2016 Hideez launched their first product – Hideez Key, which stores all the digital keys and certificates on one device, allowing unblock smartphones, laptops, open RFID-locks or authorize mobile payments. It also works as a anti-thief sensor for the thongs like wallet or keys, as it distances from the smartphone it is connected to, the app will notify the user of the loss.

And finally last but not least – SolarGaps

SolarGaps – world`s first solar smart blinds.

SolarGaps is all-in-one energy solution. With the help of solar panels on the blinds, which generate electricity from solar energy, you can supply yourself with own electricity and save on your electricity bills.
This great invention has received a support from the investors of $1 mln over this summer. So, we are definitely going to hear about them soon.


References is using machine learning to rewrite the sales ops playbook



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The Hemp Fiber of Tomorrow.

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Hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly plants from all perspectives: growing, processing etc. Hemp is capable of creating over 25,000 products.

So why doesn’t everyone have hemp products in their lives? When you do not include the common things such as the perception of the cannabis plant globally according to “public opinion”. It really comes down to price. When you compare the price per kilo of cotton versus hemp the reason is obvious.

Cotton is much easier to harvest and process into usable fiber for the productions of fabrics. Hemp on the other hand uses more complicated techniques to harvest the bast fiber and still it is not as flexible as cotton, because of that though certain products can be made better with hemp and other still can be made with hemp and cotton blends.

So if we consider the main barrier of cannabis (hemp) products being accepted broadly once again how do we lower the cost of the fiber production? There has not been any real breakthroughs and innovations of the retting, degumming and other processes used to process hemp in a long time. This is set to change with a new company that has been developing a new product for quite some time. This company is called Canfiber Inc.

The main idea of this machine is to strip the fiber from the stalk as the stalks are cut from the ground. This will give out more long fiber and that is crucial for creating good fabrics. This would also allow farmers to sell the hurds in longer sections and this would create much better hempcrete. This machine will clearly make hemp more competitive with cotton once the product gets off the ground officially.

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5 Tech Books worth reading

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1) Turing’s Cathedral

Author: George Dyson

In Turing’s Cathedral, George Dyson demonstrates that the historical backdrop of the cutting edge PC gives a false representation of the establishment myth also. Dyson, who has beforehand composed on the historical backdrop of the Aleut kayak and a fizzled American endeavor to send a mission to Mars, follows one specific push to fabricate and work a PC – the unassumingly named Electronic Computer Project (EPC) based at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) at Princeton.

EPC was guaranteed by different parts of the American government not long after the second world war. The thought was to utilize PCs to conjecture the results of an atomic blast; in the end, the IAS PC was additionally put to more tranquil uses in science and meteorology.

Regardless of these deficiencies, Turing’s Cathedral is a charming and very much looked into book that relates a critical section in the convoluted history of twentieth century registering. A similarly rich history of Google and Amazon is long past due.

2)The Docker Book: Containerization is the new virtualization

Author: James Turnbull

James is a creator and open source nerd. His latest books were The Docker Book, about holder virtualization instrument Docker, and The LogStash Book about the prominent open source logging device. James additionally wrote two books about Puppet: Pro Puppet and the Pulling Strings with Puppet. He is the writer or co-writer of three different books, including Pro Linux System Administration, Pro Nagios 2.0, and Hardening Linux.

For a genuine occupation, James is CTO for Kickstarter and a guide at Docker Inc. He was in the past VP of Engineering at Venmo and VP Technical Operations for Puppet Labs. He enjoys sustenance, wine, books, photography, and felines. He is not excessively enthusiastic about long strolls on the shoreline and clasping hands.

3)Building Microservices

Author: Sam Newman

Disseminated frameworks have turned out to be all the more fine-grained in the previous 10 years, moving from code-overwhelming solid applications to littler, independent microservices. In any case, building up these frameworks brings its own arrangement of cerebral pains. With bunches of illustrations and down to earth guidance, this book takes an all encompassing perspective of the subjects that framework modelers and overseers must consider when building, overseeing, and developing microservice designs.

Microservice advances are moving rapidly. Creator Sam Newman furnishes you with a firm establishing in the ideas while jumping into current answers for demonstrating, coordinating, testing, sending, and checking your own self-governing administrations. You’ll take after an anecdotal organization all through the book to figure out how constructing a microservice engineering influences a solitary space.

Find how microservices permit you to adjust your framework configuration to your association’s objectives

    • Learn choices for incorporating an administration with whatever is left of your framework
    • Adopt an incremental strategy while part solid codebases
    • Send singular microservices through nonstop mix
    • Look at the complexities of testing and observing appropriated administrations
    • Oversee security with client to-administration and administration to-administration models


  • Comprehend the difficulties of scaling microservice designs


4)Domain Driven Design

Author: Eric Evans

Area Driven Design, by Eric Evans, gives an expansive structure to settling on plan choices and a vocabulary for talking about space outline. It is a combination of broadly acknowledged prescribed procedures alongside the creator’s own particular bits of knowledge and encounters. Ventures confronting complex spaces can utilize this structure to approach area driven plan deliberately.

5)The Pheonix Project

Author: Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford

It is a top rated novel about data innovation (IT) composed cooperatively by Gene Kim, George Spafford and Kevin Behr. The book is frequently contrasted with Eliyahu M. Goldratt’s book, “The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement.” Both books utilize an account way to deal with represent techniques for taking care of business issues that are muddled by interdependencies.

The hero of The Phoenix Project is Bill Palmer, the chief of IT operations for a little division of an expansive organization whose stock is down. Charge all of a sudden gets himself elevated to Vice President of Operations for the whole organization and is entrusted with revealing a business activity called the Phoenix Program. The phoenix is an animal from Greek mythology that is ordinarily utilized as an allegory for resurrection. For this situation, the phoenix is a venture that appears to be bound when Bill takes it over, however should succeed or the organization could be part up.


What is a blockchain and why is it developing in prevalence?

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A blockchain is a mysterious online record that utilizations information structure to disentangle the way we execute. Blockchain permits clients to control the record secury without the assistance of an outsider.

A bank’s record is associated with a brought together system. Be that as it may, a blockchain is mysterious, securing the characters of the clients. This makes blockchain a more secure approach to do exchanges.

The calculation utilized as a part of blockchain diminishes the reliance on individuals to confirm the exchanges. This innovation utilized for recording different exchanges can possibly disturb the money related framework.

These carefully recorded “pieces” of information is put away in a direct chain. Every square in the chain contains information (e.g. bitcoin exchange), is cryptographically hashed. The pieces of hashed information draw upon the past square (which preceded it) in the chain, guaranteeing all information in the by and large “blockchain” has not been messed with and stays unaltered.

Given that the first and most renowned crypto currency, Bitcoin, was propelled in 2009, it has taken the more extensive industry a moderately long time to warm to it. In any case, now abruptly everybody is discussing Bitcoin’s basic blockchain innovation as a disruptor of conceivably huge extents: Sweden is trialing another land registry that uses a blockchain, many new businesses spreading over various areas are jabbing around at conceivable uses, and vitally strategy producers, for example, the European Parliament have voted for a more distant approach towards blockchain tech control.

How it works?

As indicated by Sunny Ray, Co-author and President of India’s driving bitcoin blockchain organization, Unocoin, “blockchain empowers two elements that don’t have any acquaintance with each other to concur that something is valid without the need of an outsider. Rather than composing sections into a solitary sheet of paper, a blockchain is a dispersed database that takes various sources of info and spots them into a square. Every piece is then “affixed” to the following square utilizing a cryptographic mark. This permits blockchains to be utilized as a record which is available by anybody with consent to do as such. In the event that everybody in the process is pre-chosen, the record is named ‘permissioned’. On the off chance that the procedure is interested in the entire world, the record is called unpermissioned.”

Why are banks intrigued?

Every single real bank are trying different things with blockchain as they can utilize it for cash exchanges, record keeping and other back-end capacities.

The blockchain application duplicates the paper-serious global exchange fund handle as an electronic decentralized record, that gives all the taking an interest substances, including banks, the capacity to get to a solitary wellspring of data.

It additionally empowers them to track documentation and confirm responsibility for carefully, as an un-alterable record progressively.

Indian IT specialist organizations like Infosys and TCS have been tossing their weight around blockchain innovation. Both these organizations are utilizing blockchain instrument to make center keeping money stages for banks.

Advantages of blockchain innovation


  • Disintermediation


Two gatherings can make a trade without the oversight or intermediation of an outsider, unequivocally lessening or notwithstanding disposing of counterparty hazard.


  • Empowered clients


Clients are in control of all their data and exchanges.


  • High quality information


Blockchain information is finished, predictable, convenient, precise, and broadly accessible.


  • Durability, unwavering quality, and life span


Because of the decentralized systems, blockchain does not have a main issue of disappointment and is better ready to withstand malevolent assaults.


  • Process trustworthiness


Clients can assume that exchanges will be executed precisely as the convention summons expelling the requirement for a trusted outsider.


  • Transparency


Changes to open blockchains are freely perceptible by all gatherings making straightforwardness, and all exchanges are permanent, which means they can’t be modified or erased.


  • Ecosystem improvement


With all exchanges being added to a solitary open record, it lessens the disarray and difficulties of various records.


  • Faster exchanges


Interbank exchanges can possibly take days for clearing and last settlement, particularly outside of working hours. Blockchain exchanges can lessen exchange times to minutes and are prepared all day, every day.


  • Lower exchange costs


By wiping out outsider mediators and overhead expenses for trading resources, blockchains can possibly significantly decrease exchange charges.


Difficulties of blockchain innovation


  • Early innovation


Settling difficulties, for example, exchange speed, the confirmation procedure, and information cutoff points will be significant in making blockchain generally pertinent.


  • Indeterminate administrative status


Since present day monetary forms have dependably been made and directed by national governments, blockchain and Bitcoin confront an obstacle in far reaching reception by previous financialinstitutions if its administration control status stays unsettled.


  • Extensive vitality utilization


The Bitcoin blockchain system’s diggers are endeavoring 450 thousand trillion arrangements for every second in endeavors to approve exchanges, utilizing considerable measures of PC power.


  • Control, security, and protection


While arrangements exist, including private or permissioned blockchains and solid encryption, there are still digital security worries that should be tended to before the overall population will depend their own information to a blockchain arrangement.


  • Reconciliation concerns


Blockchain applications offer arrangements that require critical changes to, or finish substitution of, existing frameworks. Keeping in mind the end goal to do the switch, organizations must strategize the move.


  • Social appropriation


Blockchain speaks to a total move to a decentralized system which requires the up front investment of its clients and administrators.


  • Taken a toll


Blockchain offers huge reserve funds in exchange expenses and time however the high beginning capital expenses could be an obstacle.



3D printing business thoughts

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Do you officially own a 3D printer? This is the most effortless approach to profit from 3d printing. The plan of action is basic: you offer to print another person’s 3D record. The main issue with this 3d printing marketable strategy is that it’s now getting very focused, and your administration is effectively observed as a product. Luckily, the business thoughts for 3d printing recorded here will help you stand.

Build up yourself in a niche market

Rather than attempting to please everybody, you have to discover a tribe of steadfast clients who consider you to be their trusted seller. To locate your optimal specialty, do some statistical surveying by Googling your market, checking locales like Reddit and perusing blog entries.

Begin on a commercial center (like 3D Hubs) and afterward extend past it when you have some understanding and know which clients you need to pull in.

Create prototypes for organizations

Organizations require models, and they can be exceptionally costly. That is the reason 3D printed models are such an incredible option; they’re less demanding to deliver, and they’re less expensive. For instance, look at Printotype and 3D Print UK. Them two began little making models for their clients. They’re presently setting measures for how to keep running with their interests and begin a 3d printing business.

Design and print products for e-commerce stores

Internet business organizations need to discover solid industrial facilities abroad in light of the fact that it’s excessively costly, making it impossible to fabricate items locally. As the plant is far from where the organization is based, there may be a scope of issues; long generation times, shifting production line measures and long and expensive conveyance times.

Ordinarily, web based business organizations need to source more stock than they have to abstain from coming up short on items. With your administrations, you can offer an adaptable and reasonable answer for these issues. By planning and printing items for online business shops, you take advantage of a noteworthy agony point in the business.

It’s essential (and with any of alternate business thoughts recorded here) that you don’t simply consider this to be an approach to benefit from 3d printing. At the point when beginning an efficient this, you need to ensure you’re truly energetic about the quality or items and the administration levels you need to convey. Else, it will appear.

Consider what sorts of viewpoints matter most to the sorts of organizations that would need your administrations and tailor your marketable strategy to address these worries. Making little group generation things for a web based business organization will require a somewhat extraordinary administration than maybe simply making introductory erratic models for new companies.

Repair and maintenance

As the 3D printing industry develops, there will be a developing interest for solid repair and support administrations. Set up your own particular repair and upkeep shop and repair and keep up 3D printers and prints.


3D printed photographs  

Individuals cherish putting away recollections of their friends and family. An extraordinary thought for a 3D printing business is to make 3D printed family photos. Many would love the likelihood to store a model of their youngster, grandparent, pet or even a model of their home.

Customized B2B products

Not all tweaked items are in the B2C space. Organizations need to emerge from their opposition. You could 3D print altered furniture, signature enhancement or different items and offer them to organizations.


Reference link:

What3Words – ambitious British start-up due to which everyone and everywhere now has an address

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Per the data put on the What3Words’ website about 75% of the world (135 countries) suffers from inconsistent, complicated or inadequate addressing systems.

What does it mean? Lots of places and locations remain unaddressed; ≈ 4 billion people are unseen; a vast number of individuals are not able to communicate where they live; have no possibility to inform about a crime or ask/get help; unable to send or get deliveries; and just simply can’t use many of their rights. The British project aims to change this situation through the easy to use the app.

The solution. What3Words is a global addressing system, which provides the unique and exact physical addresses to the places. At the same time allowing unmistakably find any location and communicate it quickly. It is an algorithm that weight less than 10 Mb so it can freely use on most devices including practically all smartphones. It is equally useful for individual and business purposes.

Originally, the founders have divided the whole globe into 57 trillion 3x3m squares (global grid). Then they assign each square a fixed, permanent and unique 3-word address, using a sanitized pool of 25-40,000 dictionary words, depending on which of its nine currently supported languages the user prefers. The particular algorithm – geocoder transforms geographic coordinates into these 3-word addresses and backward.

What is the power of the words? The thing is that to remember 3 words much easier than various figures which define the geographical location. Imagine, if the person got to the trouble, being under stress making the situation even worse and the probability to mistake in numbers is higher than in a few words. “If you have an injury on the slopes, it’s incredibly difficult to describe where you are. The problem with using GPS coordinates is that if I’m trying to shout 18 digits on a telephone while I’m incredibly stressed, errors creep in.” – chief marketing officer, Giles Rhys Jones. Also, the usage of words makes non-technical people feel more comfortable with the application.

What is more, this service works without a data connection; that is crucial in the case when a person is in remote deserted place or the area with poor connectivity.

To sum up, the project has a tremendous potentiality, and no doubt goes beyond just business purposes addressing essential problems.

The good news is that what3words is a free app for individuals to use so that you can try it right now.


Robots replacing labour force

Reading Time: 4 minutes

A “robot revolution” will change the worldwide economy throughout the following 20 years, cutting the expenses of working together however compounding social disparity, as machines assume control everything from looking after the elderly to flipping burgers, as indicated by another review.

And robots performing manual employments, for example, hovering the lounge or collecting machine parts, the advancement of computerized reasoning means PCs are progressively ready to “think”, performing systematic undertakings once observed as requiring human judgment.

In worldwide market for robots and computerized reasoning is relied upon to reach $152.7bn (£99bn) by 2020, and gauge that the reception of these innovations could enhance profitability by 30% in a few businesses.

Material Handling Robot VS Manual Labor

Mechanized material taking care of uses give favorable circumstances past essentially sparing laborers’ backs and forestalling wounds. It may not appear like it at to begin with, but rather the arrival on-venture (ROI) of computerizing material taking care of uses with modern robots is enormous.

It is for the most part acknowledged that one robot arm can take every necessary step of four unskilled workers. One great case of this is a material taking care of use. Taking care of uses regularly require no less than four handlers. Every worker makes $15/hour. On the off chance that a producer has these four workers every working an eight hour move ($15 x 4 workers x 8 hours), the cost of the application would be $480 a move.

Loss of Employment

The mix of the way that a machine can do work of a few people in the meantime and do work faster than people makes it dislodge individuals adequately. A machine will play out a specific obligation quicker than people and in the meantime perform obligations of a few individuals in the meantime. Most associations will pick to utilize machines which will diminish the cost of operation by decreasing the quantity of individuals required for the occupation. Machines are along these lines being a most loved for the majority of makers. They will purchase and introduce whatever number machines as could be expected under the circumstances in order to minimize human work however much as could be expected. The final product will be a circumstance where not very many individuals are required for the running of an association while whatever is left of the general population are supplanted by machines.

Advancement of Capitalism

Machines diminish the need of the organization administration of utilizing human specialists. The association will just need to purchase a machine and after that the association won’t pay individuals pay rates and wages. The cash which should be paid as wages and pay rates is kept up by the association as benefit. In this way, the machines will redirect the cash which should be given to a few people to the pocket of one person. The proprietor of the association will keep expanding his benefit while whatever remains of the general population who might have served as workers to the association keep getting poorer as they don’t have a pay. The pay for more than a thousand people will wind up going to one individual. This implies the general population who have the money to purchase machines are more probable get to be distinctly rich while those without capital will get to be distinctly poor.

Advantages of Machines over Labor

Machines have a high productivity and they play out specific assignments at a quicker rate than people. As laid out over, a machine can perform work which person can take a thousand days in one day. This makes it productive for the execution of the greater part of obligations particularly where the time is a restricting variable. An association will utilize machines which will empower it deliver a ton of merchandise or administrations inside a brief span of time. With a machine, an association will have the capacity to beat every one of the due dates and guarantee that there are no deferrals to their clients.

Machines are not paid. In spite of the fact that their procurement is exceptionally costly, they don’t should be paid a compensation or a wage. They needn’t bother with recompenses like people. This makes them extremely financially savvy. The cash which the association would have utilized as compensations structures part of the benefit. The association diminishes its cost of creation by a high rate as the machines will supplant the need of human work and in this way making it shabby for the association to work. The main costs for the machines are its obtaining and its support which is far substantially less than what might be the cost of paying representatives in the event that they were the ones working.


Innovation has gone to an abnormal state in the late years. Innovation has focused on making work simpler and diminishes the requirement for utilizing many individuals. This has prompted to the reduction in the significance of human work. Individuals have been losing employments and their obligations played by the machines. The machines have the favorable position that they are faster and more viable. They empower an association to meet its due dates and along these lines maintain a strategic distance from a circumstance where the association is not ready to convey its obligations in time. 


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