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The Pareto principle

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20% of products used in food, form 80% fat. 20% of your neighbors provide 80% of the noise. 20% of employees in your office make 80% of all work. The 80/20 rule you’ll find anywhere.

In 1897, Italian economist by the name of Pareto estimated that 20% of British families own 80% of the money. He tested it on a rule green peas in your garden: 20% of pods give 80% of the total harvest. This pattern works under all circumstances and in all cases.

The Pareto principle can be stated as: any situation is always a minority that is more important and useful than others.

On practice:


The Pareto principle (20% of efforts provide 80% of the results)
– For business: 20% of customers generate 80% of your income. They require your attention.
– For students: 20% of the pages of the textbook contains 80% of all necessary information. Focus on the 20% – and grasp the new book.
– For all that not all of our daily tasks are equally important. Of the ten cases that you have planned for today, there are two more important than the other eight.

We must learn to identify the 20% to start with them. If you do not focus on the 20%, you have wasted 80% of the time. We will never alter all things, but it can handle 20%. And do not kill for the remaining 80%. Ability to prioritize and not grasp it all at once – one of the most important qualities. At first, priorities can not be entirely accurate apart, but regular exercise this will power the emphasis will shift to the side of the main results, and not sprayed on trifles.

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Whatsapp Introduces Videocalls

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Although Christmas holidays are coming to its end, Whatsapp still has a gift for us. However, Apple or Microsoft might not be as happy about it as we are.

German website MacerKopf has leaked Whatsapp screenshots showing the video call feature. (MacerKopf 2015)

Whatsapp is a popular messaging service which has gathered more than 900 million users in six years and was purchased by Facebook for $19 billion.

Video call looks quite simple on the screenshots. But simplicity is what made Whatsapp so popular. MacerKopf also stated that the feature should be available already in January. (Kelly 2015)


In addition, an upcoming Whatsapp update shall also feature redesigning and desktop access. A new design is supposed to focus on green colours. (Gsmarena 2015)

Being able to use the app from your computer is quite a good idea. As it has been really annoying not to be able to access Whatsapp if your phone is not available.  Viber and Skype have the feature. Time for Whatsapp to join them.

Opinions tend to differ. Some users state that they will no longer need Facebook if Whatsapp is available on the web.

However, Facebook is not afraid of loosing its users due to Whatsapp updates. But Apple’s FaceTime and Microsoft’s Skype should get anxious. Will it ever be possible to challenge the dominance Facebook and Whatsapp with new users attracted by video calling and desktop access?

Future will show if the update will be successful for both Whatsapp and Facebook. What we can analyse now is our actual need for it.

Are we personally going to use Whatsapp video calls or are we too much used to Skype?

Are we going to use Whatsapp on our laptops or it will remain our quick messenger app for smartphones?

My personal answer to these questions is “No”.



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Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 16.01.17After a while of browsing through the internet, I want to watch Adele’s new music video on YouTube. As soon as I click on it and before watching it I get
an annoying 30 second commercial featuring Pitbull saying “Mr. Worldwide” selling me his latest crappy vodka. I get it. You areannoying me even beyond your music in order to click this advertisement for alcohol. Im Polish. We have all the vodka in the world. Get that sewage water you call vodka out of my face. Also the commercial streams quicker and in higher quality than the actual Adele video….God how annoying. I wish there was something that can block annoying advertisements. Oh wait there is. Ad-Block. No more commercials.
This is websites and companies worst dreams. A potential consumer annoyed beyond belief from a product you would hoping they would purchase. In fact you have annoyed the customer so much, that they have gone out of their way to get an application that blocks ads. This becomes a nightmare now. Because the company that paid money to create the advertisement and sell it to websites in order to create potential traffic, will lose money because the add will never be seen. This forces companies in a tough situation. Because majority of websites generate profits through product advertisements. But if the customer has Ad-Block then they will never see the advertised product and it will not generate clicks for the company. This in turn will generate a loss.
However, Ads have gotten to a ridiculous degree that Facebook gathers your web searches and advertises them on your Facebook News Feed properly to show things you could be interested in. But some people find that annoying. I know I do. If I just spent an hour looking at dresses and want to get on Facebook to look at something else, then I dont want to see anymore damn Sundresses! So what will I do? Ad-Block the living crap out of those ads.
But now the technological game keeps changing, and the people from Ad-Block are looking to make money. So how do they do it? By getting paid from companies to ask them to allow their advertisements to go untouched through the Ad-Block. As well companies are doing necessary things to prevent you from getting their content “Ad Free”. Some websites just straight up dont let you see the content or use their services if Ad-Block is not turned off for their websites. This makes sense for websites since some of they are alive because of advertisement. But as well it carries the risk that the customers might turn away from the website for the sake of not seeing ads and consume a similar product that allows Ad-Block.
The up and coming years will be interesting if companies/websites cannot generate the money that they need to survive. Many business could die as a result this Ad-Block and other similar technology. Loss of jobs for many, and because we just want our web browsing experience to be convenient. I mean does it really pain us to see a quick 30 second commercial while you wait?…Oh gawd damnit! P. Diddy I dont want to hear you advertise your crappy CIROC vodka! First Pitbull now this?! BLOCKED!

Bye Bye Hackers

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Cybercrime is becoming more and more popular and dangerous. That issue definitely requires more attention and new ways of handling it. Currently, hackers feel pretty free and elusive. According to “Rzeczpospolita”, our government has noticed this problem. Minister of digitization, Anna Streżyńska, decided to appoint a new vice minister – vice minister for cyber security.


In my opinion, this is the highest time to take a closer look on this problem, from business perspective as well as the personal one. A lot of business loose money because of hackers and a lot of people do not feel safe in the Internet because of them. Therefore, I am glad that there will be someone responsible for fighting with cybercrime. The beginnings are always hard and probably it will take a lot of time until this fight will be effective, nevertheless, maybe the awareness that there is someone watching will make hackers a little bit less active.

What is your opinion? Do you think this a good idea, or just a waste of money?


This world goes crazy

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Hi to all of us! Couple days ago I encountered the news that shocked me a bit 🙂


Since December 21st 2015 You can download (!!!!) emoji (!!!) by Kim Kardashian (!!!) of Kim Kardashian (!!!). First of all what drives people to download emoji? For me it’s on of the biggest questions ever. If I get this answer, the second question of why Kim? will be easier to crack. But what is more embarrassing is that this app paralysed the app store for couple hours, since servers couldn’t withstand the torrent of purchases – at a peak it got over 9000 downloads per minute….kim1

Guys, maybe i exaggerate a little and for someone Kemoji is crucial to have, but come on 🙂


Nevertheless, guys, Merry Christmas! I wish You all the happiness, love and joy! Hope the next year will bring You twice as much, as current year!!! Cheers!



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Internet Time Machine

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If you know what it is – to ask relatives to release the phone to connect to the Internet, then you caught the wonderful time. When the image loads in 15 minutes, and the miracle of the downloaded files on the disc carefully kept and passed from generation to generation. Internet 90. Today, few remember what he looked like. We offer to refresh your memory with a nostalgic service


On can surf the Internet using older browsers NSCA Mosaic, Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. To start the “Time Machine”, you must select the Online browser, select a year and enter the link you are interested in. Page loaded on the virtual desktop – with the old operating system and browser antediluvian.

If you do not remember what they were 90 sites, answer: colorful and bright, with chaotic fonts and a wide palette of colors. It looked all like this:


On the site you can see modern sites, although many of them are too long to be loaded. Author of the project – the programmer Ilya Kremer from San Francisco. The project is available on GitHub, where Ilya publishes its development.

This is not the first project in the nostalgic world of Web 2.0. Using the service, you can see the Wayback Machine looked like any site throughout its evolution. And 404PageFound you to find the ancient sites are still online. There is a page dated 1993.

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7 basic design principles, which are taught in Star Wars

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The wave of interest in “Star Wars” is just at its peak: the world for a long time was going crazy before the premiere, and finally came the first weekend rentals, “Awakening Forces.”

A good film should not only special effects dazzle the audience, but also to promote storytelling through the “seamless” installation and good design. In one of the infographic on Venngage decided to return to the first trilogy saga to take a closer look at how the basic principles of design used in the world-favorite Star Wars.

[Infographic] Design with the Force - 7 Star Wars Design Principles

Infographic by Venngage.

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Light Fidelity (LIFI) a substitute to WI-FI?

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LIFI, Lifire or VLC or how to connect to Internet via LED lights but limited to broadcast.

A gadget or a future technology? Researchers estimate commercialization till 2018.

After the presentation of the 1st smartphone Lifi in Las Vegas in 2014, this technology continues its development. Few experts announce the implementation of 14 billion LIFI LED by 2020. The potential turnover is estimated to 6 billions USD dollars by 2018 (Source: Markets and Markets).


Does this mono directional technology will replace WIFI and the rest?

Safely communicate via Internet in a Café or in a train without loosing any speed because the neighbour is downloading a movie is priceless. Spread an Internet connection in a conference or in a building without any hackers risk, this is what LIFI promoters want to communicate.


How does it work?

Lifi Scheme

– The computer or server that transmit the datas is plug into electricity network via a power line carrier.

– The datas are transmitted at high speed to LED lights through the electricity cable.

– The LED lights are equipped with a digital processing device. The data are transmitted through the lights.



  • Is Lifi economic? As it use lights to spread Internet connections. The lights have to be turned on; this can be problematic in public places.
  • Lifi is mono directional, it means that the devices cannot send any signal but only receive. All kind of applications that require sending signals are limited for example send emails or instant messaging.
  • The users have to be under the lights to receive Internet connections.
  • Lifi inventors will have to convince device producers to equip smartphones tablets or any device that has Internet connection with Lifi receptors.



  • Lifi transmission is much faster than radio signal (x10000)
  • Lifi offer an extraordinary security, the flow is available only under the lights.


More here:

The Future of Landing Page

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Landing page is considered to be a web page where visitors get after they click the link on a search engine results page. So, basically it is the first thing a visitor can see.

By definition:
– Every single page can be a landing page
– Depend how the the visitor get there
Ex: Contact + company name

It can be:
– Filling a form
– Download e-book
– Taking a survey

Landing page has the following classifications and varies on the needs of the company/ individual who created it for some advertising/ informational purpose : 1) Clickthrough, 2) Lead capture, 3) Info, 4) Viral landing pages, 5) Microsites, 6) Product detail pages, 7) Homepages.

Every year Landing page design and look&feel structure are changing and there some trends for 2016 I want to show you. We will be able to see more and more  landing page templates of all different styles from clean and crisp, to wacky and colourful. Let’s take a look at some upcoming trends which already started to appear on a smaller scale :

Create a 3D effect with parallax scrolling
Examples to get inspired :


Use hidden menus instead of navigation bars ( kind of Hamburger Menu)
Example to get inspired :


Use full-screen background videos to tell your story.
Videos have the potential to increase landing page conversions by up to 86%, according to an Eye View Digital case study.
Example to get inspired :


Unusual navigation
Example to get inspired :


My Inspirations:


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Identifying Counterfeit Goods Through Your Smartphone

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As our life dramatically goes mobile, society is also craving for digital ways of identification of counterfeit products or documents.

Scientists from Birmingham have already started working on this issue.

A startup called RealTag has been created. It invented a mobile application which can differentiate between counterfeit goods and real ones. (BBC 2015)

Scientists have come up with a concept of a unique tag which manufacturers can attach to their products. The label should be impossible to copy. And a special app will be able to read it. Information about the tag will be referenced with a cloud-based database in order to confirm authenticity.

Founders came up with an idea of the project after becoming aware of the issue of counterfeit malaria treatments. Thousands of people die each year because of the use of fake drugs. (Security Document World 2015)

Commercial director of RealTag, David McGee said: “The first phase of the company was to deliver proof of concept. Phase two is now to prove that the product works, and works on a large scale and in an economically viable way.” (University of Birmingham 2015)

Counterfeiters try to adapt to anti counterfeiting solutions. As a result one brand from the sector of spirits spent £1.5 million on a counterfeiting solution which was copied within a month. RealTag claims that their branded app together with unique labels will be impossible to replicate.

Fighting with fake goods with the help of a device which each of us has in their picket is not a bad idea. Who would not want to avoid purchasing fake alcohol, clothing or drugs?

But how long will the app work without counterfeiters copying it?

To which extent will we trust the app?

And popularising such a tool for a crowd is another issue to be resolved.



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