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Wrapify, yet another uber-family member?

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Wrapify is an advertising Uber-family startup founded on February 2015 in San Diego. Their idea is based on matching car owners ready to wrap their cars into a fancy ad with those parties willing to advertise their products or services. The company offers 3 wrap options: full, partial and panel all paying different fares per mile driven within pre-agreed locations.

Clients will pay drivers $400 to $600 per month to do nothing more than drive a car as they typically do. To work. To the mall. To a friend’s house. And drivers will probably make more money when they’re sitting in traffic or drive through particular routes.

Advertisers are, of course, footing the bill here, paying per mile, per car fees to put their message on what amounts to moving billboards. The payoff here is a higher attention than provided by stationary billboards that cover only certain areas and seem to be omitted by drivers.

Being only 10 month old the startup has raised $1M in funding and a big interest from the drivers, which is far more than from advertisers. If the idea of placing ads on cars proves itself for firms, the startup has all chances to skyrocket.


And now some reflection:


When I think about this model of attention attraction, the difference I see compared to billboards on the walls of city buildings and billboards is that drivers are unable to omit a car with a catchy cover which is riding in front or behind, simply because of attention needed to avoid accidents. The same is about passengers who rarely look up to catch an ad banner but stare around when they are bored in the traffic jam and don’t sticked into their phones. The idea sounds fresh, however to me it is still unclear to what extent ad-wrapped cars will catch pedestrians’ attention and how it is possible to calculate viewers for such advertising model. As the company claims, for one month of stationary billboard ad costing $30K it is possible to wrap 25 cars and reach 21M views compared to 1.4M standard…

How do You think, does this model have a future? And what are the potential problems of trying this model here?

Please, FYI in more details on the startup:

First Polish satellite factory started to work

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Polish company called SpaceForest from Gdynia is working on rocket powered by hybrid enginges, similar to that ones which were used in spacecraft SpaceShip Two. The goal of rockets, built in the framework of the European project named DEWI (Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure) will be to test the possibility of replacing wiring communication by wireless technology.

If the experiment is going to be successful, the large rockets built in the future, can significantly reduce its weight. What is more,  the same technology can be applied also in aircraft and helicopters.


Five christmas gifts to please every geek

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Christmas is coming, it is less and less time to buy gifts for our loved ones. On the Internet you can find lots of ideas but I chose my favorite five linked to the technological novelties. I hope you find something interesting witch please not only geeks.


Lockitron Bolt

Did I locked the door?! How often do you ask yourself this question? Lockitron gives you peace of mind and allows to check the door wherever you are. It is connected to your phone by the app and share  access with family members. Unfortunately, Lockitron isn’t fit every door and is available only in a preorder for $99.


Vapio (former Smokio)

Do you know someone who wants to quit smoking? Maybe technological support makes it easier. Vapio is a vaporizer (something like e-cigarette) connected with the app. It monitors smoking activity, send the notifications about the level of nicotine based on the numbers of puffs and savings from no smoked cigarettes. The cost is $59.99.



Find’em Tracking

Where is my wallet?! Find’em Tracking is a card-size device you just put in your wallet. It is connected via Bluetooth to your mobile phone and alert you every time when your wallet is more than 150 feet away. Great gift for the scatterbrained. The battery last up to 18 months and the cost is $29.99


Q Bracelet

It is very stylish power bank placed into the bracelet. The plug is hidden inside and it allows to up charge your IPhone up to 50%. It is available in two sizes (for men and women) and three colors. The cost is $125.

q bracelet mqbracelet



Ideal gift for coffee lovers and my favorite one! To make the delicious infusion, you need hot water and grounded beans. You put it in the stylish and hand-operated devices, put pressure by button and after few seconds you enjoy the taste. No more instant coffee! It costs $99.


Happy Christmas!




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Whatever the conversion rate is, undoubtedly you will want to raise it to a new level. The problem is how to increase website conversions. To do this, consider the factors that directly or indirectly affect conversion rates. These factors can be divided into two categories – external and internal.

EXTERNAL FACTORS – are actions that take place with the visitor before he gets on the sit:

Advertising resource. The interest of the user depends on the source where he came from.

SEO. Obviously – the higher the resource in search results, the more likely it is that the visitor will go to your site and make necessary actions. Accordingly, those chances drop significantly if the site is outside the front pages.

INTERNAL FACTORS – the elements of your website that can make a person stay on the site and perform the necessary actions for you:

Design. The first thing that people see when you go to the site. Pleasant appearance of the website can hold visitor, and thus increase the chances of performing the desired action. Design can not be neglected, as poor appearance repels visitors even with good content and services.

Content. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important components. In most cases, visitors to the site looking for any information. To the visitor to take appropriate action, all your content has to be of high quality, useful and easy to understand.

Usability. This, in general, the rate of usability. Often the owners of the websites are added to the page a lot of waste material which confuses visitors.

The technical condition of the site. It indicates all of the technical components. If you plan is to increase the conversion of the site, it should load quickly, do not contain extra pages. In addition, you must choose a reliable hosting, and that the resource was available to the public at any time.

Semantic core. Very often it is the text located on the site may cause poor conversion.


  • Always make sure that your website displays correctly in the most used browsers (Opera, Chrome, Mozilla, IE), and their versions.
  • Do not forget that any resources should be contact information. Visitors often refuse to buy something or find out details only because of differences of mobile operators. Accordingly, you need to give a complete list of contacts for which you can be contacted.
  • When selling items be sure to include a detailed description and price.
  • You may place a separate page on the site with a description of the company, awards, publications. Thanks to this information the confidence in you will increase, which leads to an increase in conversion.
  • Reviews – one of the most important components. According to the reviews and experiences of others, visitors can make a decision – whether or not to trust you.
  • Remember the simplicity and convenience. Make the process of acquiring the product for the user as easy as possible, without further action.
  • Make sure that the navigation is able to answer all the questions the user, or to show him the way to the desired section.

Thanks for reading.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

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Hello, guys. The imminent realise of Star Wars: The force awakens finally took its place. The movie realise was accompanied with a huge and ubiquitous promotional campaign. And in this post I want to stress out several cool features implemented by Google to promote the film.

  1. Now if You want to boost some volume or playback/forward – it will be animated as a sword lightsaber. Check this out.1
  2. One can experience the lightsaber for himself: for this go to this webpage, pair your phone with laptop and wave the phone  around as if You had a sword. Try to beat them all!!!
  3. “Choose Your side of a Force” – amazing feature!!! It turns your interface into rather side: calendar now shows the date release of Star Wars, C 3PO gives You a directions on your navigator, Gmail changes colours and more more fun
  4. Type in Google “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away”…See what happens.

Probably many other things, but I have to check it 🙂

P.S. I did not upload other pics on purpose – to let You try it by yourself

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No More Privacy. Thank you.

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Healthcare, like so many other sectors of the economy, is being transformed by technology. 



All eyes on the transformation of healthcare to one of the most personalized products we are able to purchase. No questions asked, eHealth, along other similar term creations are among the top buzzwords this year and in the near future. Finally, Startups and VC firms seem to realize the huge potentially big data, mobile and other technologies can have on our health. Consumers realize that, there are vast possibilities to track your own health and life a healthier lifestyle. While customers, producers and investors seem to feel the changes in technology based healthcare solutions knocking on our door, it is often an outdated and inflexible legal system that prevents the revolution in healthcare to finally gain momentum. In many cases, governments do not seem to be ready for this change to happen. Furthermore, often the basic data infrastructure required for these technologies are not developed enough.

Data privacy is a big issue in healthcare, as data about our health is probably one of the most private and sensitive pieces of data each and every one of us has to offer. Nevertheless, applications like SkinAnalytics, which helps in early Melanoma detection, points out how valuable large amount of data can be in order to early detect and prevent diseases from spreading. Clinical research would be one of the first to benefit from a lift in healthcare data protection and thus everyone could be benefiting from better-adjusted healthcare solutions.

From a business point of view, companies that are early able to position themselves on the market, despite the strict regulatory framework, will have a good competitive advantage toward the new entrants, that join the industry as a result of lifts in the law. Cracking the legal code is key to success here, as the technology is already available and well used in all kinds of different sectors.

An eCommerce example of an organization struggling with a tight regulatory framework and constant pressure from organizations that rather hold on to what exist now, instead of aiming for a better development, is The French startup set out to revolutionize the French Online-pharmacy landscape had his fair share of battling with the legal environment and parties that would rather keep everything as it is, instead of working towards better and more efficient solutions.

What is the point of all of this? A call to the liberation of data privacy and legal aspects of pharmaceutical and medical laws. The creation of an environment that triggers creative solutions in this sector. Solutions that we all would be benefiting of one day.

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Airbnb Racism Claim

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A recent survey showed that more than 6000 Airbnb hosts were less likely to rent their properties to travellers with black-sounding names.

Airbnb is a website which enables people to rent each other’s rooms or entire homes. Service provides you with more than 2 million properties to choose from in more than 190 countries.

Room-sharing service has been receiving numerous racism claims lately. As a result a Harvard Business School researchers have conducted an investigation on racism presence on the online platform. It was found that people with African-American names are being discriminated.


Researchers have 20 created Airbnb profiles with white-sounding names and black-sounding names. (Nobel 2015) As a result, for white-sounding names, like Todd or Allison, there was 50% of success for an attempt to make a booking. On the other hand, black-sounding names, like Darnell or Tamika, had only 42% of success while trying to book their stay.

Researchers stated that racial discrimination does not exist in hotel industry where bookings are made without showing guest’s name or photo.

Airbnb has already made a statement admitting this global problem. The service has claimed that it is about to overcome these “significant challenges” and is looking for “anyone that can help us reduce potential discrimination in the AirBnB community”. (Warburton 2015)

Airbnb’s spokesman has noted that the website might introduce the feature of hiding real names, as e-mails and phones are already hidden. However, it was also stated that Airbnb service is not willing to stop making users use their real names as it preserves trust and confidence between travellers and landlords.

Airbnb wants to encourage guests to make instant bookings without asking for a prior approval.

Prof Ben Edelman, one of Harvard Business School researchers does not approve real-name policy of the website.

He stated: “They require you to reveal your name, but to what end? What good does that do? AirBnB says it increases accountability – but how does it?”

“It’s important that AirBnB know the person’s name, but we don’t think the prospective host needs to know the prospective guest’s name.” (Lee 2015)

What we can see is that racism still takes lot of place in our world. And and the problem is even bigger than we thought it is.

Discrimination of African-Americans was supposed do decrease with the popularisation of Internet. For example, you are not going to be racially discriminated while buying an item online. While it might not be the case in a physical store. But recent changes which aim to make the Internet a safer place require more personal information: real name, address, photo etc.

The real question is: do we want to fight racial discrimination or we want to feel safe online?



Lee D. (2015), AirBnB racism claim: African-Americans ‘less likely to get rooms’, BBC, Available at:

Nobel C. (2015), This New Tool Helps Airbnb Hosts to Stop Being Racist, Forbes, Available at:

Warburton D. (2015), AirBnB in racism row ‘as people with black-sounding names are snubbed from renting rooms’, Mirror, Available at:

The most popular Content Management Systems

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The role of the Internet in our lives is growing, and every day more and more willing to obtain or share information on the network. But like an ordinary person with no technical expertise to create a website on which he will be able to talk about their culinary discoveries?

There is a solution: You can use the Content Management System (CMS) which will drive all the difficulties in this case to a minimum.
At first, the site was created entirely by hand, which was not able to do people who are not versed in HTML, CSS and so on. Later, there were the so-called templates, CMS (engines) that automate this process. Naturally, CMS became in great demand, so the choice of engines is very high. At present, about 99% of all Internet sites run on one or another CMS’s. In this article we will look at four very reasonably popular platform for creating websites.


The most famous and popular platform is WordPress. This platform was originally developed as a blogging platform, but because of the numerous supplements are often used to create other types of sites. The main advantage of WordPress is easy: all actions can be performed through the admin panel, there is no a great need for knowledge of HTML and CSS. There are a large set of templates, themes and plugins that greatly facilitate the creation of the site. Functionality is so great that difficulties may arise with the choice of one or another. It should also be noted that the WordPress installation is quite simple, so for a beginner it can play a key role in the choice of engine.
Thus, this CMS is ideal for blogs, even though there are many other tools for creating websites. Wide and easy to manage functionality suitable for both novice and experienced webmaster. I want to note that the transfer of WordPress sites with the domain to another domain is very simple.

Advantages of WorldPress:

  1. Completely free, but you can install paid themes and plugins
  2. Functionality is not particularly limited. Lots of free plugins and themes.
  3. Easy to install and learn. Can understand even for inexperienced users.
  4. Often an update, which includes bug fixes and system vulnerabilities.

Disadvantages of WorldPress:

  1. A high load on the server due to poor code optimisation.
  2. Inability to keep the platform with a huge attendance.
  3. Many plug-ins can interfere with each other or with the topic.

joomla_logo1-300x201The second most popular CMS is Joomla, more flexible and simple. It would be a good option if you want to create a site with a non-standard structure, for example, a corporate portal. On the downside is the fact that it is, so to say, simple CMS, so it is weak functionality. Many plug-ins and add-ons for Joomla paid. But otherwise it’s a great platform, has a simple interface, a nice design and a large set of templates.


To create and complete development of complex projects is well suited Drupal. First, about the disadvantages.

Disadvantages Drupal:

  1. It’s quite difficult platform to work with it requires some technical knowledge, but if you have them, work on Drupal will go much more fruitful than other engines.
  2. This CMS requires modern hardware, otherwise you risk performance. Therefore, make sure that the server load will sustain such a complex system.

Advantages of Drupal:

First of all web developers in Drupal attracts a large variety of modules and high functionality. For example, the Taxonomy module allows to distribute content through the levels, which is very convenient, and the SSK module allows you to create different types of data. Drupal is used when you want to create a structurally complex site such as an online store or corporate website.

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Smaller is back in the game!

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Average-Smartphone-Screen-Size, phonearena


For a long time we observe the trend of increasing of the size of the phone. Personally I find it strange – from 4-5 years I have the same phone – iPhone 4S – with a 3.5 inch screen which (as Steve Jobs) I consider as the perfect size. Apparently the rest of the world thinks otherwise. On the one hand I understand it – the larger screen has a lot of advantages:

  • a much better browsing of websites;
  • watching movies or photos is much more convenient;
  • games on larger screens seem to be more realistic and controlling them by the touch screen does not cover it in most by our fingers;
  • they are easier to use for people with low vision after setting a larger font – even my mother recently bought a Lumia 640 XL with almost 6-inch(!) screen “because now she sees better “;

It looks funny, isn’t it?

On the other hand I think that phones so large are crazy. In recent years several times I have been in China where the trend seems to be even bigger. Perhaps due to the small size of the Chinese people but when they were talking on their phablets they looked as if each one of them held a tablet! I hate to think how uncomfortable it is and the fact that it just looks silly (everyone – not only Asians). Of course some of them can cope by using headphones but it is not always a possibility.

I-phone-bend-mainAnother important issue is the discomfort of carrying them – phones with a 5-6 inch screens barely fit in the pockets of jackets not to mention the pants. And even if someone succeeded this is not always the safest way to keep a smartphone (remember how bendgate started?).

This screen size also affects negatively on the performance of smartphone components. Today batteries in most mobilephones do not stand up all day (and for a long time it did not change) and they have even more difficult task to do in phones with such large screens. The same applies to the processor’s performance – the bigger screen and resolution the harder it has to work and this may slow its efficiency (eg. in smaller number of displayed frames-per-second in movies or games). Manufacturers are trying to solve this problem by packing inside their devices newer and more modern processors but not everyone is able to afford change their smartphone every 3-6 months.bateriea7_cpu

Unfortunately in recent times this trend completely pushed out of the market mobile phones with screens smaller than 4.5 inches which has the top specification. Fortunately there is hope. Recently Sony introduced several variants of the upcoming Xperia Z6. The standard models are about to have a screen size of 5.2 inches (Z6) and 4.6-inch (Z6 Compact). Of course there will still be larger variants – Z6 Plus with 5.8 and Z6 Ultra with 6.4-inch screens. But guess which model attracted the most attention? Yes – you got it – 4-inch variant Z6 Mini! Of course it will not be smaller version of the Z6 (like Z6 Compact) because the announcement shows that it will have a slightly inferior processor but as I mentioned – a smaller screen does not need quite as strong components. Most importantly – such a model would has literally only one competitor. Any idea which one?


New iPhone 6C?

It’s … Apple. From leaks we know that the company from Cupertino unexpectedly wants to introduce a new 6C model in February and its screen would has exactly 4 inches. I do not know about you but if its specification, design and colors would be attractive with great pain in my heart I’ll start to think about replacing the good old 4S.



In modern times the size of mobile phones clearly prevailed over common sense when by the definition they were meant to be mobile and convenient to use devices. As for me my old 4S is the example of quality, design, size and ease of use perfection. Nevertheless after so much time its components and speed of working are weaker and while I thought about buying the latest iPhone 6S I would give Apple much more if they gave me its components packed in old clothes of 4S. Well growing screen sizes in smartphones seems to be inevitable but survey made in the article on gives me hope (on the side).

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The best apps – according to ME ;)

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Today I want to present FIVE best apps – according to me. 😉 You can of course disagree with this choice, and I will be happy to hear your opinion.

soundhoundSoundHound – who has not had this situation when you really liked the song, but didn’t know the name. SoundHound comes to the rescue. You just click the big orange button, app is listening for a few seconds and then gives you the name of the artist and the song, and much more: lyrics, artist bio, preview songs and albums, purchase songs etc. and of course there is a list of your searches saved. App is really easy to navigate, intuitive and has great features. Most of you probably know this app or Shazam. Both are great. 🙂 [1]

screen322x572 (16) screen322x572 (17)  screen322x572 (19)


uberUber – probably I don’t need to introduce this application, but I looove it. Great alternative for taxis, which I hate in Warsaw – they always try to cheat and make you pay more. In Uber app you upload your credit card number (or PayPal) and your account is charged after a ride, which I believe it’s more convenient than paying with cash (case with most of the taxis in Warsaw). With Uber you can pick your route and your driver, who have visible recommendations. You, as a passenger, are also rated – so be nice or no driver will pick you up 😉 It’s cheaper, quicker and more reliable than Warsaw taxis, that’s why I love it.[2]

screen322x572 (7)  screen322x572 (9) screen322x572 (10)


1pas1password –  is a password-management app, that allows you to easily collect all your passwords, credit card information, licenses, secure notes and more in one place. It claims to be really secure due to encryption, strong password, auto-lock and touch ID access. And the app design is really nice and user-friendly. Love it. [3]

screen322x572 (4) screen322x572 (5) screen322x572 (6)


laundryLaundry Day – it’s a funny one for laundry-dummies like me. You scan tags from clothes and app tells you have you should make your laundry. Simple as that. Picture of laundry tags above my washing machine – no longer needed (picture below). [4]

screen322x572 (12)  screen322x572 (14)pranie


mintMint – last but not least, Mint is a money-management app which helps with everyday budgeting. According to Mint we can ‘spend smarter and save more’. Apps provides us with beautiful charts and graphs on our spending’s, we can set the goals for spending/savings and we can set bills payment reminders! Everything is cool… only one ‘little’ minus – it is not working in countries other than USA and Canada. I would really like to use it – alternatives are there, but not as developed and well-designed. [5]

screen322x572 (1) screen322x572 (2) screen322x572 (3)