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Telegram launches advertising – expensive and cheap at the same time

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Telegram introduces an advertising platform. Ads will appear in all channels of more than 1,000 subscribers, and the minimum cost of launching an advertisement is 2 million euros, said the founder of the social network Pavel Durov.

source: https://promote.telegram.org

What happened?
Pavel Durov announced the launch of an advertising platform in Telegram. Now, on channels with more than 1000 subscribers, users will see an ad at the bottom of the feed. He will have a button with a link only to other Telegram channels and bots. The length of the advertising message is up to 160 characters.

Why is it expensive?
It seems that Telegram wants to lure into the advertising platform, first of all, large players like marketing agencies, since the minimum budget for replenishing an account is 2 million euros, and the minimum expenses per year are 10 million euros. Obviously, such amounts will not be pulled by small advertisers, so they will have to contact agencies.

Why is it cheap?
The minimum cost of 1000 impressions is 2 euros. At the same time, channel owners charge an average of 30 euros per 1000 impressions, and some copyright channels even more. This can significantly reduce their income. In addition, Telegram will begin to share the profit from advertising with the channel authors a little later, when it covers its main expenses.

What are the other conditions for launching advertising in Telegram?
The advertiser can choose in which channels his messages will be shown. Telegram assures that personal data of users will not be collected, and everyone will see the same ads in the same channels.

All ads will undergo detailed moderation, so it is prohibited to:

  • transfer via a button to external sites, applications and channels created exclusively for displaying other ads
  • misinformation – the message must match what is advertised
  • clickbait, personality and preference references, tragedy exploitation and advertising
  • financial products, gambling, alcohol, weapons, etc. will not be advertised

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“Not a Dream” of Tesla

Reading Time: < 1 minuteVideomakers Freise Brothers filmed the commercial for Tesla in the imaginary world of the future, independent of the fuel is in short supply. Electric car looks stranger in it, but the local take it surprisingly easy, refusing fuel to power electricity.

Voiceover (Jonathan David Dixon) read out some of the sayings of Nikola Tesla on the benefits of electricity.

It is not known whether the company itself ordered the video clip from Freise Brothers, but his twitter Tesla Motors share it with the caption, “We can not accept.”


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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Reading Time: < 1 minuteHello, guys. The imminent realise of Star Wars: The force awakens finally took its place. The movie realise was accompanied with a huge and ubiquitous promotional campaign. And in this post I want to stress out several cool features implemented by Google to promote the film.

  1. Now if You want to boost some volume or playback/forward – it will be animated as a sword lightsaber. Check this out.1
  2. One can experience the lightsaber for himself: for this go to this webpage, pair your phone with laptop and wave the phone  around as if You had a sword. Try to beat them all!!!
  3. “Choose Your side of a Force” – amazing feature!!! It turns your interface into rather side: calendar now shows the date release of Star Wars, C 3PO gives You a directions on your navigator, Gmail changes colours and more more fun
  4. Type in Google “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away”…See what happens.

Probably many other things, but I have to check it 🙂

P.S. I did not upload other pics on purpose – to let You try it by yourself

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Meat Processing Plant “Dymkov” declared wanted a pack of sausages

Reading Time: 2 minutesOn December 8 in social networks have become huge hit based on two photos of “Dymkov“. In a pack, visually designed for 10 sausages lying only eight, and two were attached to the side. In the company explained the alleged marketing gimmick standard packaging.

The pictures were published on Twitter and drew attention to the non-standard action. According to the packaging, the producer of meat products offered two sausages for free in addition to eight.



Photo of package of “Dymkov” widely dispersed on the internet and people wondered why the manufacturer did not just put ten sausages in one pack, and suggested that the two sausages just shifted to another compartment.

December 9 representatives of the company commented on the action in their own Facebook, reacted to post the user A.Alex post on social network with sensational meme with Travolta.




According to employees of “Dymkov”, originally in 454-gram packs and sold eight sausages, although the standard package can accommodate up to ten.

There are many unresolved questions of mankind: it was first the chicken or the egg, who built the Egyptian pyramids, and so on. Today Anastasia Alex added another question to the world treasury of mysteries: what happened to two more sausages?

Fortunately though here we can help! The secret is that the two sausages, almost the international wanted list, had never been in any pack weighing 464 grams. The standard package we put eight sausages to the promo and added two more pieces in a gift. To the doubters we declare superkonkurs! Let us give a year’s supply of sausages to the person who finds the whole pack “Dairy Standard 464g” with ten sausages without action!

The company assured users that shares involved and packaging with ten dogs, but more weight: “The smallest, at 464 grams, just become a victim of your powers of observation.”

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The results of 2015: Key Trends and hashtags on Twitter

Reading Time: 2 minutesMicroblogging service Twitter summed up the results of 2015, to name the most discussed events, major Tweets and trends. The results are posted on a special page.

The most popular tweet of the year turned out to be an expression of gratitude to the fans of One Direction band member Harry Styles. He has collected more than 700 thousand retweets.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 19.19.46

In the list of the most influential brands of the campaign were conducted on the platform under the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie and #PrayForParis – they belonged to the terrorist attacks, thundered in Paris in January and November 2015.

Wide coverage received tags #BlackLivesMatter, which marks the resonance of the campaign against the tyranny of light-skinned police officers with respect to African Americans and #LoveWins, which celebrated the legalization of gay marriage in the United States. The list for the year was the main tag and #RefugeesWelcome, dedicated to the Syrian refugees, as well as #PlutoFlyby, celebrating the success of NASA’s mission of sending a spacecraft to Pluto.

If something happens in the world, it happens on Twitter

As the trends noted on Twitter, the heated debate surrounding the blue-black or white-gold dress by tags #TheDress, #BlueandBlack and #WhiteandGold, and support under the tag #IStandWithAhmed, provided service users student who brought a class like a bomb clock.

On one of the tabs site contains a list of celebrities who have joined the Twitter community in 2015. Among them are actors Antonio Banderas and Adrien Brody, singer Diana Ross, the director Guillermo del Toro, and Luc Besson, President Barack Obama and former CIA agent Edward Snowden.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 19.23.03

The record year for the first speed dial million subscribers became the new account Caitlin Jenner – it took only 4 hours to reach the installed straps and thus beat the world record.

Also on Twitter compiled a list of the most popular Emoji. The main icon smile turned to tears of joy, previously become “word of the year” by the compilers of the Oxford dictionary.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 19.23.13

Compared to 2014, which became, according to the service, “the year of the self”, 2015 th declared the “year of Emoji.”

More info on YearOnTwitter

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OnePlus left in the cold hundreds of world media

Reading Time: 3 minutesEven some five years ago, the phrase “Chinese phone” was associated only with something counterfeit or not good enough quality. But recently, enterprising Asians claim to be good, and even the leading smartphones. In particular, when the OnePlus project started, his main idea was – to produce the ideal machine for the price and quality, while having Chinese ancestry.

Advantages of the new brands that they have not yet developed a persistent advertising position from which they can not move a single step, and thus much easier to adapt to the market, fashion and new trends among consumers. It is easier to do something fresh and unexpected.


So, OnePlus launched a new and strange advertising campaign. On Facebook, company posts a post with the inscription – “We are working on the perfect gift for your friends, non-geek” and attached a photo. In the picture a black background hand holding something black, shaped like a mobile phone and an inscription – «Think different», like anything but ad dubbed scandalous. It’s all in the slogan, which formerly belonged to from Apple.

Media immediately erupted with angry articles and accusations of plagiarism. But, I think, in the PR-department of OnePlus sit not fools. It was possible to invest a lot of money in new individual slogan order very expensive company promotion, sit bite your elbows, because not all advertising has gone well. And you could do something like this, pour into Facebook, and all the world’s media do you advertise with pleasure, just sit and watch.

Incidentally, the scandalous PR on Facebook Chinese did not stop there. Then there was information that they have stolen up closer to Apple, than someone who once could afford. They decided to dress up iPhone, what proudly proclaims on its homepage.

Case for iPhone 6 and 6S for $ 19.99, which is carefully preserve gadget intact. It is made of the same plastic Black Sandstone, as the smartphone OnePlus 2 and crowned with the logo “1+”. Along with the cover comes complete invitation to purchase OnePlus X Ceramic or, if lucky, a gift certificate for OnePlus X. In honor accessory even made a moving promotional video.

And here attention!

A huge number of websites, newspapers, magazines, public, ordinary users OnePlus threw stones for such advertising. Like, they stole a slogan, and even contrived cover to cover the apple logo and pose as normal the next iPhone OnePlus, so if a company advertises a future smart phone, it has already lost.

I’ve been reading these articles, and thought – and what a smartphone OnePlus going to let that under him to bring this company, because the last OnePlus released in November? Information about the prepared new smartphone I have not found, but noticed identity photos with advertising «Think different» and demonstration photo cover for the iPhone.

“Scandalous advertising next smartphone” from OnePlus not treated this next smartphone, because it is not in sight. Advertising was created just under Case for the iPhone, which, together with, gives the buyer the opportunity to acquire more and OnePlus X, if necessary, as smartphones are sold by invitation only. Accordingly, so the slogan was chosen Apple. Of course, OnePlus thus draws attention to itself and its products, but not as many people think.

The original – yes, strange – yes, mystery, yes – but not scandalous. OnePlus simply duped hundreds of news sites.

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7 unique Instagram features that you don’t know

Reading Time: 3 minutesToday, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. It is used more than 400 million and compared to December 2014 increased by an audience of 100 million. But the important thing that Instagram has a lot of features that the majority of people, actual users, don’t know.

Hide unused Photo Filters

Filters for photos – it’s what made Instagram so popular, but some of them you may not like. To turn off the effects, which are rarely used, open the photo and ready for editing, right scroll all filters until you find the icon Manage. Here you can hide your unwanted treatment options, removing from them tick.


Hide all bad photos that you mentioned

The photos are not bad, but you can imagine on them do not like. In any case there is the ability to hide unwanted marks. To do this, go to the tab with your photos – Photos of You, click on the selected photo to find your name there, and click on it. In this menu, select the Hide from My Profile, and save your changes. All your photos unsuccessful if it was not.


See what your friends like

To see what people like, which you follow, and go to the Activity tab to the left proskrolte Following. There you will find all the people Husky on which you are subscribed.


View all the pictures that you set Like

Desperately looking for photos that you liked earlier in the tape? Sometimes the belief that it is close to “escape” leads us to spend a lot of time scrolling and careful search. To find their likes in a simpler way, use the Posts You’ve Liked, hidden in the settings menu, which is in the upper-right corner of your profile page.


Receive notification of the publication of photos from your favorite accounts

Among the many accounts in Instagram, for which you subscribe, usually there are a few whose updates the tape please most. There is a way to be instantly informed about new photos on your favorite Instagram-pages: it is necessary to enable notifications (Turn on Post Notifications), which are hidden behind the three dots in the upper left corner of the page of the selected profile.


Send invisible to other private messages

For such forward other people’s photos previously had to make a screenshot, but recently Instagram is a new feature that lets you send someone a photo to others, without informing the author.



Are you active users of such features?


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