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“Not a Dream” of Tesla

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Videomakers Freise Brothers filmed the commercial for Tesla in the imaginary world of the future, independent of the fuel is in short supply. Electric car looks stranger in it, but the local take it surprisingly easy, refusing fuel to power electricity.

Voiceover (Jonathan David Dixon) read out some of the sayings of Nikola Tesla on the benefits of electricity.

It is not known whether the company itself ordered the video clip from Freise Brothers, but his twitter Tesla Motors share it with the caption, “We can not accept.”


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7 basic design principles, which are taught in Star Wars

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The wave of interest in “Star Wars” is just at its peak: the world for a long time was going crazy before the premiere, and finally came the first weekend rentals, “Awakening Forces.”

A good film should not only special effects dazzle the audience, but also to promote storytelling through the “seamless” installation and good design. In one of the infographic on Venngage decided to return to the first trilogy saga to take a closer look at how the basic principles of design used in the world-favorite Star Wars.

[Infographic] Design with the Force - 7 Star Wars Design Principles

Infographic by Venngage.

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