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2026 AFEELA Electric Vehicle

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You might not have heard the name AFEELA yet, but it’s finally time to change it. AFEELA is a new automotive brand, the child of a joint venture between two widely known companies, Sony and Honda. It’s a new prototype unveiled during the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event, which took place in Las Vegas a few days ago. It is actually the first prototype, but it’s super close to delivery, with preorders starting as soon as the summer of 2025 and the first North American products to deliver in the spring of 2026. As Larry Harrison, the Sony Honda Mobility representant said, the name AFEELA is not just a random name. “If we drop the first “a” and the last “a”, it takes us to the heart of what this car represents, which is all about the feel. He says that it’s a two-way relationship between the person driving the car and the vehicle itself.”

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AFEELA exterior

We can observe AFEELA’s modernity right from the outside. Firstly, let me tell you about the media bar that the company introduced, which is located on the front and rear of the vehicle. It will be capable of providing the owner with very helpful information while still being outside the car. Starting with the battery percentage, weather conditions, or even live sports scores. Another interesting thing we can notice is that the car doesn’t have any door handles. The cameras located on the side pillars and side view cameras can identify the profile of the driver via facial recognition and when the driver reaches a certain proximity, the door automatically opens.

Media bar

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AFEELA is not missing out on autonomous driving as well, with safety being the most important aspect. As we transition from traditional driving to autonomous driving, it’s all about how safe it will be, AFEELA has 45 internal and external cameras and sensors, constantly monitoring 360 degrees of the car, delivering level 2+ or level 3, depending on the conditions, of autonomous driving safety. Level 2+ is already a better score than Tesla has since Teslas are qualified as level 2. Now, that we know that we can trust our car in terms of driving, let me talk about the entertainment that comes with the car. AFEELA introduces Human Machine Interface (HMI) which brings all of the entertainment that Sony has to offer right into the cabin. Starting with music, Sony’s 360 reality audio will be present in the vehicle, offering immersive and real audio with the sound all around you. In addition, a high-quality movie streaming service will be available with movies delivered from Sony Pictures, such as Spider-Man. Gaming is also an important part of the experience, with the PlayStation integration, we will be able to enjoy popular games inside the car by connecting to the game console at home or by using the cloud network.

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AFEELA interior

Personally, I would say it’s one of the best-looking electric vehicles so far and I can’t wait to see them on the roads. The development of this car looks very promising and I’m sure people are going to enjoy the car in the future. The addition of Sony services takes the vehicle to the next level making it one of a kind. I have every faith in the company as I think, it’s a very interesting prototype.




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Smaller is back in the game!

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Average-Smartphone-Screen-Size, phonearena

Source: phonearena.com

For a long time we observe the trend of increasing of the size of the phone. Personally I find it strange – from 4-5 years I have the same phone – iPhone 4S – with a 3.5 inch screen which (as Steve Jobs) I consider as the perfect size. Apparently the rest of the world thinks otherwise. On the one hand I understand it – the larger screen has a lot of advantages:

  • a much better browsing of websites;
  • watching movies or photos is much more convenient;
  • games on larger screens seem to be more realistic and controlling them by the touch screen does not cover it in most by our fingers;
  • they are easier to use for people with low vision after setting a larger font – even my mother recently bought a Lumia 640 XL with almost 6-inch(!) screen “because now she sees better “;


It looks funny, isn’t it?

On the other hand I think that phones so large are crazy. In recent years several times I have been in China where the trend seems to be even bigger. Perhaps due to the small size of the Chinese people but when they were talking on their phablets they looked as if each one of them held a tablet! I hate to think how uncomfortable it is and the fact that it just looks silly (everyone – not only Asians). Of course some of them can cope by using headphones but it is not always a possibility.

I-phone-bend-mainAnother important issue is the discomfort of carrying them – phones with a 5-6 inch screens barely fit in the pockets of jackets not to mention the pants. And even if someone succeeded this is not always the safest way to keep a smartphone (remember how bendgate started?).

This screen size also affects negatively on the performance of smartphone components. Today batteries in most mobilephones do not stand up all day (and for a long time it did not change) and they have even more difficult task to do in phones with such large screens. The same applies to the processor’s performance – the bigger screen and resolution the harder it has to work and this may slow its efficiency (eg. in smaller number of displayed frames-per-second in movies or games). Manufacturers are trying to solve this problem by packing inside their devices newer and more modern processors but not everyone is able to afford change their smartphone every 3-6 months.bateriea7_cpu

Unfortunately in recent times this trend completely pushed out of the market mobile phones with screens smaller than 4.5 inches which has the top specification. Fortunately there is hope. Recently Sony introduced several variants of the upcoming Xperia Z6. The standard models are about to have a screen size of 5.2 inches (Z6) and 4.6-inch (Z6 Compact). Of course there will still be larger variants – Z6 Plus with 5.8 and Z6 Ultra with 6.4-inch screens. But guess which model attracted the most attention? Yes – you got it – 4-inch variant Z6 Mini! Of course it will not be smaller version of the Z6 (like Z6 Compact) because the announcement shows that it will have a slightly inferior processor but as I mentioned – a smaller screen does not need quite as strong components. Most importantly – such a model would has literally only one competitor. Any idea which one?


New iPhone 6C?

It’s … Apple. From leaks we know that the company from Cupertino unexpectedly wants to introduce a new 6C model in February and its screen would has exactly 4 inches. I do not know about you but if its specification, design and colors would be attractive with great pain in my heart I’ll start to think about replacing the good old 4S.


Source: komorkomania.pl

In modern times the size of mobile phones clearly prevailed over common sense when by the definition they were meant to be mobile and convenient to use devices. As for me my old 4S is the example of quality, design, size and ease of use perfection. Nevertheless after so much time its components and speed of working are weaker and while I thought about buying the latest iPhone 6S I would give Apple much more if they gave me its components packed in old clothes of 4S. Well growing screen sizes in smartphones seems to be inevitable but survey made in the article on komorkomania.pl gives me hope (on the side).

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