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Medical device that may save your life

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were a knife wound victim and would start to bleed excessive? According to scientists’ stab victims can bleed to death in just 5 minutes, so there is a priority for emergency personnel is to stop catastrophic blood loss. So, what if there was a technological advancement that could potentially prevent from this situation and save your life? 

This year a 22-year-old Joseph Bentley Loughborough University graduate invented a life- saving device that rapidly stops bleeding from knife wounds. He came up with the idea of making this tool after two of his friends were unfortunately victims of knife attacks. Therefore, to prevent fatal accidents he invented a device called “REACT”, which stands for “rapid emergency actuating tamponade”. He said that this advancement could potentially safe hundreds of lives every year. This technology is a pressurized balloon that is inserted into a stab. It uses pressure to prevent bleeding and makes it easier to target areas of the body that are usually hard to treat.

Why is it that innovative device? 

While having contact with victims the advice for treating stab wounds is to never remove object from the wounds, if it’s still in the place, to avoid bleeding out. In this situation this breakthrough advancement would help a lot and make this situation safer by inserting a pressurized balloon into a stab. 

How does it work? 

The concept is based on the same principle as implantable, medical- grade silicon balloon tamponade that would be inserted into a wound. The tamponade is inflated with pressure according to wound location to try and stop the bleeding. The process should take less than 30 seconds depending on the wound location. It effectively fills the cavity and prevents from internal bleeding. 


Is HbbTV a step forward in technology?

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Have you ever thought that you would be able to interact or read some additional information about a movie while watching it? If not, imagine that typical broadcasting television is combined with multi- media content.[1] This will enable you to use some interactive applications providing alternative content for instance: participating in polls, games, voting systems or quizzes, as well as commenting on posts on social networking sites. The viewer interacts naturally with TV using the special buttons. This technology is promoted as something that would replace the well outdated but still existing teletext on TVs. [2]



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How does the HbbTV work? 

  • This app does not disturb the viewing experience- the film is still played, and, in a corner, there are showed some additional information.
  • It can include some supplementary, very valuable and useful information to the content being currently watched e.g., imagine watching any kind of a sport match and having access to each player’s statistics directly from your remote control or while watching a film having a possibility of displaying some additional information about actor’s bio while they show up in the screen- in case you get into an argument with your friends.
  • The additional content is personalized, more advanced and customized due to the possibility of choosing an interesting material by oneself. [3]


What are the main advantages of this kind of technology?

There is better advertising system because the ads will be more context-specified or more viewer-oriented. Therefore, they may no longer have to interrupt the program, because they will be instead complementing the video content and allowing immediate reaction (e.g., buying things now). Furthermore, by using these kinds of advertisements it will be easier to reach different target groups within only one break and increase the incomes. In addition, HbbTV provides making data driven decisions with actual audience and analytics.  [4]

What programs offer the possibility of using hybrid television in Poland? 

  1. TVN HD
  2.  Polsat
  3. Super Polsat
  4. Metro,
  5. TV4
  6. TV6
  7. Stopklatka

Even though this technology was established in 2010 in Spain, it is just entering and developing on the polish market due to the regulation of the Minister of Digitalization. From 20220 TV sets with connection to the internet should enable the use of hybrid TV. Thanks to this, a lot of programs have been created. 


The example of HbbTV application in Poland:[5]



HbbTV adoption is growing rapidly in the whole European Union. This type of technology enhances the video users experience by enabling innovative and interactive services over broadcast and broadbands networks. Thanks to this technology there can be created a combination of broadcasting tv and multi-media, which allows consumers to personalize and select content that is interesting for them.