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Needle-less vaccination

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Cobionix (Canadian start-up) has recently presented autonomous robot that is able to vaccine without using needle. 

Cobionix - YouTube

Cobionix is a developing in the University of Waterloo business incubator start-up which is creating autonomous robot for procedural tasks.

A lot of people feel discomfort or even fear when they see needle, at the thought of syringe they start to panic. That makes vaccination very problematic for them. Fortunately, Cobionix has found a solution for this problem. Robot named Cobi is able to autonomically give a dose of vaccination without using needle.

The whole process (after online pre-registration) is as follows:

1.Cobi verify persons ID 

2.intuitive interface

3.tracking position by lidar sensor

4.spotting injection point

5.needle-less vaccination

6.Used vial ejection

All 6 points are done autonomically by Cobi.

Film from vaccination process:

Needle-less vaccinations sounds surreal, but Cobi makes it possible. Robot by using high pressure sends a thin stream of vaccine, straight into the appropriate tissues of the human body. The vaccine breaks itself to the correct depth of the body. 

I think this autonomous robots would be very useful throughout mass vaccination during pandemic. Probably we won’t be able to use Cobi’s during COVID-19 yet, but during following pandemics it could reduce the labour demands. In such a difficult time doctors and nurses are busy saving lives in hospitals. Such robots are needed to help health services and give medics more time. Although Cobi can be adapted to other specifications as well, for example it will be able to work on production lines.