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Global Climate Change Initiative: UN Summit

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File:UN emblem blue.svgAs of today the UN climate change summit has officially began. The event takes place in Katowice, Poland and will last for around 2 weeks, the lively discussion likes to prolong it self therefore its official closing date is yet to be determined. The so called COP24 will play a crucial role in the future of global climate change, the main goal is to determine a “rulebook” which will guide the nations how to reach the goals stated in the Paris Agreement.

Accoriding to Polish authorities the event will gather around 30.000 people with 195 different nationalities.

Paris Agreement is the first ever global initiative that fights greenhouse gas emissions, signed in november 2016 by 55 nations that are  globaly responsible for 55% of greenhouse gas emission. The assumptions set in the agreement are will start to oblige in 2020. The main is to keep the  increase in global average temperature to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to limit the increase to 1.5°C.

However, it is just now in 2018 that the signatories are gathering together to determine an universal rulebook, that will state how to implement the changes, how to measure their effect and when will they be checked. Therefore the next two weeks may play a significant role in how the biggest global initiative against greenhouse gas emission will be fought.

The summit takes place in Poland, being one of the most polluted regions in the world the country should make the best of the event and listen to wiser and “greener” friends. Right from the start however the national agencies shot themeselves in the foot due to a rather comical viral video that presented Poland as a green paradise that really takes the initiative to another level. The fact that this years summit is mainly sponsored by biggest national conglomerates, resposnible for emission of CO2, methane, sulfur and benzen doesn’t help either.Ze strony polskiej szczyt będą wspierać firmy, które mają w tej kwestii najwięcej za uszami - Energa, Tauron, czy JSW

The creation of the rulebook is a one time opportunity to contribute to the proccess of shaping the gas free future, an idea, it seems, totally abstract to the Polish government.

Antoni Kubasiewicz