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Data science usage in managing water sources – water analytics software Ketos

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Ketos provides industrial and agricultural enterprises, commercial businesses, and institutions with a patented sensors and machine-learning analytics platform.

The world faces many ecological problems  – lack of water and its contamination among them. Today, over 2.5 billion people don’t have access to clean water, and 5 million die annually due to water-borne diseases in developing countries.

Ketos offers monitoring of quality and logistic of water using original hardware and unmanned software. Its technology allows to manage risks, predict safety hazards and other issues, create water management network and save water and money resources. The actionable data necessary to measure and manage water usage, consumption metrics and pollution levels is now available without manual intervention.

Company’s  goal is to improve healthcare on global scale by providing accessible solution. This aspiration finds support in modern health-conscious world. Big investors from Citi Bank and Silicon Valley Bank recently came as new backers into Ketos, already subsided by Ajax Strategies, Better Ventures and some others. Discovery of outbreaks of covid-19 virus in wastewater streams with Ketos technologies caused new wave of attention to project.

Usage of data science technologies to control and analyse distribution and quality of water is a big step forward to taking control over nonrenewable resources consumption. if broaden the application of this kind of technologies to worldwide extent, it can come a possible modern solution to ecological  problems of planet.




Ketos Inc

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