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      “Diya ” short for “Derzhava I Ya”, or government and me, is a web portal and mobile application of the same name, which are part of the project “Government in a smartphone” of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. This app was made to make the life of Ukrainian people much easier. No more worries about a forgotten ID or driver’s license. Everything is always on you in your personal smartphone! Nevertheless, this app differs from just pictures of documents people take. Each document has its own QR code for requested check-ins.

“According to statistics, only 9% of people in our country use government services online. This is a very small amount though. 91% of Ukrainians now do not use online tools to interact with the government. Why? The first reason is digital literacy. This is what today is the basis of our country’s competitiveness in the world. And this is a challenge that we also accept, ” the Prime Minister said. Not to mention, DIYA provides a special IT course for brand-new users who are not familiar with the technology.


This app gives an opportunity to all the Ukrainians to receive services from the government online instead of standing in line for hours to the public offices. It means that now there is a possibility to obtain specific certificates, extracts, and data from various state agencies and registries, submit packages of documents to initiate various processes: opening/closing a private enterprise, processing unemployment benefits, etc. The task of Diya is to make the process of providing these services fast, transparent, and save people from unnecessary bureaucracy.

“Diya” also stores electronic copies of such documents as a foreign passport, ID card, student ID card, driver’s license, technical passport. They are full-fledged copies of plastic originals.

Now in Ukraine, if necessary, all the documents can be presented directly from the smartphone screen. Moreover, DIYA documents are as legitimate as real ones, for example, now citizens are simply able to confirm the ownership of the car and the right to drive it by showing the chosen document in the application. And this is really convenient because it eliminates the need to carry plastic documents with you, which significantly reduces the risk of their loss. The main thing is not to forget to take your smartphone with you.

In order to use the mobile app, you need to download it from the Google Play Market and Apple Store. After starting it, you will have to log in. You can do this using BankID from PrivatBank or Monobank. And that is All. The application itself will pull up your documents, which are available for display in electronic form.


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