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Dislike button

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I would like to comment on rumors about the introduction by facebook. “‘Dislike button’ ‘supported by some sources with a comparable level of credibility to the” Fakt “. Zuckerberg clearly and explicitly said (and this is already at 3 minutes Q & A) that there will not be ‘dislike button’ but only there will be a tool  to demonstrate empathy in situations where ‘like’ is inappropriate, Ex. When someone set status on the sad events like death to allow users to show that they are with you and understands you in a simple way (without commenting or writing a private message) when you ‘like’ is not in place. More importantly, he said that this tool is not designed for offensive or cell to make someone upset so I guess quite clear is that this tool has little in common with ‘disliking’. Another example of how the media manipulate extremely truth and for those who share something popular on Facebook without thinking anything else it come across on FB proposes to seek the truth sometimes at source. I would recommend to hear the initial 6  minutes to understand Mark Zukenberg vision.

This is the link to Q & A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwbVnDXA-Is

Additionally I would like to knew what are thinking about future education platform on facebook?