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Samsung has announced a new monitor, which will save space on our desks. This new minimalistic device is called Space Monitor and  was created for people who have multi-functional apartments, offices, in order to minimize the space occupied by the computer.

Source: https://www.samsung.com


The device is attached to the edge of the desk with a movable arm. When the monitor is not in use, the arm can be placed in an upright position, so it does not take up space on the desk. However, it can also be tilted or pulled forward in order to use it and see the screen better.

What is more, the power and HDMI cables are inside the arm, so it makes this monitor even better. They are not taking any space on the desk, nor are they messy. This is another advantage of the new Samsung device.

In addition, this monitor has a modern design. With its slim panel featuring a 3-sided bezel-less screen it offers a very stylish solution for our offices or houses.


Source: https://www.samsung.com


For now, there are two models on the market, a 27-inch QHD model and a 32-inch 4K one.

I think, that this Samsung Space Monitor is a perfect solution for people who have to limit the occupied space on their desks or for those, who just like stylish devices.




Samsung’s Space Monitor is practical and minimal