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Decentralization available for everyone ~ by hyperledger


„Blockchain can do for business the same what internet did for communication”

The general purpose why we want to use blockchain solutions is that we want a fair trading. We want fair interactions without  any „guys” between. First example we have faced  was blockchain in currency system in a form of bitcoin. Later on, the ethereum was on the horizon with it’s concept of „decentralizing everything”.

Next years was a time when people started to speculate on bitcoin and everything became so famous. Geeks all around the world started to create their own platforms based on blockchain and ensuring this one is going to be another phenomen just like bitcoin was. Of course non of launched solutions didn’t become as popular as bitcoin.

Next years of blockchain revolution were focusing on it’s implementation in daily usage and this trend lasts till now. In order to make it widely available for the average user it must be implemented in the small-medium bussines sector.    Such an implementation is possible only if, this technology is accesible and potentialy easy to learn for everyone. Make it understable nad implementable by average owner of the business is what emphasises the key point.

Solution that can potentialy familiarize creating blockchain with wider audience is Hyperledger.

Hyperledger is a platform hosted by The Linux Foundation and constantly improving by innovators from all around the globe in areas of finance, banking, healthcare, IOT, supply chain, manufacturing and technology.

It is challenging to explain what exactly hyperledger is casue it is a platform which consits of many projects that can be defferenciate into two groups of frameworks and tools.

Hyperledger projects are so special, because they allow you to implement blockchain to your organization in much easier way, than any pevious solution.

Before, we talk a bit more about certain projects, I want you to know that their main site is full of  treasury information. There are tables with e.g. community section where you can learn the basics about hyperledger, join a meetup with members or even become a coder in one of their projects. In  resources table you can find webinars, videos, trainings , tutorials on how to use it.

This video shows main projects run on hyperledger platform.



I think it is just worth to familiarize with hyperledger especially, if that is a solution with a great potential to become widely available and usefull in day to day business.




Printed houses

This idea for business, came from problems which we are facing as a human. First is rapid growth of human population from 7 billion today to 9,2 billion by 2050. Those people need a place to live in, especially when biggest growth is expected in biggest cities. Another very important factor is growing frequency of floods or hurricanes caused by global warming. Of course we have to prevent against climate changes but sometimes it is too late. In the countries touched by natural disaster, everyone wants to go back to normal live and house as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is usually impossible to do it instantly because of lack of money and time to build new houses.

Contour crafting might be a good solution for those problems.

It is much cheaper than the traditional building process. Company didn’t declare concrete value. Reason why it really could be cheaper than traditional is that hole process Is manage by computer, and quantities of wasted materials are significantly smaller. Process is not totally human free, but still part where human is needed is small. This generates savings.

Here is an example of printing house process by company Apis Cor.


House from the movie was printed in 24 hours, in case of contour craf it would be around 45 minutes. Unfortunately, they have awful movies of construction process so, there are only pictures:



This process can be also implemented to building factories, buildings of public use, etc. this is especially important in developing countries. I am not sure about creating houses like that, for a big scale. In my opinion residentials made this method would be very tedious. However, I do really appreciate what they are doing, if it could help most needy people. For sure this also shows clearly, which way building sector will  develop in future.






Hyperloop = trip from Warsaw to Poznan in 20 minutes


At first I would like to introduce a bit how does it work. It is a train placed in low pressure tube, moving with incredible speed. Here is a film that explains main features of this technology:


Alright we know more-less about the technology, but does this really need a tube to work, instead of tracks that super fast trains are using at speed of 430 km/h ? Yes. If it comes to speed around 1000 km/h ( final aspiration of hyperloop), it is necessary.

Retorical question – Why do you think planes are flying at the average height of 10 kilometers.

Yes! You have a good intuition, there the air has much lower density and it is easier for plane to go through it.

Now, if you want to go with similar speed as plane, but closer to the ground you need similar conditions. That’s way they are using tubes with lower pressure.

The way how hyperloop can increase the comfort of travelling is enormous. Can you imagine travelling from Warsaw to Poznan in 20 minutes?  To be honest, I can not imagine such a speed. Here is a map of potential routes, that Hyperloop Poland suggested.

Unfortunately, chances that such a map would became a reality In the closest future is rather small. It is because hyperloop technology requires a huge amounts of money. First place where hyperloop can became a something real is middle east, where sheikhs are truly interested in this idea and ready to invest. Second such a place is of course US where have placed a competitions by SpaceX of hyperloop teams projects from countries all around the globe. The film you have watched at the begging comes from US team ,,HyperOne”.

Therefore Polish team offers step by step solution of implementing hyperloop’s technologies into Polish and generally European reality. It is mainly about renewal existing trucks, and it’s modernization into pre-hyperloop tubes. Such approach has real chance to became true, that’s why even polish government has started to look at the idea of hyperloopization of Poland.

In my opinion those guys got really great ideas and I am really cheering up this team. I like their approach of small steps and here I would like to present you a project of hyperloop poland’s  station, in a long term perspective.



This idea really got a potential to become true and it may be good choice for investements, that’s why I invite you to familiarize with the topic.  Here:





Is IOTA the cryptocurrency of the future ?

My last post was about Internet of things, now I would like to continue in related topic. First thing what is Iota?

As it’s written on their own site, this is  ledger that is being built to power future of internet of things. Well, this is nothing but, transactional settlement and data transfer layer. It depends on “tangle” system, and has some similarities and differences  from blockchain. It offers new way of making transactions in decentralized paying system.


In last post I’ve mentioned about smart cities, it sounds perfect but is impossible without new way of fast payments. That’s actually where iota wants to conquer against bitcoin and where, we find biggest differences. Blockchain currencies(ex. Bitcoin)usually, reach transactional price > 40$ . In smart cities most of the transactions are between internet-connected devices, those are the nanotransactions and reaches below 40$. Such payments needs to happen immediately. But first, let’s make a quick reminder what the bitcoin is and we will compare it to iota.

In bitcoin [blockchain technology]  transactions are verified by miners, who found proper algorithm of numbers. But It requires big computing power, and becoming more and more problematic. Blockchain technology is getting slower, when more transactions are made. It is a  free process.

In iota [tangle technology]  transaction creator require two last transactions to approve current one. This all happens in network that is getting bigger after each transaction and more safety. It doesn’t require any miners, and not that much computing power. If in the net there are more transactions, it gets faster. In this case more users means, more connections and more fluent working. This is why we can regard iota better than bitcoin.It is also free.




Iota discovered their own cryptographic hash function something like “ security system”, unfortunately they made few mistakes. Different inputs were hashing to the same output. This sounds like a primary school mistake,  it was coders fault. Nobody is perfect, and certainly there aren’t perfect solutions, this is an example that rolling your own currency always brings a risk 😉. However, their history isn’t that optimistic from the organisational side, the idea and technological aspect are fascinating and bring a lot positive hopes for the future. So I would like to say a little more about same tangle.

This looks quite like that:



I read at the web site of iota that it  is possible to store information within Tangle transactions, or even spread larger amounts of information in wide bounds  or during linked transactions. I can assume my admiration by the words:

“The more activity in ‘the Tangle’, the faster transactions can be confirmed.” – this is the tag line of what decentralized payment system is .

I don’t think that iota is going to be the currency of the future, but it doesn’t mean the direction they are aiming is wrong. In my opinion for next decade as the market of IOT( internet of things) will develop, the ideas as iota will gain more and more popularity. Maybe it is not time to invest in this concrete case, but it is worth to be aware of such a opportunity.



Internet of things

Internet was created for people to develop skills, entertain, and many other activities over the time. We created YouTube, Facebook, a lot of sites and it gave us an opportunity to communicate with  people all around the globe. We built international network. Today this is called internet of people , or just an internet.

Now it’s time for internet of things, which means that objects can communicate with each other, using the same mechanism of building network as people do on the traditional internet.

Imagine bed with microchips, that are reading the talk of your body. Afterwards they are checking your orthopaedic condition, and actualized shape of mattress in your bed. Just to make you comfortable and healthy. Morning ritual is starting with relaxing massage which is turning into terrible vibes so you have to wake up at 7.00 AM. Whenever you want it or not, you are never late.

Alright sounds nice but, how my bed can gain an information  about my orthopaedic health and what hour should I wake up?

It is all about interactions between objects:


In the first case bed is gaining information about health from data bases in hospital ( or any other place where you have put it). Than the mechanisms in bad are making an appropriate change of the shape of mattress.

In the second case you are putting an alarm in your phone. At certain hour phone is sending a signal to bed that is the time to wake up. Afterwards the process of waking you up is starting.

This chain of interactions is almost unlimited. Having a phone as a center of daily activities, morning routine can also looks like this:



Your bed is waking you up, the temperature in your room is changing, if it’s grey outside light of the lamp is turning on. In the kitchen you can hear the sounds of your morning coffee. In my opinion this is fascinating, because it’s a huge step in the direction of real intelligent houses or even smart cities

This is also very serious thought in business case. Companies like: IBM, Google, Samsung, Cisco are constantly investing in this technological aspect. Apart from improving daily life level, the biggest firms in the world invests in IOT because, it can significantly increase efficiency in every manufacturing sector.


Interest of IOT is still growing, so I think that reality of life as described above is going to be a norm sooner than most of as expect.