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Spend your weekend with benefit – FREE ONLINE TOURS

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Internet users can now make 3D-walk through the Olbia – open-air museum. With 360-degree panoramas of the virtual museum visitors will see the ancient ruins and archaeological sites. The journey is accompanied by images, videos, sounds and fun facts.

As part of the tour are invited to visit two museums and a variety of locations of ancient Greek colony, marked on the map. On the territory of the ruins of the fortifications, urban neighborhoods, area-agora, tombs, workshops and a necropolis.

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The “Olbio. The open air museum “is implemented in the framework of” Digital conversion of Mykolayiv region. “Mykolaiv region has a great potential in the field of leisure and tourism, so tourism sector will be the main component of the “digitization”, said Director of Public Relations with the authorities Ukrainian Oleg Yakymchuk Google.

The program “Digital conversion of Mykolayiv region” is to increase the investment and tourist attractiveness of Mykolayiv region with the help of modern technology. It is also planned to hold seminars for civil servants, which will talk about the role of digital technologies in the life of the city.

It’s a second huge project that was done with Ukrainian authorities and IT giant.



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