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Makro got supersmart and superfast

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Everyone has been at least once standing in a never-ending que in supermarket, waiting to pay for stuff in your basket. In the last few years, we see a trend that many people are using self-service cash registers or scan and go systems, if they are available.

Let’s look how this scan and go works. You walk in a shop, grab a stroller together with a small scanner and you are ready to shop. Some stores also offer a mobile app which you can use instead of the scanner. Before placing any item into your basket, you easily scan it. When you are ready to leave the shop, you simply go to self-service registers which will read your scanner, pay your purchase and you can leave without waiting in line. That sound very efficient, however in reality you must often wait anyway to be randomly checked if your bill has everything that you have in your bag. From very quick and easy shopping to very inefficient waste of time.

In majority of supermarkets Makro in Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, and Israel offer the same scan and go, but with new supersmart innovation. Company Bizerba together with Israeli start-up Supersmart developed a system, that fastens and automatize whole shopping experience.

So, from now on, when using scan and go in Makro, you just place your stroller into special gate, which will check your scanned shopping list, check the weight of your stroller, compare individual purchased items with all similar transactions in real time and, if necessary, it can work with the purchase history of a specific customer. The last factor in the automatic visual inspection of the contents of the purchase. All this in less than 60 seconds.

And if the Supersmart gate finds out some problems, it notifies the customer and automatically recommends relevant products, which the customer may have forgotten to scan. If there will be any problem with the transaction, the service can be called, but other than that – whole shopping experience could be contactless.

This innovation is very helpful not just because it is very time efficient, but it also saves our nerves as well as our backs. No more loading, unloading, loading back and unloading to car and than again unloading to your fridge.




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