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Meat Processing Plant “Dymkov” declared wanted a pack of sausages

On December 8 in social networks have become huge hit based on two photos of “Dymkov“. In a pack, visually designed for 10 sausages lying only eight, and two were attached to the side. In the company explained the alleged marketing gimmick standard packaging.

The pictures were published on Twitter and drew attention to the non-standard action. According to the packaging, the producer of meat products offered two sausages for free in addition to eight.



Photo of package of “Dymkov” widely dispersed on the internet and people wondered why the manufacturer did not just put ten sausages in one pack, and suggested that the two sausages just shifted to another compartment.

December 9 representatives of the company commented on the action in their own Facebook, reacted to post the user A.Alex post on social network with sensational meme with Travolta.




According to employees of “Dymkov”, originally in 454-gram packs and sold eight sausages, although the standard package can accommodate up to ten.

There are many unresolved questions of mankind: it was first the chicken or the egg, who built the Egyptian pyramids, and so on. Today Anastasia Alex added another question to the world treasury of mysteries: what happened to two more sausages?

Fortunately though here we can help! The secret is that the two sausages, almost the international wanted list, had never been in any pack weighing 464 grams. The standard package we put eight sausages to the promo and added two more pieces in a gift. To the doubters we declare superkonkurs! Let us give a year’s supply of sausages to the person who finds the whole pack “Dairy Standard 464g” with ten sausages without action!

The company assured users that shares involved and packaging with ten dogs, but more weight: “The smallest, at 464 grams, just become a victim of your powers of observation.”

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Would it be a trend in 2016 ?

In the world of web design life does not stand still. New ideas, techniques, tools and approaches appear almost every day. In web design, as well as in any other sphere of activity – for those interested in the subject and intends to understand it, you need to keep an eye on and watch what happens.

Personally, I think that “trending” of web design is very interesting as for well known designers as for new entrepreneurs. The goal of this article is to offer not only the designer of sites, but also the most modern patterns, each one of you could easily make a beautiful and professional site a trendy solution.

2015 gradually coming to an end, so let’s talk about what will be important in the near future. 

Good news

Text + Graphics = Love

Prepare to be that designers will use a text made up of graphic elements, images, textures and geometric shapes. Typography has always been considered an important part of web design, and with the growth of the technical capabilities of its role will only increase.

Web design: customer-oriented

To make a good site, you need to understand what the audience wants. The idea is not new, but are beginning to discuss it very deeply and seriously only now. The point is that the designer should provide the client uses the site, and do everything that he was the most clear and comfortable. Content and images must involve everyone, but first of all – representatives of a specific target audience.

All the attention to the content

A good way to emphasize the importance of communication – to put it right in the middle of the page and add a striking image or homogeneous background. This method is ideal for those occasions when you want to focus on the short statement.

Blocks content

If the statement is not one thing, it makes sense to divide the page into several large blocks – is still relevant. The blocks must not be such as to Pintereste and wide – on the entire screen. Researches would like to draw your attention to the fact that each unit can be decorated in its own style. This gives designers greater freedom – you can not worry about the visual hierarchy.

Bad news

Very long sites

The popularity of mobile interfaces and Facebook led to the fact that all started to make a long scrolling page. The idea itself is not bad, especially if you know when to stop. Now we regret that some sites are too long. The most common errors of their creators is infinite scrolling, love heavy animation effects and inability to structure content.

Securely hidden menu

You could not help but notice that the familiar menu navigation was reduced to a single icon, which opens when you click. On the screens of mobile devices, where little space is important and every pixel, it is really convenient, but on the ordinary – not always. Often, people do not see this icon, and does not understand how he go from one section to another. The golden rule of design says – avoid unnecessary complications. That is, do not hide the menu and do not force the user to search for it.

Too many layers

The text over the picture, and the picture – over the motley heterogeneous background. Do you think anybody wants to understand this chaos? Let’s agree to comply with the order. It’s easy to get started, you can get rid of superfluous elements arranged in two or three layers.

Unnecessary entry

Modern sites have a serious drawback – they are very “heavy”. Sometimes, instead of reducing the amount of content and thereby increase the speed of loading, their owners camouflage problem by adding an introductory welcome page. While the user is viewing the intro, site-heavyweight quietly loaded. What is the result? As a result, you do not make friends with the visitor, but the opposite – pushes him away, creating an additional obstacle. Output – safely remove all unnecessary.

Some “horror”
Enumerating applications

It’s great that the site you can add any third-party application, but there are limits. Please do not get carried away. Understand that these applications work on different people. Each of them – his own style, which is often not identical with the style of your site. Excessive application will not lead to anything good, honestly. The advice – pick one or two of the most necessary, and to confine them.

Source: WIX

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