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The all-new Starlink antennas installed at several Tesla charging stations

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As we can assume sitting in your car for 40 minutes waiting for it to charge up is not a fun or immersive thing to do. With the presence of the Starlink super-fast internet connection, drivers will get the chance to spend their time reading an interesting article or watching a movie. You can also buy yourself a $10 monthly subscription for taking advantage of Tesla built-in entertainment apps, such as Netflix, Spotify, Hulu and YouTube

There are also rumours that this is one of the first steps to Elon’s plan. His idea is to open Tesla Superchargers to other EV’s from different companies. That move would massively increase their annual revenue from charging from $1 billion to $25 billion. ┬áIf Superchargers were made available to everyone, considering not only the speed of the charging but also free Starlink WI-FI it might make other EV users choose Tesla chargers over its biggest competitors, like EVgo or ChargePoint.

As for now, SpaceX launched nearly 1900 Starlink satellites intending to deliver WI-FI access to the remotest parts of our planet. All that is left for us to do is to wait for the results.

Sensify – Brembo’s new AI braking system

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Famous Italian brake manufacturer announced new AI-based braking system. It should make the whole process of slowing the car down more calm and effective.

Using Artificial Intelligence in transport especially in electric vehicles is not new however in terms of braking it is surprising. Immediately we come up with questions like how is this algorithm going to work or is it even safe?
Sensify will have a dedicated app for operating the whole system. Based on the driving experience it will learn how to program itself to be maximally effective. Brembo says it will have a “digital brain” by using predictive algorithms and many sensors.

The anti-lock braking system is also known as ABS will also be improved. Italian engineers say that it would make a lot more sense to first diagnose what is going on at each of the wheels and then smartly apply brake force independently on different wheels.

Car with various labels describing the Sensify system

Braking modes will be easily personalized by the driver. For example, if you choose to go for a slow sightseeing family trip you should choose a comfortable setting but when you are going to have a little bit of fun on a track you would go for a sport setting. With the help of anonymously gathered data from all its users, the system will be developed and updated over time.

Moreover, Sensify can be applied in every car from small city vehicles to big SUVs and sports cars. Most effectively however it will work in electric and hybrid cars because it recovers energy while braking better than a regular system. That will open an opportunity for installing smaller batteries in cars because they will charge faster.

Brembo says that Sensify will have its premiere in 2024, so we have to wait a couple of years to experience that in our everyday cars. Fortunately, journalists that had to use it are astonished by the system’s performance.