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Hospi- the robot, which will change Your perception about boring waiting on the airport.

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Hello Readers,

Probably many of You during being on the airport domestic or the international one had this specific feeling of being lost or confused, how to find particular entrance, gate or check-in table. Japanese airport decided to minimalize this kind of feeling and in co-operation with Panasonic introducing into the airport’s area the innovative robots, called Hospi. Soon the passengers, who are flying from Narita airport in Tokyo will be served by a Robot-assistant, which will take care about check-in, help to find proper gate and via its build-in artificial intelligence will solve our problems or dilemmas. Before Hospi became a part of the airport’s staff it was tested in one of the hotel, near to that airport. The guests just felt in love with this robot. Hospi has an accurate airport’s map, it can cleans a table, help to find a transport from the airport to the city, delivers water or can simply talk to You and improve Your time during waiting for Your flight.

Before the airport Hospi worked also in a hospital, where it delivered the documents or medical staff.


What is Your feeling about Hospi Guys?.

Can You imagine this kind of innitiative into Your domestic airports?.


Feel free to share Your comments below.

Norwegia- the first world’s state without FM.

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Hello Dear Readers

Welcome in 2017. In that post I would like to present You the last news, which came from Norwegia. Some regions of that state decided definitely resign from traditional  FM radio system. January 11 th such areas like Nordland and later the others southern parts will introduce, as the first around the world, only digital radio transmission. According the the specialists after that changes almost 8 million of equipment will become out of usage. As surveys showed the majority of Norwegian society are already using that kind of signal’s  transmission that is why they are pretty satisfied from Government’s decision.

How You see introducing this of requirement into Your country? It will be extremely interesting to get Your point of view.

From my personal opinion, we could observed during last time, how long was the process of changing traditional television broadcast in Poland into digital one, so I can guess that in case of radio it could be similar, because it is connect with extra costs.

Thank You for Your time.


The space internet- the funds are already collected

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Hello Dear Readers,

That’s my last post, uploaded in 2016, that is why for that article I selected really interesting subject, which is a chance and could be still improved and developed in the nearly years.

One Web is a project, that focus on solving the problem of the internet’s unviability. As last news said One Web already collected necessary funds, which are equal to 1,2 billions of dollars for realization great and wide idea, that provides connection to the internet’s  global network for billions of people around the world. In 2018 One Web will start its building of the huge satellite’s park, located on the Florida. Furthermore this initiative will guarantee an employment for almost 3000 people, so it has not just technological but also social and economic impact. The main investor is Japanese company called SoftBank, which is the biggest listed company, with its headquarters located in Tokyo. The other investors, involved in that project are for example: Virgin company, Google, Coca-Cola or Airbus, which also will be responsible for monitoring each produced satellite. The plan is based on creating 7000 satellites in orbit. The satellite’s elevation is Virgin Galactic’s duty, which will use intensively tested LauncherOne rocket.  

What does it mean for us, normal internet users?

Well, basically this kind of project is the future competition on the satellite’s Internet field, what could cause that the prices for availability to the global network will become lower, so the scenario is pretty positive.  

The stratospheric plane- the latest technical invention

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Hello Guys. Plane is this mode of transport, which each of us is going to use in our life. In in that post I would like to introduce You the newest eco-friendly plane, which already obtained a great opinions and assessments.

It called Solar Impulse 2 and it is the first plane, which is powered by the solar cells. His flight around the world, which already finished became a huge success. As the forecasts are showing this type of machine will be extremely helpful for the environment protection.

Let’s introduce the author of that great invention. He is coming from Switzerland and his name is Raphael Domjan, In 2014 that guy circumnavigated the world in boat, which was powered via solar energy. That adventure inspired him to create a super innovative and eco- friendly plane. It has 25- meter of wingspan, where placed 22 square metres of photovaltaic cells. Furthermore Solar Impulse 2 is very light. Without the pilot it weighs 450 kg. The plane can be used 24 hours in the air on the maximum high of the 25000 meters.

Haters and fake convent provided via social media.

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Dear Readers

Today in the wake of the huge popularity of sharing the content via social media, when people felt much more anonymous, they basically means as much as their signs, emoji or nicknames, which identify them. It caused that they are feeling much more free in providing their posts, which very often are offended or fake. Facebook representative still tries to reduce this kind of problem, but its scale is huge and difficult to control. They mostly concentrated on fake ads, which sometimes we can notice during opening fb web or in the message folder called “ different”. As written in Mark Zuckerberg said that the fake news are in the minority of the general content provided via Facebook, but as we can easily notice false information takes place pretty often. I am one of the moderator of the music band fun-page, where people are able to provide their opinions, comments, adds. What I observed is the fact, that minimum once per week what happened is sharing the negative, even as I mentioned above offended and fake comments. 99 percent of them are sending from the unreal accounts, which used strange names or pics taken from google- graphs or someone’s Instagram ,what is basically under the law. How we are fighting with that?

Well, the solution is pretty simple and for now that is the only solution, which is coming into my minds. It  is basically blocking, cause every critiques, (of course best if it is constructive criticism) are welcomed, but the curse or racist comments are not allowed. Probably many of us met, with this kind of negative experience in our life, especially if we are giving something publicly.

You re more than welcome to share Your feedback and opinions, how You are dealing with haters in the social media, or other platforms, where You re sharing Your content, ideas of simply Yourself.

If You are more interested in the issue, how Facebook currently is dealing with that staff check the link

Thanks for reading and see You soon.

Magda Skorodzień.

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