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Amazon launches Amazon Pharmacy

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Amazon announced this week, its huge move into the pharmacy business; it sent shockwaves through the industry. Is the tech giant going to take the heath care world by storm or break it?

Amazon Pharmacy is here with big savings on your prescriptions

Amazon recently launched Amazon Pharmacy, its online and mobile prescription medication ordering and fulfillment services. The service lets users buy medications, order refills online and have it delivered to their doorsteps, in a couple of days. Amazon Pharmacy will allow customers to complete pharmacy transactions on their desktop or through the Amazon’s mobile app.

Investors have misdiagnosed Amazon's push into the pharmacy business -  MarketWatch

Now, the world’s largest online retailer run by the world’s richest man is getting even further into the U.S. healthcare market by offering to send prescription drugs to its customers’ doors. In announcing the new venture on Nov. 17, Amazon said in a statement that customers can purchase prescription medications with or without insurance.

Customers will be able to create a secure pharmacy profile to add their insurance information, manage prescriptions, and choose payment options before checking out, Amazon explained in a statement.

Prime members receive unlimited, free two-day delivery on orders from Amazon Pharmacy included with their membership, the company added. Additionally, it announced a program for Amazon Prime members that let them buy medications at a discount when paying for them without insurance. The program, available at the Amazon Pharmacy and 50,000 pharmacies across the USA, can save Prime members 80 percent off generic drugs and 40 percent off brand name medications.

A number of self-service options are also available at Amazon’s pharmacy, as well as 24/7 phone access to “friendly and knowledgeable” pharmacists to answer questions about medications.

Doctors can send prescriptions directly to Amazon Pharmacy, currently available in the US only, or patients can request a transfer from their existing retailer.

Amazon has been quietly building out its pharmacy offering for several years after ramping up internal discussions in 2017 and buying PillPack in 2018. Amazon paid $753m two years ago to acquire Pillpack, which will continue to run its own business. However, Amazon will leverage its pharmacy software fulfillment centers, and relationships with health plans.

Amazon kicks off PillPack marketing campaign with email to Prime users |  MobiHealthNews

When Amazon acquired online pharmacy Pillpack in 2018, they said health data would remain separate and distinct from that on its retail site and no information would be shared with advertisers without permission.

But, many are afraid of the ‘data problem’. If you’re an Amazon user your data is used by the company for marketing and advertising purposes. Many believe Amazon can now track your conditions, your medications, and when you last had them filled, And use predatory methods of advertising. Plus, many believe that Amazon is slowly becoming a monopoly and may take over this industry. CVS, Walgreens, and other huge pharmaceutical companies’ stocks already plummeted since the announcement of Amazon Pharmacy.

However, a lot of people see the introduction of Amazon Pharmacy as a big win, especially in a pandemic. Individuals do not have to wait in lines in public for their prescriptions; instead, they can stay home and order safely. Moreover, the discounts Amazon is offering on generics (up to 80%) to people with or without insurance are incredibly attractive.

Forrester analyst Arielle Trzcinski, in her research notes on the Amazon announcement, sees a number of benefits for consumers in the new pharmacy offering.

The ability to track your order is a nice added feature than many PBMs (pharmacy benefit manager) and pharmacy experiences do not provide, she wrote. Visibility across the supply chain will provide greater comfort to consumers who may be fearful of delays or the risk of medications getting lost in the mail.

Arielle Trzcinski, Forrester analyst

Although Amazon Pharmacy service is only available across the states at the moment, it is expected to be available worldwide in good time. As the need for pharmaceuticals is everywhere; it’s a global opportunity.






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Your habits are going to change…

Reading Time: 3 minutes…when it comes to buying online. eCommerce as we know it is about to change. We may have just got started with buying our electronics, books, home appliances and vacations online, but eCommerce is constantly changing and faster than ever. Just this summer, twitter introduced product pages, amazon offers grocery shopping to prime customers and Instagram is turning more and more into a promo machine for brands . One of the most anticipated eCommerce revolutions is Pinterest’s buy button. E-commerce is advancing into new markets and the offering is growing exponentially. Some of the sectors, highly restricted at this point, will change drastically over the next few years. Thinking about online pharmacies, we are in for a revolution, once e-prescription becomes a common standard in many countries. The healthcare sector, already in the spotlight due to the possibilities that arise in the field of big data, etc., will also become a strong force in the e-commerce sector. These may be just assumptions at this point, but the signs are obvious, if we look at the growth rates in eCommerce sales.

We start hearing about “uber for deliveries”, drones and many more services targeted at the boom in eCommerce. Probably, more than any other supporting industry, we will also see the logistics sector literally transforming overnight. While in most cases 24h delivery is not a thing yet, we are already talking about delivery a few hours after an online purchase has been logged. A challenge and a sea of opportunities, especially in markets like Poland with strong eCommerce growth rates, but a rather fragile logistics network that still has some room for improvement, if we compare it to its German neighbor.

A cha7aaace0f44fe1ecf06be692d148b4959llenging situation also for many shops that are currently still trading exclusively offline, facing a growing online competition, which is able not only to offer better prices, but also faster deliveries. In how many cases do you really need something right now? Might it not be more comfortable to order something in the morning and pick it up on your way home after work? A chance for offline shops to become part of the online landscape, enabled by platforms of various industries that make setting up your e-shop as easy as creating a Gmail address. Increase your reach of customers significantly, just by signing up on a webpage.

Going back to the so called „mail order pharmacy“, issues that we are currently facing are high abandonment rates, specifically in this sector. The reasons for this are various. One of the most apparent reason is that people tend to compare prices in different eCommerce outlets, thus abandoning the basket once they compared different baskets in different e-shops. With a growing number of e-outlets, consumers start to get lost in the eCommerce jungle of hundreds of shops that seem to offer products for the same conditions. While offline stores have the possibility of differentiation through their location, this is not possible for eCommerce businesses. In most cases this leads to hard price competition and smaller businesses are usually the ones left behind in this battle.

Many smaller businesses that would like to advance into eCommerce are going to have to change the way the play the game. eCommerce is a different game, with different rules and a lot of businesses do not seem ready for the challenge yet, which at the end leads to bigger businesses taking home the grand prize. The winner takes it all.

What are the limitations to eCommerce? What would you never buy online?

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