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Now all GAMERS can experience something NEW…

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VR Gaming.

Probably, you have heard about virtual reality. And now it is becoming more and more popular among gamers all over the world. Therefore, companies are creating more games supporting VR.


The original idea of Virtual Reality was to create a world close to the real environment, to make a player believe that he is the protagonist of this plot and immerse him into the story.

To achieve that innovators have to make this reality so indistinguishable from the real world. Even now they are developing various devices, for instance, VR helmets, hand controllers, gloves with additional sensors, which allow monitoring the exact position of each finger. However, one Belarusian company called TESLASUIT has created something more than just a VR device.

Feelings go to a new level.

Teslasuit – is a breakthrough in VR Gaming, because it allows its users to feel the environment. This suit is equipped with climate control, biometric and motion capture sensors.

So, what does it mean?

It means, that a player can feel everything, what happens with the main character in-game. For example, the player can feel the weather in a desert (warm temperatures), strokes from the bullets (not so painful as in real life) and even touches of other game characters integrated into the game.

All these are available due to electric pulses that stimulate your muscles.

Moreover, developers created a flexible system of settings, which allows integrating this suit into almost all games easily. And now, all game developers are capable of implementing this device into their VR games.

Other benefits.

Although the main aspect of using this suit is gaming, the costume can be used in sports training. For instance, first of all, the movements of a professional sportsman are recorded with a system of motion capture. Then, a newcomer wears a suit, and his movements are compared with the movements of a professional. If the system identifies, that a newcomer is doing something wrong, it will send a signal and will ask him to adjust his movements.

Furthermore, this suit and VR helmet will help to train highly specialized staff, who work in dangerous conditions. For example, workers who drilling the well.



The Teslasuit developers believe that such a system of monitoring muscle activity can be beneficial in medicine too. They are developing a neural network that will recognize the underlying disease. For instance, such systems can be installed into a simple T-shirt or trousers, and you do not need to visit a doctor, you can send him a history of your muscles condition and the doctor can establish the diagnosis without your physical presence.

This device of a new generation offers to all gamers a great chance to get new game experience, and also can be applied in other fields of activity.

So, if you had a chance to experience everything that the main hero feels, would you try this suit on and save the world?

(I know, almost all of you are thinking of “The Witcher 3. Wild Hunt.”)



=> https://34mag.net/ru/post/teslasuit-rus

=> https://teslasuit.io/

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The future of gaming – Teslasuit

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Probably most of you are familiar with VR. Not that long ago, we could see it only in movies, but nowadays thanks to Oculus Rift, it started becoming a more mainstream option of entertainment. Well, now imagine that there’s a device that enables you to not only see everything as if you were there, but also to feel it. That’s what Tesla’s new invention is all about.

Teslasuit was presented at CES 2019, where influencers and journalists could even try out the prototype version. It is a new generation of smart clothing. Moreover, it is a full body suit, made from waterproof neoprene, filled with multiple censors, which right now add up to 68. Since it’s waterproof, it is fully washable. Just put it into your washing machine and enjoy the fresh smell. Additionaly, Tesla’s spokesperson stated that by the time that they will hit the market, number of censors will be even higher. Although all of this information may not seem as impressive for you at this moment, let me explain briefly what can it do.

This clothing with the use of haptic feedback can simulate the feeling of touch, bumping into a wall and even getting kicked or punched. It seems pretty futuristic, doesn’t it? Of course everything is done with safety measures, so that it doesn’t hurt you. You can even adjust the power of the sensations, if it’s too much for you, but that’s not all. Let’s ignore for a second the ‘less important’ fact that it measures your biometric data like heart rate and how do you feel overall. It actually can make you feel different temperatures.

Now imagine, that you play Call of Duty or some other FPS game and you have a mission located somewhere in Siberia with -30°C, there are plenty of enemies nearby trying to kill you and you can feel it all! The temperature, bullets hitting you, touching the ground, your weapon, simply everything. Of course it won’t be as real as the real pain or temperature, but it definitely will be different and much better than sitting in front of a computer or a TV on your couch.  I don’t know how do you feel about it, but to me it seems amazing. 


It provides the sensations, anything from stroke to hard impact … but the hard impact we’ve specifically limited to the own wearer’s strength, not to damage any tissue or anything, to keep it safe.” (Digital Trends).


Imagine the possibilities that this equipment creates. In my opinion, it can even help with obesity to some extent. All of the gamers in order to keep playing, will have to burn all of this calories by moving inside of their houses constantly. That’s definitely not something that you can do, while being overweight. Your actual physical abilities will determine, how good you are at certain games.

Although I’m really enthusiastic about this kind of gaming, let’s talk about some other aspects of this technology, since playing games just isn’t for everyone. In future, it may enable us to for example go explore different countries or watch a NBA game, from the comfort of our own house, just for few bucks.  It can even be some form of communication between friend’s and family. Imagine that you are in a long-distance relationship. This technology will enable you to not only talk face-to-face, but feel the presence of your partner. This just blows my mind.

Here you can see a quick video of how people reacted to Teslasuit at CES 2019

It all sounds amazing, but nothing there’s always a catch. Well, the device itself isn’t so cheap. It may cost several thousand of dollars and it’s only wholesaled. The price will probably go down as the interest of the product will go up in future, but it definitely isn’t a product for everyone, as for now. Still, in my opinion it’s totally worth it, if you can lands your hands on it.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. 


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