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Is serverless computing going mainstream?

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A new report from Datadog company – the company focuses on service observability for clod-scale applications, while providing monitoring of servers, databases, tools, and services through SaaS-based data analytics platform, shows serverless compting might be going into the mainstream with over half of the organizations using serverless solutions from three major clods – Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

“Serverless represents the ideal state of cloud computing, where you only use exactly what resources you need and no more. That’s because the cloud provider delivers only those resources when a specific event happens and shuts it down when the event is over. It’s not a lack of servers, so much as not having to deploy the servers because the provider handles that for you in an automated fashion.”

Why does it matter? Taking it into practical perspective it can and most probably will, change the way how we do our daily things via common electronics. With 5G or even future 6G internet, every desktop or mobile phone would transfer all the computing power to the cloud, which would imply that all the processing power inside, is not so much needed anymore. It only leaves a creative mind to wonder, what are the possibilities and upcoming innovations, where devices are not so reliant on what is inside, but rather on what they are surrounded with. Of course, it also implies the native talk about metaverses tough what fascinates me, even more, is how serverless computing can be used for devices to implement AR/VR into our daily life with progressing internet speed technology.


Datadog finds serverless computing is going mainstream

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Top 10 best practices to protect your data on cloud

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In today’s world, collaboration is imperative and storing data locally in a single location is impossible. Cloud applications are indispensable. We are also well aware of how vulnerable our data is in the cloud. It is crucial for us to understand how to protect our data.

Below are 10 tips on how to protect your data on cloud:

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