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PageCloud – Website Design Made Easy

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There are so many people, bloggers, start-ups and what not that need a website. It can be a daunting task! So many people want to boot strap a website and well, they look bootstrapped! There are a lot of services that you can use for building a website. There is WIX which is a stand alone web edit service and platform, you get what you pay for. Then there are more advanced drag and drop editors like HeadWay Them Editor for CMS’s like wordpress.

However nothing seems to compare (for now) to this! Let me introduce PageCloud. It appears to be a totally functional live website editor! The cost is a whopping $20 per month, that is sarcasm. If you are into web dev check it out for 14 days free. If first found out about this service last year via facebook. They were doing some pretty massive marketing campaigns on facebook.

Here is the video that they used in the campaign. His talk says way more about the service than I ever could. Prepare to have your mind blown.

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Better than Google Image Search

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Many people are familiar with google image search feature where you can actually upload your own image and then search that image in google to find similar images.

Just go to

You should see this…screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-2-57-16-pm

This will allow you to do a lot of things, like search for your brand logo, Ensure that companies aren’t stealing images and pretending their products are real. You know, things of that nature.

What if I told you there was a better and more thorough option? Google image is good for some novel image searches but Monitori goes way beyond Googles capabilities. With Monitori it is not simply just a social media analysis tool. At first glance it seems pretty similar to Brand 24 but they don’t have the image function that Monitori does.

With their search feature you can upload an image of your brand logo and it will return with a query of every place that it can find where your brand image shows up online. I tested this feature with a very small and not well known brand and to my surprise there were results! This is going to change the way companies function for sure and it is a powerful feature of this SAAS company.


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The Hemp Fiber of Tomorrow.

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Hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly plants from all perspectives: growing, processing etc. Hemp is capable of creating over 25,000 products.

So why doesn’t everyone have hemp products in their lives? When you do not include the common things such as the perception of the cannabis plant globally according to “public opinion”. It really comes down to price. When you compare the price per kilo of cotton versus hemp the reason is obvious.

Cotton is much easier to harvest and process into usable fiber for the productions of fabrics. Hemp on the other hand uses more complicated techniques to harvest the bast fiber and still it is not as flexible as cotton, because of that though certain products can be made better with hemp and other still can be made with hemp and cotton blends.

So if we consider the main barrier of cannabis (hemp) products being accepted broadly once again how do we lower the cost of the fiber production? There has not been any real breakthroughs and innovations of the retting, degumming and other processes used to process hemp in a long time. This is set to change with a new company that has been developing a new product for quite some time. This company is called Canfiber Inc.

The main idea of this machine is to strip the fiber from the stalk as the stalks are cut from the ground. This will give out more long fiber and that is crucial for creating good fabrics. This would also allow farmers to sell the hurds in longer sections and this would create much better hempcrete. This machine will clearly make hemp more competitive with cotton once the product gets off the ground officially.

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More than moon power!

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Solar panels have been around for a long time. Solar energy theory has been around since the 1800’s but the one of the first silicon based panels came out in the 1940’s, that was invented by Russell Ohl back in 1941. However it has a less than 1% efficiency.

This brings us to the present, we have tried so many different ways and configurations to get energy from the sun and to convert it into usable work. The main problem with solar panels is heat. Ironically the brighter the sun the more energy you get, however, the brighter the sun the hotter the panels get and this leads to a higher ohm resistance in the panel itself which means a reduced efficiency.

Enter the British company RawLemon. They have invented an orb that works similar to a Fresnel Lens. This clear water filled orb is able to concentrate the sun, with the help of a solar tracking device, and then create useful work from the concentrated solar rays. This orb is so good at concentrating light that it can even generate electricity from moonlight!

RawLemon sucking up moonlight, from IndieGoGo

RawLemon was able to make some smaller versions of the devise and they collected over 150% of their crowdfunding goal raising a total of $233,062 IndieGoGo. Unfortunately their website is getting “an upgrade” so you can’t purchase anything from them at the moment.

Rawlemon in the daytime.

Now let us move on to something that has a bit of controversy behind it. The V3Solar Cone.

The company claims that with this special design they are able to be at least 20 times more efficient than a traditional flat solar panel. As I mentioned before the hotter a panel gets the more inefficient the panel becomes. V3 gets around this because the solar panel is always spinning at the optimal speed. This allows, in theory, the panels to be exposed to sunlight just long enough for proper energy exposure but also the ability to cool down as it spins away from the sun as a “fresh” solar panel is brought around back to the direct sunlight.


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