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Buying is easier then ever

Big retailers and brands have been always interested in finding new ways to promote and sell their goods and services. And I believe one of the convenient and fast methods is about to be invented. Lately largest social media started to embed “buying” option inside their platform. From the first sight it may be small feature, but it may carry great potential. Let’s figure out.



Facebook was among the firsts to test this option. Basically now visiting the brand’s fun page the user can find numerous posts with goods (descriptions etc.) with “buy” option. Now clicking the button redirects You to the page WITHIN THE APPLICATION following further procedures to seal the deal.

The Twitter started to implement the same option in its platform.2  It works with the same idea – the client stays inside the twitter account, buying the good or service.

The service Like2buy exploits the idea and implicates it on Instagram.

And now the main point. Despite the explicit better off both for users (seamless shopping, matching social networking with buying things, speed to procedures (brands will optimise buying experience for social networks etc.) and for brands (buyers are all  on social platforms) there is another cool thing. Facebook is about to introduce it’s paying system. If it happens then users will get the perfect way to enjoy shopping: no additional info needed to provide  (credit card, personal data etc.). In this case You are literally one click away from purchasing.


What do You think about it? Would You use it?

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7 unique Instagram features that you don’t know

Today, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. It is used more than 400 million and compared to December 2014 increased by an audience of 100 million. But the important thing that Instagram has a lot of features that the majority of people, actual users, don’t know.

Hide unused Photo Filters

Filters for photos – it’s what made Instagram so popular, but some of them you may not like. To turn off the effects, which are rarely used, open the photo and ready for editing, right scroll all filters until you find the icon Manage. Here you can hide your unwanted treatment options, removing from them tick.


Hide all bad photos that you mentioned

The photos are not bad, but you can imagine on them do not like. In any case there is the ability to hide unwanted marks. To do this, go to the tab with your photos – Photos of You, click on the selected photo to find your name there, and click on it. In this menu, select the Hide from My Profile, and save your changes. All your photos unsuccessful if it was not.


See what your friends like

To see what people like, which you follow, and go to the Activity tab to the left proskrolte Following. There you will find all the people Husky on which you are subscribed.


View all the pictures that you set Like

Desperately looking for photos that you liked earlier in the tape? Sometimes the belief that it is close to “escape” leads us to spend a lot of time scrolling and careful search. To find their likes in a simpler way, use the Posts You’ve Liked, hidden in the settings menu, which is in the upper-right corner of your profile page.


Receive notification of the publication of photos from your favorite accounts

Among the many accounts in Instagram, for which you subscribe, usually there are a few whose updates the tape please most. There is a way to be instantly informed about new photos on your favorite Instagram-pages: it is necessary to enable notifications (Turn on Post Notifications), which are hidden behind the three dots in the upper left corner of the page of the selected profile.


Send invisible to other private messages

For such forward other people’s photos previously had to make a screenshot, but recently Instagram is a new feature that lets you send someone a photo to others, without informing the author.



Are you active users of such features?


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Apple Music and Spotify has a competitor – YouTube Music

The popular video hosting has decided to withdraw one of its functions in a single application. YouTube Music is designed for streaming clips, holds licenses for more than 30 million songs (like the Apple Music or Spotify) and is able to search for music by artist, album or title. Currently the application is only available in the United States.

YouTube Music is available for free, but there is also a paid subscription, which gives advantages. October 28 in the United States there was a pay version of YouTube with the prefix in the name Red. It costs $ 9.99, and for users of iOS – $ 12,99. The presence of a paid subscription YouTube Red allows you to store music in a new offline YouTube Music, disables ads and provides an opportunity to listen to the tracks in minimized mode.

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Mass media coverage the terrorist attacks in (insert country here), you simply have not read

After the horrific events in Paris, the internet is filled with thousands of publications critical of the media for the selective news coverage. It’s also affected the Ukrainian segment of Facebook. People en masse began to publish news about the terrorist atrocities in Libya, Kenya and Beirut. London journalist Emma Qilya faced the same reaction at home and wrote on the subject in his blog post. Emma says that the media coverage of these events, only those users do not read the article. Here is a full translation of its notes.


On Friday night, terrorists attacked a rock concert and a restaurant in Paris and detonated a bomb next to the Stade de France.

Landmarks around the world, including Tower Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, painted in the colors of the French flag as a sign of solidarity. In Europe, the general took a moment of silence, which started exactly at 11:00 am to commemorate of victims.

On The Daily Star Online – this was the biggest story of the year. People read by thousands each update. Each news site shifted the emphasis to the terrorist attacks, pushing all the other topics to the side.

But in light of the attacks in Paris, many users of Facebook and Twitter began to be indignant: why killing 147 people at the University of Garissa University College in Kenya are not covered in the same way as Paris?

Why does not Mass media cover these attacks? – I’ve seen a few posts on Facebook with this issue, and with attached article from the BBC News website about the tragedy.

A) Mass media covered it. You share the link to BBC News with this story.

B) A quick Google search will reveal that it coverage not only the BBC. Al Jazeera, CNN, New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post (from the Ukrainian media “Mirror of the Week”, TSN, Mig News – Ed.) Wrote in detail about the incident.

B) Apparently, you just do not click on this story to read the article. Even now, when you share it, you probably realize that there was a massacre at a college in April.

The question “Why is Mass media do not cover events in (insert country here)” in fact is derived from the question “Why is this story of light in my Facebook news?»

Of course, the stories from abroad highlights not so big, as what happens next to our house. And that is something Mass media need to work better, it is – a serious problem. But it is not because an innocent man killed in Beirut and Iran less important than the dead white European. And because fewer people interested to read about it.

It seems that everyone has decided to rebel and say how disgusting the media react to events outside Europe and the United States. But anyone who has access to intelligence news sites will tell you that in fact people do not worry too much.

The history of the city exploded, say, Lebanon can score a couple thousand views. The terrorist attacks in Paris recruited several thousand per minute.

If the event is not just a geographical or cultural affinity (for example, in the United States), people just are not clicking. Many realize that the Middle East explosions occur every day, but WHOA – If it happened in Paris, it can happen to us.

I have seen several articles on the site, including the national news site Metro, in which the question was asked as to why Mark Zuckerberg did not offer to put people on the avatar flag Lebanon after the death of 47 people in an attack LIH in Beirut last week.

But let’s be very honest with yourself – would you put it? Of course not. Because if this story came to you through Facebook news flavored sad status or frustrated smiles, you are likely about her and did not hear. And if they have heard, it is unlikely to publicly show their support for Lebanon.

See International sites. Watch for a variety of news sources. And do not complain that the media do not tell you about the tragedy at the other end of the world.

They talked. You just have not clicked.

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snSnapchat – application which is loved by 13–34 year olds. Over 100 million super engaged users, that share almost 9 thousand “snaps” every SECOND and view videos over 6 billion times DAILY!

If you are over 34 years old, you probably don’t understand how Snapchat works. I’ll briefly explain it:

  1. Snapchatters can send photos or videos, to their friends, that can be viewed only once
  2. They can also add photo or video to “My Story” tab, so their friends can watch it for next 24 hours
  3. They can chat with friends, but messages are not stored, so they can also view them only once.

These are main features of Snapchat. Why am I actually describing it? I want you to understand that marketing has just now reached a whole new level!

Recently, fashion luxury brand – Burberry – decided to present their new Spring/Summer 2016 collection for the first time, one day before runway show, exclusively via Snapchat! Photos were made live with smartphone by well-known photographer Mario Testino and immediately uploaded to Burberry’s My Story.



Earlier other luxury fashion brands, like Luis Vuitton, showed snaps from their runways…


… but Burberry definitely went a step further. They also presented backstage from their runway show with new collection.



I really appreciate that they tried this new, different channel of communication with their customers, I liked their unusual idea for presenting new collection and admire for their courage for implementing this idea!

What do you think guys? Is Snapchat a good channel for luxury brand? Would you give it a try for your business?





Couple of weeks ago I had a pleasure to test Oculus. It is a very future-oriented device. It can change many aspects of our lives. Is it going to be positive or negative? What exactly can it change? Below there are some of the most important aspects:

  1. Gaming. There are already some video games in which you can move around entire towns and interact with many objects. It’s easy to move to virtual reality but is it still easy to come back to reality?
  2. Commerce. There’s already an Oculus program in which you can see your flat that you are about to buy. You can also see the whole building and the neighborhood. It’s a future for real estate agents.
  3. Education. It’s possible to take classes online. What if you could sit at a virtual desk instead of watching a video? Imagine biology classes if you could travel inside human body, brain!
  4. Sex. Impressions will be stronger than when viewing photos or videos. Oculus porn is going to be immersive and engaging. You can easily become addicted to this kind of entertainment.


Techno companies are unlikely to survive for a century

Hello everyone. Today’s post I want to dedicate to rumination about the life cycle of technological companies. Are they easy to go beyond the times and survive hundred years, as did their peers in other industries?

Recently HP got split into two separated companies and now is traded on exchange as two different units. HP was a pioneer, the first techno start-up of Silicon Valley, the company that gave an inspiration to new breed of other audacious geeks to believe they can create something similar. Now techno giant has hard times…

Now, like never before, techno companies are vulnerable and I believe there are several reasons for that:

  • Times are changing faster, especially in digital world: company that popped up could enjoy the trend for years, calmly developing the idea. Now trends change so rapidly, that no one can feel secure with just a good idea.
  • What we see now is a world of start-ups – one can get funds and initial investors right away. That favored the condition for mushrooming hundreds and hundreds of start-ups. Can they be thread for acknowledged technological firms? Absolutely. Breed of new entities like Facebook, Google, Airbnb, Uber and others are so young compered to Sony, Apple, Microsoft and others. And still they compete even right now.
  • Companies, which stand only on sole idea, are doomed. The great example (not from virtual world though) is a PLAYBOY. There was only one reason why man all over the world kept buying the magazine: eagerness for naked flesh. However wind changed, a nudity may be found everywhere on Internet and the magazine struggles. Therefore the companies, which are not bothered with establishing affiliate businesses, will eventually have hard times. And now it’s reasonable, as never before – companies can’t afford to have lack of innovations.

So having these thoughts in mind, I believe, that companies in technological field are unlikely to survive hundreds years in their original state – if we will have a Facebook it will not be famous for social networking.


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Social Media in State of the Art Customer Service (Customer Service Trends)

There it was; I could not access my email account anymore due to “unusual activity”. Recovering password etc. did not work either. My last option, calling the AOL customer service, which is unfortunately based in the US. Apart from the big time difference between the USA and my location at the time, the not existent Customer Service for accounts created in Germany, as well as the fact that the customer service on the phone just could not solve my problem; I was sure that I will never get access to my email account ever again.

After a little bit of browsing on AOL’s help pages. I found the companies twitter account. I actually never tried to solve my problems with products via social media, but it looked like it was my last shot at gaining access to my AOL account.

The big surprise, where the phone contact failed, the guy behind the AOL customer service twitter account was actually able to resolve my problem within 10 minutes. We exchanged 7 DM messages and that was it! Considering the fact that twitter also limits the number of characters, it was a very effective chat.

Being happy that I could solve my problem like that, I decided to look a bit deeper into social media customer service, also on the background of a project I’m working on currently. So is the future of customer service social media? I think yes – and – no! It will certainly become a part and one of the multiple channels we will be able to use. The phone is still the predominant customer service contact channel and in years to come it will remain almost untouched. Nevertheless, various new channels pop up and Social media might gain some “market share” from email based customer service for example. Online applications that allow customers to help themselves with a large amount of smaller problems, will become standard procedure and reduce the amount of actual customer contact with a customer service agent.

Customer service has to be proactive, but is social media the most proactive tool we can use? In my opinion it is and will definitely be one of the elements of proactive customer service. Simply because customers will demand that social media customer service is available, whether they use it or not. In a b2c environment this seems totally rational. In b2b, Social media based customer service has not established itself – yet. However, there are already a few voices out there that announce the rising importance of social media, even in a b2b environment. There are significant differences between b2b and b2c customer service, especially when it comes to social media, in general it can be a much more powerful tool in b2b! Social media in b2b is a perfect platform to exchange ideas and discuss problems with customers on eye level and transparent. It is just giving your customer another channel to make his or her voice heard and have rational discussions. In b2b it is much more unlikely that a customer will hurt your brand with overly emotional expressions of dissatisfaction in public, like you see it in b2c. E.g. LinkedIn is a good platform to exchange ideas with customers in closed or open groups.
Even today there is still a bit of rebellion in companies towards implementing a social media strategy effectively, however it was same with email and web pages and a lot of other things that seem essential today. There will always be early adopters and people afraid of change. Which one of them are you?

Here a summary of a few trends in customer service, not only social media, that are likely to shape customer service in the years to come.


Trends in Customer Service

Customer Service has gone through significant changes and development in the past few years and has become a lot more customercentric than it used to be. The focus shifted from being a cost centre to actually becoming a part of the organizations competitive strategy and creates sustainable competitive advantage. Especially in the logistics sector, sound customer service can be the deciding factor when choosing between different service providers.

Proactive Service

A proactive approach to customer service has turned out to be one of the most effective measures to improve the customers experience within a company and overall improve customer loyalty. Rather than reacting to customers problems, actively looking and preventing problems before they appear is key. Constant communication with customers improves the overall relationship. In practice, this means to alert customers of possible problems, advice and recommend better solutions and support the customer in their field of business. Being helpful, once a difficult situation arises.

Web tools and applications

This trend is very much connected to the above mentioned, as it is one way of seeking proactive communication with the customer. The webpage of an organization is nowadays usually on the front line of customer service, being the first stop most customers take when trying to get in touch with a company. Therefore it is crucial that the web presence is customercentric and in the best case already offers solutions to the most common problems or requests by customers.

A company’s website is, after word of mouth, the most important channel consumers use when prospecting. (Accenture, 2013)

Social Media

While already having established its place in the B2C business, social media is now also finding its way into the B2B world. It allows direct and fast communication and allows an organization to give itself a human touch. The main difference here is that social media in a B2B context is much more of a 2 way communication platform, compared to social media in B2C. Social media and professional platforms like LinkedIn can be utilized to open a discussion with customers and industry experts in order to address common issues or problems. In addition, the interaction in a B2B environment can be a lot more open as professionals are a lot less likely to contribute with unconstructive negative feedback, compared to an “angry customer” in B2C.

Furthermore, it is expected that in the next years to come, social media will evolve and become a much more significant part of the B2B business world as it already is among the market leaders.

Multi channel

Customer contact by phone is still by far the most used and preferred way of communication in terms of customer service

, followed by email and live chats. Nevertheless, the trend is going toward offering various channels of communication and shifting between the contact channels. E.g. Customer service may start on the phone, but the request will be solved by email.

Big Data

As customer service utilizes more and more technologies, various channels of communication and is shifting towards web-based applications, companies have a lot more data available. They key here is to utilize the gained data and use it to gain new insights into customer preferences, behavior and needs. Understanding the customer has become a lot easier, once the data is properly analyzed and evaluated. Not only the customer service itself, but different organizational functions like sales will benefit greatly from the new insights into the customer and maintaining a good customer relationship is that much easier when so much information is. Possibilities to respond faster and much more customized to the customer needs arise.

Combine Sales, Customer Service and Marketing functions

One of the major trends that will reshape entire organizational structure is the combination of sales and customer services, as well as Marketing. With growing emphasis on customer relationships, especially in b2b, the combination of the functions make sense. It reflects the necessity of the repeated effort to not only gain business once, but also continue to close deals with the same customer over a longer period of time. This development also reflects the customer centricity that will be required in the future. A combination of the different functions helps to deliver an end-to-end solution to the customer and keeps up the interaction between business and customer. A crucial rule and a point to start is to assign a central person that combines all the different departments: A Sales and Customer Service Manager for example. This will already help to maintain a more consistent service and overall customer service performance.



Accenture, 2013


Interesting figure, demonstrating the cultural differences associated to good customer service and customer relationships in the world.

Think I am making this all up? Think again: Forbes: Reasons you need to be using social media as your customer service portal


Zendesk as one of the leading Web based customer service management tools providers also provides you with a nice guide to improve your social media customer service strategy Zendesk: Customer Service through social media


Find an interesting Accenture report on the the “Consumer Pulse” and customer service here:

Accenture-Global-Consumer Pulse Research Study 2013 Key Findings


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Data on the guard of evil

Recent horrific attacks in Paris caused me to reconsider information security issues and power of data analysis (see my post on a similar topic: I was pleasantly surprised when opened my Facebook and saw the notification, saying my friends were safe, although being in the close proximity to the points of attacks.


“Cool, but what if someone hacks Facebook/Twitter to use it for committing an act of terror?”, I thought. What will be the consequences if it happens on the global scale?

In the light of Russian invasion into the Eastern part of Ukraine, where I come from, it is possible to state that consequences of disinformation might have paralyzing effect.

Just to give a flavor of how powerful social media are nowadays: last year’s crash of MH17 board in the Donetsk region was promoted on the Internet (mainly Twitter and VK) as a shot of Ukrainian jet. The initial goal was to make a psychological pressure, both on government and people. However, after the attackers understood what actually happened (it took them 15 min. to understand), posted news were deleted right away from everywhere and all the channels used by them were flooded with the variety of versions, e.g. saying the plane was hit by Ukrainian jet flying after the civil board.

Another example might be messages, sent to soldiers who are in the area of fierce fights. Such information attacks set the aim of wreaking panic and disorienting the target.

Basing on the fact that ISIS and other terrorists are heavily present on the Internet and own high profile computer experts, I question myself if they might use social medias in their consequent attacks and what should be done to mitigate ones.

It was another example of how data can turn from the tool serving the common well into the weapon.

Keep calm and remember about protection, not only in the real life but in the virtual one as well, especially when the boundaries get more blurred!

Whats that smell?

As you know (or might not know by now as you are reading this) our life’s…sadly, revolve around our smart phones. When we are split apart from our phones some might get anxious or dreading that somebody might be going through their Tinder app, pictures or even worst draining your valuable battery life! So what as a society are we trying to do to detach ourselves from our “priceless” smartphones?
Great news everyone… We are doing the opposite!
Scientists from all over the world have been finding new ways to make us even more attached to our smartphones and possibly make us even more addicted (to a heroin level addict) to applications. As you know by now companies are always trying to be the first in developing new technology in order to inhale our money that we are eager to throw at them. So now that we are able to see each other via Skype, Facetime, etc. What can be the next boundary?
Well do you like the smell of a fresh croissant from a French Boulangerie? Or are you a more reasonable human being and truly care for the important stuff, like how does Adam Levine after a concert or Kim Kardashian smell like as…she..does nothing? Well that technology its on its way to being developed!

As you might see from the images there is an attachment in order for this to work. But technology as seen before (specially if funded by a beast of a company like Apple, Facebook or Google), can be put in a fast track. So this can be included into a future batch of smartphones. So while you are traveling and you want to be that guy/girl, you know the one that loves to post pictures about food, and travels. Then you can add another small slap in the face to your friends by adding smells to the pictures as they are working at their cubicle staring at their cheese sandwich.
Or it can be used as a prank as well…Oh god! why does it smell like three week old Chinese food? Damnit, I am gonna kill my husband for that text fart!