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Inspiration & Motivation in new tab of your browser

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For many of us, the browser has already become the main working tool, and it has its advantages and disadvantages. We can work on any computer from anywhere, but we have to fight with a lot of distractions. So this article will tell you how to counter them (I mean distractions) without losing motivation and inspiration, with extensions for Google Chrome.

  • Momentum

momentum extension

Momentum refers to you by name and makes a new tab in a beautiful start screen with useful information such as weather and time, flavored motivating quote. From here there is an additional list, search and quick links that can be configured to access the necessary resources (just do not add to Facebook).

Momentum Extension





  • Motivation

chrome-motivation-procrastinateThis extension will ask your date of birth and turn the browser into the unforgiving timer showing your age in years up to 0.000000001. When looking at a flying time lost all desire to wast
e it!







  • Mortality

Mortality Chrome ExtensionAnother strong expansion that’s great motivation for action. As Motivation, Mortality shows the timer counting your years with millisecond precision, and even displays the living and the remaining time (based on the average life expectancy of 80 years). Each circle is equal to the month of life. Mortality








  • Dayboard

unnamedThis extension will replace your calendar, day planner with important tasks. Being accepted for the job, you add to the list of five cases scheduled for today, and see them every time you open a new tab. What can bring a greater sense of satisfaction than a tick, standing next to the task execution?








  • Be Limitless

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKcAAAAJDE4NTQwYTdiLWQxMGMtNGEzZC1hYWI3LTJjYWJmOTE2MWNkZQBe Limitless also invites us to set goals: the first – for a day, the second – the long-term. But this expansion does not stop and analyze how much time you spend on various sites, palming you these statistics when you open the tab. In addition, there are more and quick notes.

Be Limitless







  • Random Quote

a-random-quote-visible-in-new-tab-of-Google-ChromeIf you prefer using motivating quotes, then you’ll love Random Quote. Extension shows you a beautiful quote famous people, furnished in a minimalist style. However, in English, but this fact also can be used as motivation for language learning.

Random Quote









  • Dream Afar

2015-04-30-dream-afarDream Afar is not motivates it’s inspires, which is also important. Every time you open a new tab, you will enjoy the scenery of one of the most beautiful corners of our planet, and perhaps even work harder to save up for a new journey. In addition to a beautiful picture on the screen and there was a place to find, watch, weather, history, bookmarks and applications.

Dream Afar







  • Google Art Project

17594137555_0590480ce5_cArtworks inspired by no less spectacular scenery. Thanks to Google and various galleries joint project around the world, you have the opportunity to admire paintings by famous artists in new tabs. For cases where you do not want to admire, there is a button with a list of frequently visited sites to quickly jump to the right.

Google Art Project







  • Delight

unnamed-2Pictures talented photographers – it’s great, but the video looks much more spectacular, agree. With Delight your surfing will begin with a fascinating taymlapsa some beautiful places. If you need the weather, bookmarks or apps – they are also close at hand.



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Exchange traders use computer games as a private communication channel for insider trading

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November 28 FBI Special Agent David Chavez gave a presentation at the event New York Hedge Fund Round Table.

According to Chavez, in 2009 the US government began to actively combat illegal trade insider information in the hedge fund industry (investment funds oriented to guaranteed return). During this time it produced a lot of arrests and the charges against hedge fund managers and stock traders.


Particular attention is paid to communication channels Chavez, who used the workers in this industry for data transfer. For example, traders buy cheap mobile phones with prepaid tariffs, getting rid of the device after every illegal contact. In addition, in the course were incomprehensible to outsiders posts on social networks, serves as a signal of when to buy or sell securities.

But the most creative way, according to Chavez, was the use of computer games.

A brilliant solution in this case turned out to be things like the Xbox and PlayStation.

With their help, you can connect to the network, find the right person in any Call of Duty, and then conduct a private conversation with him, and – guess what – to transfer him to non-public information.


Over the past few months, this is not the first time that the media are discussing the possibility of using games consoles as the private channels of communication in the conduct of illegal activities. In mid-September, widespread news that communication in the preparation of terrorist attacks in Paris could occur through the applications on gaming consoles.

Then Interior Minister of Belgium acknowledged that for PlayStation 4:

Follow more complex than WhatsApp

Later it turned out that in the case of Paris consoles have not been applied, but such cases is still unknown. For example, in May 2015 a resident of Australia, was sentenced to two years in prison for downloading on the console instructions for building bombs and communicate with its members via LIH

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“Not a Dream” of Tesla

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Videomakers Freise Brothers filmed the commercial for Tesla in the imaginary world of the future, independent of the fuel is in short supply. Electric car looks stranger in it, but the local take it surprisingly easy, refusing fuel to power electricity.

Voiceover (Jonathan David Dixon) read out some of the sayings of Nikola Tesla on the benefits of electricity.

It is not known whether the company itself ordered the video clip from Freise Brothers, but his twitter Tesla Motors share it with the caption, “We can not accept.”


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Moto by Lenovo

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The history of mobile communications in the world started with Motorola – the first call from a cell phone rang in 1973 with the help of Motorola DynaTAC. After 40 years, the legendary brand face death. The new owner of the telecom business Motorola Mobility, China’s Lenovo, will combine “business phone” under one brand – that is, under his.

Motorola will disappear from the casing of the phone. Although recognizable “M” will remain on the case, and now the brand will be called Moto by Lenovo. “We are gradually disable the brand Motorola and focus on Moto», – the company said at a press conference at the electronics CES in Las Vegas.

This brand was very popular in the early 2000s, ringtone Hello Moto was as famous as recognizable default ringtone Nokia. But times have changed, and in 2012 the telecom business has bought Motorola Google. After a couple of years, the search giant Motorola sold to the Chinese. And the purchase amount was $ 12.5 billion, and sales – $ 2.9 billion. When purchasing Motorola CEO Lenovo Yuantsin Yang said that his company plans to protect the brand Motorola, to strengthen its position.

Interestingly, one of the most high-profile exit the Ukrainian market start-up – sale Viewdle – linked with the history of the company. In February 2014 Viewdle Kiev office was closed and most of the staff were transferred to the software division of Motorola Mobility.

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The Pareto principle

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20% of products used in food, form 80% fat. 20% of your neighbors provide 80% of the noise. 20% of employees in your office make 80% of all work. The 80/20 rule you’ll find anywhere.

In 1897, Italian economist by the name of Pareto estimated that 20% of British families own 80% of the money. He tested it on a rule green peas in your garden: 20% of pods give 80% of the total harvest. This pattern works under all circumstances and in all cases.

The Pareto principle can be stated as: any situation is always a minority that is more important and useful than others.

On practice:


The Pareto principle (20% of efforts provide 80% of the results)
– For business: 20% of customers generate 80% of your income. They require your attention.
– For students: 20% of the pages of the textbook contains 80% of all necessary information. Focus on the 20% – and grasp the new book.
– For all that not all of our daily tasks are equally important. Of the ten cases that you have planned for today, there are two more important than the other eight.

We must learn to identify the 20% to start with them. If you do not focus on the 20%, you have wasted 80% of the time. We will never alter all things, but it can handle 20%. And do not kill for the remaining 80%. Ability to prioritize and not grasp it all at once – one of the most important qualities. At first, priorities can not be entirely accurate apart, but regular exercise this will power the emphasis will shift to the side of the main results, and not sprayed on trifles.

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Internet Time Machine

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If you know what it is – to ask relatives to release the phone to connect to the Internet, then you caught the wonderful time. When the image loads in 15 minutes, and the miracle of the downloaded files on the disc carefully kept and passed from generation to generation. Internet 90. Today, few remember what he looked like. We offer to refresh your memory with a nostalgic service


On can surf the Internet using older browsers NSCA Mosaic, Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. To start the “Time Machine”, you must select the Online browser, select a year and enter the link you are interested in. Page loaded on the virtual desktop – with the old operating system and browser antediluvian.

If you do not remember what they were 90 sites, answer: colorful and bright, with chaotic fonts and a wide palette of colors. It looked all like this:


On the site you can see modern sites, although many of them are too long to be loaded. Author of the project – the programmer Ilya Kremer from San Francisco. The project is available on GitHub, where Ilya publishes its development.

This is not the first project in the nostalgic world of Web 2.0. Using the service, you can see the Wayback Machine looked like any site throughout its evolution. And 404PageFound you to find the ancient sites are still online. There is a page dated 1993.

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7 basic design principles, which are taught in Star Wars

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The wave of interest in “Star Wars” is just at its peak: the world for a long time was going crazy before the premiere, and finally came the first weekend rentals, “Awakening Forces.”

A good film should not only special effects dazzle the audience, but also to promote storytelling through the “seamless” installation and good design. In one of the infographic on Venngage decided to return to the first trilogy saga to take a closer look at how the basic principles of design used in the world-favorite Star Wars.

[Infographic] Design with the Force - 7 Star Wars Design Principles

Infographic by Venngage.

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The most popular Content Management Systems

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The role of the Internet in our lives is growing, and every day more and more willing to obtain or share information on the network. But like an ordinary person with no technical expertise to create a website on which he will be able to talk about their culinary discoveries?

There is a solution: You can use the Content Management System (CMS) which will drive all the difficulties in this case to a minimum.
At first, the site was created entirely by hand, which was not able to do people who are not versed in HTML, CSS and so on. Later, there were the so-called templates, CMS (engines) that automate this process. Naturally, CMS became in great demand, so the choice of engines is very high. At present, about 99% of all Internet sites run on one or another CMS’s. In this article we will look at four very reasonably popular platform for creating websites.


The most famous and popular platform is WordPress. This platform was originally developed as a blogging platform, but because of the numerous supplements are often used to create other types of sites. The main advantage of WordPress is easy: all actions can be performed through the admin panel, there is no a great need for knowledge of HTML and CSS. There are a large set of templates, themes and plugins that greatly facilitate the creation of the site. Functionality is so great that difficulties may arise with the choice of one or another. It should also be noted that the WordPress installation is quite simple, so for a beginner it can play a key role in the choice of engine.
Thus, this CMS is ideal for blogs, even though there are many other tools for creating websites. Wide and easy to manage functionality suitable for both novice and experienced webmaster. I want to note that the transfer of WordPress sites with the domain to another domain is very simple.

Advantages of WorldPress:

  1. Completely free, but you can install paid themes and plugins
  2. Functionality is not particularly limited. Lots of free plugins and themes.
  3. Easy to install and learn. Can understand even for inexperienced users.
  4. Often an update, which includes bug fixes and system vulnerabilities.

Disadvantages of WorldPress:

  1. A high load on the server due to poor code optimisation.
  2. Inability to keep the platform with a huge attendance.
  3. Many plug-ins can interfere with each other or with the topic.

joomla_logo1-300x201The second most popular CMS is Joomla, more flexible and simple. It would be a good option if you want to create a site with a non-standard structure, for example, a corporate portal. On the downside is the fact that it is, so to say, simple CMS, so it is weak functionality. Many plug-ins and add-ons for Joomla paid. But otherwise it’s a great platform, has a simple interface, a nice design and a large set of templates.


To create and complete development of complex projects is well suited Drupal. First, about the disadvantages.

Disadvantages Drupal:

  1. It’s quite difficult platform to work with it requires some technical knowledge, but if you have them, work on Drupal will go much more fruitful than other engines.
  2. This CMS requires modern hardware, otherwise you risk performance. Therefore, make sure that the server load will sustain such a complex system.

Advantages of Drupal:

First of all web developers in Drupal attracts a large variety of modules and high functionality. For example, the Taxonomy module allows to distribute content through the levels, which is very convenient, and the SSK module allows you to create different types of data. Drupal is used when you want to create a structurally complex site such as an online store or corporate website.

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Meat Processing Plant “Dymkov” declared wanted a pack of sausages

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On December 8 in social networks have become huge hit based on two photos of “Dymkov“. In a pack, visually designed for 10 sausages lying only eight, and two were attached to the side. In the company explained the alleged marketing gimmick standard packaging.

The pictures were published on Twitter and drew attention to the non-standard action. According to the packaging, the producer of meat products offered two sausages for free in addition to eight.



Photo of package of “Dymkov” widely dispersed on the internet and people wondered why the manufacturer did not just put ten sausages in one pack, and suggested that the two sausages just shifted to another compartment.

December 9 representatives of the company commented on the action in their own Facebook, reacted to post the user A.Alex post on social network with sensational meme with Travolta.




According to employees of “Dymkov”, originally in 454-gram packs and sold eight sausages, although the standard package can accommodate up to ten.

There are many unresolved questions of mankind: it was first the chicken or the egg, who built the Egyptian pyramids, and so on. Today Anastasia Alex added another question to the world treasury of mysteries: what happened to two more sausages?

Fortunately though here we can help! The secret is that the two sausages, almost the international wanted list, had never been in any pack weighing 464 grams. The standard package we put eight sausages to the promo and added two more pieces in a gift. To the doubters we declare superkonkurs! Let us give a year’s supply of sausages to the person who finds the whole pack “Dairy Standard 464g” with ten sausages without action!

The company assured users that shares involved and packaging with ten dogs, but more weight: “The smallest, at 464 grams, just become a victim of your powers of observation.”

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Leave a comment on Facebook is now possible in the offline mode

Reading Time: < 1 minute

No wonder that in Facebook launched an initiative Tuesday with slow internet. With a little work one hour a week in the 2G-mode connection, the staff social networks quickly devised a way to make Facebook more pleasant for people with slow internet.

Most unlucky owners of devices based on Android, since to date only in the application to the operating system the opportunity to add comments to posts offline.facebook-news-feed-1024x538

About new function reports The Next Web. Now all the comments written by the user, the application will be stored until the next connection to the network. Re-connect to the Internet, the program will publish your comments on Facebook.

Recently, Facebook is also to change the mechanism of formation of news feeds on a slow connection or total absence. Now tape the user will be displayed not only fresh content, but also the older ones, have not yet viewed the records that had previously load. It is still better than to look at the download icon.

On Facebook they said they are working to improve that allows you to automatically update the tape during the day when you are connected to the Internet. If Facebook-dependent will be happy to this fact, others likely will disable this feature due to the application, in any case much battery power, regardless of the device and the operating system.

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